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  1. As I mentioned in the WPIX thread, I was fortunate enough to visit LA a few weeks ago. Just like how KTLA has an advantage over WPIX in terms of looks, KABC had a beautiful clean graphics package that I wish WABC could adopt. It would make them watchable.
  2. Are they still building the new studio? I was fortunate enough to visit LA a few weeks ago and I was able to witness KTLA's local coverage. They just debuted a great looking studio and they seem to have a better designed look to their graphics. KTLA's use of the graphics package makes WPIX's look second rate and not worthy of the number one market.
  3. Not a flattering capture here nor the best picture they could have used in the background. It looks like this team was sent packing, lol.
  4. What does that mean it was done by KTXA? A station from Texas?
  5. Steve Lacy and Lori Stokes have no chemistry as an anchor team. It's hard to watch. In fact, none of WNYW's anchors/anchor teams work. From anchors to reporters, they all seem inexperienced. They need to work on their delivery.
  6. Former WABC anchor Robb Hanrahan passed away. Never understood why WABC decided to let him go. Former CBS 21 News anchor Robb Hanrahan passes away | WHP (local21news.com)
  7. These look really nice, clean and professional. The in-house team that designed the current graphics being used at WABC should be arrested. It's like all the weather graphics at every station are growing up. Long gone are the days where we see the 5 day forecast with the sun wearing sunglasses.
  8. Which other reporter are you referring to? From the reports I've seen, Chris Jose is a nice addition. Not sure of Melissa Colorado, wasn't impressed with her
  9. WCBS had strong coverage today. Kudos to them. Nice to see experienced hands of Dana, Cindy and Maurice at the helm.
  10. Would this be considered pandering to a demographic that they know is generating more viewership than on the English stations?
  11. That's interesting. Does CBS allow anything to be in the pupil of the eye logo?
  12. Is David Ushery still with WNBC? Haven't seen him in a while. Was surprised to see him off during the Olympics, and there doesn't seem to be any mention that's he's off.
  13. Breaking The Stigma: CBS2’s Cindy Hsu Shares Her Most Personal Story With Dana Tyler – CBS New York (cbslocal.com) Did anyone get a chance to see this story? Very powerful stuff. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to the issue of depression, which no doubt, everyone at some point has experienced themselves to a varying degree. Wishing Cindy all the best!
  14. Why are you taking the cameraman's side and calling her pathetic? He claims the allegations to be false, but as the article suggests, it wasn't just Narmeen reporting his inappropriate behavior, it was multiple staffers.
  15. Indeed. I hope they can stay in NY. They really are great talents. I see improvements that can be made on WNBC, WPIX and WNYW where they could use such talents.
  16. Just saw a commercial for Lori Stokes indicating to watch her on GDNY and now the 6pm as well.
  17. Maybe they felt their evening newscasts needed more diversity, hence replacing Muller with Kori.
  18. I would like see Rana Novini take the spot as David's co-anchor. She does a good job anchoring and reporting. Not a fan of Gilma. But didn't ratings improve drastically with the team of Dan, Betty, Byron and Marissa? Why mess with it?
  19. I don't know who is hiring or scheduling the on-air talent on WCBS, but it seems they have a look that they go for, especially for their female anchors other than Kristine, Dana and Cindy. The female anchors they choose look like plastic dolls with no sign of personality/chemistry at all: Alice Gainer, Jessica Moore, Alex Denis.
  20. No offense to Stacey-Ann, but I'm not a fan. Her delivery is choppy. Craig definitely has a warmer presence. I hope it was his choice to leave. Jeff Berardelli has been a good substitute. I have seen him sub in on WCBS and WPIX within the last month, but wasn't it his choice to leave the tv news business a while back? The weird thing I find about him is that he doesn't like to refer to the anchor's name when they throw it to him to talk about the weather or when he throws it back to the anchor(s). It might be a small thing, but it makes him less personable. On a related note, I once saw a female meteorologist filling-in on WNYW and thought she did a really great job. Her delivery was good and she seemed very knowledgeable. I can't remember her name, but she had blonde hair. I think she has potential to be a #1 market meteorologist,
  21. Looks like WABC is going to do new ads (or just could be NYE coverage) based on the following tweet from NYC OEM: Planned Flyover: A blue & red Bell 407 helicopter with a white Channel 7 logo will be conducting a flyover near Midtown MN on 12/31 from 8PM to 12:30 AM for reporting & photography. The aircraft will fly at approx. 2,000 ft. Multilingual & ASL Link: on.nyc.gov/1kdjT4y
  22. It's pretty shocking how WCBS has changed up it's reporter line-up. It's almost unrecognizable from a few years ago. I like the steadiness of WNBC and WABC better.
  23. "Add pop and pizzazz to Reporters' scripts" What a joke. And we thought they were heading back in the right direction. :rofl!:
  24. I think that promo was essentially Bill Carey sticking his middle finger at us.
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