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  1. .......any intel on who would've handled WBAY's "2 Power" campaign? I'm suspecting it to be a Klein& job, but a little browsing back in this thread gave some mention of Peters working with them at one time. https://www.wbay.com/2022/03/17/wbay-69-journey-through-decades-green-bays-original-tv-station/ (most of the 1979 promos; I don't think I can embed them)
  2. (post temporarily deleted; FB embed wasn't working, and I'll need to make sure the jingle in question hasn't been posted before.)
  3. WBAY's morning/noon anchor, Kevin Rompa, is calling it a career after 32 years at the station. Next month will be his last newscast. https://www.wbay.com/2021/02/19/after-32-years-kevin-rompa-to-retire-from-wbay/
  4. "Feud" is going to WGBA. Expanding the 4PM show isn't too surprising to me; WFRV's 4PM is also 1 hour. The 9A is interesting, though.....
  5. WGBA's Stacy Engebretson is calling it a career after 20 years. https://www.nbc26.com/news/local-news/saying-goodbye-to-stacy-engebretson
  6. Longtime WFRV meteorologist Dave Miller is retiring. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/local5live/local-5s-meteorologist-dave-miller-retiring/
  7. One of northeast Wisconsin's longest-tenured anchors is retiring in November. Tom Milbourn will be stepping down from WLUK after 57 years in broadcasting--24 of them at the Fox affiliate. Those of a certain age may also remember seeing him at rival WFRV during the early 90s. https://fox11online.com/news/local/fox-11s-tom-milbourn-announces-retirement My prediction: 10P anchor Mike Murad takes over the 5P and 9P.
  8. That arrangement has Kalehoff's name all over it (especially the brass). I'm not sure, but it *may* be in the Museum of Television Production Music vault. Kalehoff's work is quite well-represented in there in relation to most other composers! The membership would be well worth it (especially with all the other things in there).
  9. "Par Excellence". An area furniture/appliance shop has used that cut in their commercials for as long as I can remember.
  10. Gungor was one of the principals in the Narrator Tracks royalty-free library for a lot of years. He's no longer involved with it; local jazz saxophonist Tom Washatka now owns them. I primarily know this because they're based here in EAA-land.
  11. We're seeing "The Now Wisconsin" here in the GB market.
  12. I had my bets on Brad Spakowitz becoming chief meteorologist at WBAY following George Graphos' retirement.....but morning meteorologist Steve Beylon has gotten the big promotion. Interestingly, he'll remain on the morning show, with Spakowitz handling the evening shows.
  13. Longtime WBAY meteorologist George Graphos is retiring. Maybe it's the conspiracy theorist part of me, but I've had the feeling for a few years that this would happen sooner than later. Kind of predicting that Brad Spakowitz (who's been at WBAY for almost as long) will be promoted to chief....
  14. "Good Day Wisconsin" may be a different case, but I have seen such plugs there. Not sure about 5P or 9P.
  15. And more on the WLUK front......former WFRV meteorologist Justin Steinbrinck is the new weekend anchor for "Good Day Wisconsin".
  16. Last night, longtime WLUK sports director Drew Smith signed off for the last time. He's taking a new role at Kansas State University. http://fox11online.com/news/local/green-bay/drew-smith-says-farewell-to-fox-11-viewers
  17. This is a wildly uneducated guess, but that voice sounded to me like Al Ross, a Wisconsin Public Radio host currently based out of Eau Claire. Looking at his bio, he was based in Milwaukee at the time of that intro. If you listen to WHID [the local WPR Ideas Net affiliate], [i believe] you'll hear his voice on the station IDs once in a while...
  18. We darn near had this at WGBA [while still under Journal's watch]; there was a little while when Cameron Moreland was their only staff meteorologist. Several of WTMJ's meteorologists provided forecasts [usually on weekends...?]. I seem to recall sports was the same case; at least until they snagged Larry McCarren from WFRV. Then they got smart and reestablished their own weather and sports teams....
  19. It's worth noting that when WGBA went HD, they just continued with the Journal package [replacing their bastardized version with the "real" version]. That may throw the "new equipment" theory out the window; I'm sure they're not using the same system they used a few months ago....
  20. Actually, not really. They've just posted spoiler shots, and are running a teaser spot.......looks a little better in my opinion!!! Does seem to be an FX job----pretty sure that makes them 3 out of 4 in this market!!! Debuts tonight at 10 [odd time, I know!].
  21. WFRV is in the middle of getting a new set [finally]. The set change also happens to coincide with the station's 60th anniversary. The old set has been donated to UW-Oshkosh [disclosure: I live not too far from the campus and studios]. This is about all the spoilage I can find at this point....
  22. WBAY general manager Don Carmichael is stepping down after 21 years on the job. General sales manager Steve Lavin has been promoted to the GM position. Carmichael's retirement will take place at the end of the month. http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/money/2014/12/03/wbays-don-carmichael-retiring-years-end/19861883/ http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/money/2014/12/04/steve-lavin-named-gm-wbay-tv/19921095/
  23. They weren't alone: WLUK had a similar error the same night. Not sure if it was the same part of the program that got affected.
  24. .......and neither are these folks.
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