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  1. WHOA!! Wasn't expecting Stephen Arnold's Unite package (one of my faves) in Richmond. Plus, it's gonna be weird seeing red graphics (outside of breaking news) on NBC12 instead of blue. Plus, someone should update its sister station WUPV's listing on the NMSA. They dropped Inergy years ago (they used The Rock along with WWBT).
  2. Changes in my home market, Richmond, VA... WTVR (CBS): I mentioned a while ago that Entertainment Tonight is moving from WWBT to WTVR on Monday (9/11). It will air at 7pm, moving WTVR's newscast up a half-hour to 7:30 replacing Access Hollywood. ET is not the only newsmagazine that's moving to The South's First Television Station. Inside Edition is moving from WWBT, too, but it will air at 1:37am replacing Extra. Plus, I just learned that WTVR used to air ET in the 1980s and early 1990s. WRIC (ABC): The Kelly Clarkson Show moved to WRIC from WWBT earlier this week and it airs at 3:00, replacing Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil, however, is moving to 1:06am - after Nightline - replacing the now-canceled The Rachael Ray Show. WWBT (NBC): NBC12 News First Look at 3, InvestigateTV+ and 12 On Your Side Tonight will debut Monday (9/11) at 3, 3:30 and 7pm respectively. Sister station WUPV (CW) will air the first half-hour of the latter show. That means Tamron Hall will now be the ONLY talk show left on its schedule. Like I said before, The Kelly Clarkson Show left WWBT this month and the then-LIVE with Kelly and Ryan left in 2021. LIVE - now with Kelly & Mark Consuelos - returned to Richmond in 2022 but is currently airing on WRLH FOX Richmond. And speaking of FOX Richmond... WRLH (FOX): Person, Place or Thing will air at 11:30am Monday, replacing a second airing of 25 Words or Less. Young Sheldon will air at 11pm (and continues to air at 11:30 as well), replacing the now-canceled You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno. WRLH-DT2 (TBD/MNTV): No change to their lineup. The Simpsons/Family Guy/double-run of Bob's Burgers block at 6-8pm are still intact. WUPV (CW): Court Cam starts airing at 6:30am Monday (9/11) while 48 Hours will air at 10am, replacing Law & Order: SVU. People Puzzler will air at noon and 12:30pm, replacing Chicago P.D. Equal Justice with Eboni K. Williams and Couples Court will air at 2pm and 2:30pm respectively, replacing Relative Justice. Mathis Court with Judge Mathis and Justice for the People with Judge Milian replace Judge Mathis and The People's Court at 5pm and 6pm respectively. The new 12 On Your Side Tonight will also air on WUPV at 7pm, but it will air the first half-hour. Hey, at least a newscast continues to air on WUPV. Meanwhile, Last Man Standing airs at 7:30pm and 12:30am starting Monday, meaning Black-ish - the show LMS replaced - is leaving syndication after tonight. Oh, and iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas moves from 8am to 11am on Monday the 18th, replacing Chicago Fire. iCrime's old timeslot at 8am will be filled by another airing of Dateline (which also airs at 9am). WRONG! WTKR now airs Tamron Hall at 3pm, replacing Dr. Phil. Last year after The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended, WTKR replaced her show with...Dr. Phil (although his show continued to air on sister station WGNT, its longtime home). I don't know when this happened, but WTKR is currently airing the 7pm half-hour of Scripps News' The Debrief anchored by Del Walters. WAVY, however, currently airs NBC News Daily at 3pm (I'm guessing they moved it from 1pm - now occupied by Kelly Clarkson followed by Sherri at 2pm - earlier this year; correct me if I'm wrong...).
  3. WWBT will be adding a 3pm newscast (called First Look at 3) and the new InvestigateTV+ show (replacing The Kelly Clarkson Show) and a 7pm newscast called 12 On Your Side Tonight on September 11th. I wonder the 7pm will be simulcast on sister station WUPV (the station already has a 7pm newscast). https://www.nbc12.com/2023/08/23/wwbt-adding-two-newscasts-sept-11/ That means Entertainment Tonight will be moving to WTVR after decades on WWBT (just saw a promo). It will still be at 7pm, but WTVR will move their 7pm newscast to 7:30. I'm guessing Kelly Clarkson will be moving to WRIC after Dr. Phil ends?
  4. Last week, WRLH here in Richmond moved LIVE with Kelly and Ryan from 11am to 10am, replacing Sinclair's The National Weather Desk (10am) and 25 Words or Less (10:30am). Now BOTH episodes of 25 Words or Less air back-to-back at 11 and 11:30am. WWBT used to air LIVE (and its predecessors) at that timeslot at 10am until it was dropped from the schedule in 2021. As for Dr. Phil, I wonder what WRIC will replace it at 3pm? Continue with the repeats with updates? Both half-hours of The Drew Barrymore Show (one half-hour episode currently airs at 12:30pm and another half-hour airs at 2:06am; the show used to air at 3pm until 2022) and let Daytime Jeopardy! return to 12:30pm? Maybe a lifestyle show (Living Local, anyone)? Rachael Ray (which has been airing at 1:06am for a while; I don't believe that Page Six tabloid article but that's my opinion)? Who knows? Please, no 3pm newscast. Can't picture one here in Richmond...
  5. tw-804

    In Memoriam

    Former WVEC meteorologist Julie Wilcox passed away last month after a long illness. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/life/people/julie-wilcox-wvec-meteorologist-obit/291-1f4eb7be-e8ea-4607-a6fc-ab65665a6607
  6. Recently (Thursday, Nov. 17), WHSV - serving Harrisonburg, VA and the Shenandoah Valley - debuted their brand new set that was designed by FX Design Group. It replaced their almost-two-decades-old set. https://www.whsv.com/2022/11/17/whsv-unveils-new-studio/ https://www.The Other Site.com/setstudio/whsv-2/ In case you're asking about their current logo, it's been around since 2020.
  7. Fox Weather has expanded its distribution to Verizon FiOS and Amazon's Freevee (formerly IMDB TV). https://thestreamable.com/news/fox-weather-expands-distribution-amidst-hurricane-ian-coverage https://tvnewscheck.com/journalism/article/fox-weather-expands-distribution-2/
  8. Oh, I remember him from WWBT. A great get for NBC 5 Chicago.
  9. Before the slogan was shown in the opens, it was used in a promo (it's an emphasis on the "I"). I recently saw it while watching News 3 on the WTKR Roku app.
  10. WTKR's new set made its debut yesterday (9/12). I like it. They also debuted a new slogan: Inform. Investigate. Inspire.
  11. We've already know that WTVR here in Richmond is getting The Jennifer Hudson Show at 3pm, but what about its fellow CBS-affiliated sister station down I-64 East, WTKR in Hampton Roads? I finally found out what show is replacing The Ellen DeGeneres Show on WTKR's 3pm timeslot and that is - of all shows - Dr. Phil. It will air at 3pm starting on Monday (9/5). The show also airs on sister station WGNT - where it has been airing for years - at 5pm.
  12. Heather Hope (recently at San Diego's KFMB) joins WRIC here in Richmond. She'll be anchoring the new 8 News at 4 with Eric Philips and longtime chief meterologist John Bernier. The new newscast premieres Monday, September 12th. Dr. Phil moves from 4pm to 3pm, while The Drew Barrymore Show moves from 3pm to 12:30pm (the show's first-half hour will replace a daytime repeat of Jeopardy!) after 8 News at Noon. https://www.wric.com/news/local-news/richmond/meet-heather-hope-8news-newest-anchor/
  13. Alright. A new update for my home market, Richmond (from Zap2it, TV Passport and TitanTV) WTVR (CBS): The Jennifer Hudson Show will air at 3pm on the 12th, replacing The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I'm surprised WTVR is getting Jennifer instead of one of the shows from WWBT (Kelly, Tamron, etc.) or WRIC (Dr. Phil, Drew, etc.). Ellen moved to WTVR from WWBT in 2006, while Steve Harvey moved from WRIC in 2014. WRIC (ABC): The Drew Barrymore Show will move from 3pm to 12:30pm on the 12th after 8 News at Noon, replacing a daytime repeat of Jeopardy! The first half-hour will air at 12:30 while the second half hour will air at... 2:05am (after Rachael Ray which still airs at 1:05am) replacing Justice with Judge Mablean. Also, Dr. Phil moves from 4pm to 3pm meaning the station is getting a new 4pm newscast (!!) WWBT (NBC): No change, but NBC News Daily will be at 1pm. WRLH (FOX): As I mentioned back in late July, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan - remember, the show left WWBT's schedule in 2021 and was replaced by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna at 10am - returns to Richmond next Monday (Sept. 5th) at 11am, moving You Bet Your Life and 25 Words or Less to 10am and 10:30am respectively. Sherri makes her debut at 2pm on the 12th replacing The Wendy Williams Show. Karamo replaces Nick Cannon on the 19th at 4pm. The National Desk - which continues to air at 6am and 8am - recently replaced The Doctors (don't know when) at 9am. On the 12th, Young Sheldon will replace the canceled DailyMailTV at 11:35pm. The show continues to air at midnight. Oh, and WRLH continues to air Judge Judy reruns at 5pm & 5:30pm and Maury (soon will be in reruns) at 3pm. WRLH-DT2 (MyNetworkTV/TBD): No change. They're still airing The Simpsons/Family Guy/Bob's Burgers block (6-8pm) between TBD and the MNTV lineup. WUPV (The CW): iCRIME with Elizabeth Vargas will air at 8am on the 12th (currently Judge Mathis - which airs at 5pm - is airing at that slot temporarily after The Real ended). A second airing of Chicago Fire air at noon on the 12th replacing The Good Dish. Pictionary will air at 1pm replacing The People's Court. The People's Court continues to air at 6pm. We The People with Lauren Lake will air at 3:30pm on Monday (12th). The new show will replace Couples Court with The Cutlers which moves to 7:30am. Lake's other show, Paternity Court continues to air at 3pm. Seinfeld will replace Schitt's Creek on next Monday (Sept. 5th) at 10pm. On the 12th, The Neighborhood replaces a second airing of black-ish and Mike & Molly at 11:30pm and midnight respectively. black-ish continues to air at 7:30 after NBC12 News on CW Richmond. American Housewife will air back-to- back at 1am replacing Monk. Judge Jerry - which airs at 7:30am - leaves the schedule on Friday while The Jerry Springer Show - which airs at 3am - leaves the late-night schedule on the 10th. I'm shocked that WUPV - of all the stations here - is getting Pictionary. Most of WUPV's programming are court shows (heck, at one time their slogan was Richmond's Home For Court TV!). The show would be a great fit for WRLH. And by the way, the show's website didn't have Richmond in their "Where to Watch" page. Maybe they put it in the last minute. If I remember correctly, the last syndicated game show that aired on WUPV was Family Feud. When the show made its debut with Steve Harvey, it wasn't cleared in Richmond until the second season. It aired on WUPV for a season or two and then moved to WRLH where it still airs to this day.
  14. WCCO is launching a 4pm newscast this September, replacing The Ellen DeGeneres Show. https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/wcco-launches-new-4-p-m-newscast-with-erin-hassanzadeh-jeff-wagner/
  15. Not only they have new graphics, they’re now using “Stream” by Stephen Arnold Music.
  16. Remember that theme Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL) used from 2009 to 2014? Someone posted it to the NMSA recently and it's a production music track! The name of the song is "Sunrise" by Video Helper (track #59 from the album "Overkill"). http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,1579 https://www.videohelper.com/album/696ce9a8cf01dca6/vh031-overkill
  17. Another update for WRLH: They're getting Sherri. Just watched a short promo but it didn't say what timeslot. Maybe they'll put it in the morning instead of the 2pm timeslot Wendy is in.
  18. Just saw a short promo for LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on my local FOX station, WRLH. The show is returning to Richmond and it will air at 11am on September 5th (currently the time slot is home to 25 Words or Less and You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno). To be honest, they should have put it at 9am to replace The National Desk. Remember last year, WWBT dropped LIVE from its 10am timeslot for TODAY with Hoda and Jenna and debuted a new 11am newscast, NBC12 News Before Noon. EDIT (4:00pm/ET): Just saw a short promo for Karamo. The show will be on WRLH as well. Didn't say what timeslot.
  19. Sounds like WTOP's theme - that debuted in 2020 by ReelWorld - but with the WBBM signature.
  20. I know. WRLH used to air it in syndication (late nights). That’s why I didn’t mention it. Currently no station in Richmond is airing the show.
  21. WWBT and WAVY. They air the show at 2pm.
  22. Ah, okay. I know Bounce TV airs it as well.
  23. Last month, Studio 31 Media Archive's YouTube channel posted a montage with WRIC's new graphics. And you know what? I can picture the new graphics on WAVY/WVBT in Hampton Roads - along with 615 Music's Newswire V.2. The graphics they have right now has been around since 2013 (was it that long?!). Nothing's wrong with the current look WAVY/WVBT have but it's time for a new one, IMO.
  24. After Nick Cannon's talk show was cancelled, the videos were removed from its YouTube channel as well. Now the channel is the new online home for Sherri Shepherd's show. Meanwhile, my home market - Richmond, VA - has some holes to fill: WRLH (FOX) is losing Nick Cannon, The Wendy Williams Show, Daily Mail TV and The Doctors. WTVR (CBS) and its Hampton Roads sister station WTKR 3 (also CBS) are losing Ellen. Question is: which show will the two put in the 3pm timeslot? Hopefully no 3pm newscasts... WUPV (CW) is losing Judge Jerry, The Real, The Good Dish, Schitt's Creek (which is leaving syndication), Mike & Molly (which is also leaving syndication as well; I didn't know that) and RightThisMinute (currently it airs on late nights). Is Couples Court cancelled? If so, WUPV should fill that slot as well.
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