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  1. I agree with you. It's a little bit laughable but expected, they're pretty much calming the waters in the eyes of their workforce (and in some respects the public) in the midst of a merger. So they say the KUSI brand will be "preserved", but that feels rather ambiguous in my eyes. Kinda sad that KSWB has to move out, they have the most handsome on-air set and backlot out of all the stations in San Diego, hopefully there's no downgrades when they become neighbors with KUSI. I do love how the article had to include that KUSI will be receiving upgrades and a new set too (Thank goodness). I sure hope KUSI/KSWB will a similar set design to what KTLA and WPIX has, that would be so classy.
  2. Heck yeah, but San Diego always had that political slant for some reason... One America News Network calls America's Finest City home. San Diego has always been deemed more conservative compared to our neighbors in Los Angeles. KUSI does have that slant. Heck, I remember when the late weatherman John Coleman would reject global warming, KUSI dedicated specials on that topic alone. One check of their Instagram, and you can totally see where their audiences' allegiance is. This alone kinda tells you what people like: https://www.kusi.com/kusi-news-dominates-2022-san-diego-union-tribune-readers-poll/ If anyone misses Dave Scott, he performs jazz weekly in fine dining restaurants at Rancho Santa Fe and Escondido. This just made reminded me of Ron Burgundy and his jazz flute. You stay classy San Diego. I agree with you on KSWB, it's come a long way since it they got their Fox affiliation; their early days were quite shaky but they've built a brand for themselves. My PR tips for Nexstar, keep KSWB's hip brand and KUSI's name and quirkiness, dump the right-wing bent.
  3. A few thoughts came into my mind... would Nexstar go with the KCAL route and just rebrand everything KUSI News? Nexstar paid $35 million for it and I just don't see it going away, it's a brand that is well known in San Diego; getting KCAL'd would seem to be the most cost-efficient, there wouldn't be a need for separate branding packages and it would reduce redundancies. Both brands already use red, white and blue in their branding. Just use KSWB's good looking studio and graphics and KUSI's iconic theme music together. Merging of the two talents/staff from both stations: let's face it, this is going to happen, but if they mirror this to KTLA's situation in terms of cumulative hours on air: 15+ hours on weekdays, 8+ hours one weekends, then maybe there might be room for everybody? I also wonder if Nexstar will move any of KUSI's syndication offerings over to KSWB so it will mirror Fox O&O stations? KUSI always got many of the programs that would usually air on Fox O&Os: TMZ, Extra, Jennifer Hudson, and Sherry. Also, it's probably a good thing for Nexstar to have an additional hub for Newsnation in San Diego being that it's so close to the border. Nexstar is also getting into local sports, I can see them airing KTLA's Clippers games locally and possibly steal some of that local Padres tv rights from Bally.
  4. Yeah, this would be a major change! When KUSI picked-up LIV Golf from Tegna's KFMB a couple months back, I knew something was up. This article suspects that KUSI will be a CW station when the affiliation becomes available: https://www.nexttv.com/news/nexstar-media-agrees-to-acquire-kusi-tv-san-diego-for-dollar35-million It will be interesting how news operations will merge. Both stations have completely different narratives; KUSI is more conservative-bent and has a news set from 1990s while KSWB's Fox 5 News has built up a cool, So San Diego vibe and has one of the best news sets in the area in my opinion. Will the stations adopt one news brand? Will there be simulcasts? So many questions.
  5. I agree, let's give some breathing room and see how it goes. There's hardly any rush to bring someone new in. I rather have them take their time and find the best replacement who would enhance the program.
  6. Yesterday was definitely an interesting day. When the Dominion stuff came out and unflattering things that Tucker had said about Trump as well as antisemitic and misogynistic behavior amongst his tv staff, it made me wonder if his days are numbered. Fox News took out highly-rated Bill O'Reilly who was still their flagship personality at the time in 2017, so they were bound to take Tucker off if they felt like he would tarnish their brand further, so it didn't come as a surprise to me yesterday. For me, Fox News will find a heir for the timeslot, they have a stable of personalities that could take over the the timeslot and I have no doubt viewers will continue to watch as long as the pundits continue to say things they like to hear. Watching Fox News is pretty much a political pep rally 24/7, it succeeds because people cling to charismatic personalities that validate their world view. For me, that Dominion trial should have proceeded if we really wanted to see actual damage to Fox News. Also, Tucker Carlson is unfortunately prime to take on political aspirations in my personal opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if his team is already looking into that. He has a huge following and this situation makes him somewhat of a fallen hero in many people's eyes. So the media has to be careful and take things seriously, we don't want another Trump 2.0.
  7. Yeah, I feel bad for Ginger. I don't have live TV but I sometimes stream into GMA on Hulu and they always cut the weather forecast segment, which I never understood, you hardly see her (or whomever does the weather). You realize how much her role was cut through the years, I remember when Sam Champion had a prominent role when he was on the show and he would do segments that didn't have to deal with weather.
  8. It's indeed sad. I've never been a fan of Lemon just from how he presents himself on television, I always found him as arrogant and annoying at times. His style of reporting is why I don't appreciate the state of cable news. This Variety article just confirms he is a toxic person to work with as well. I was really surprised when he wasn't let go last year, but with CNN This Morning's ratings in the toilet, CNN should cut their losses with Lemon.
  9. Oh yeah, the Romero/Mester mess was darn awful and shouldn't have happened, they should have properly given Lynette a nice farewell even is she was leaving for a competitor, it wouldn't have blown up amongst viewers and Mester would have kept his cool and would probably be there today. Then a few months later the favorable 5 Live gets cancelled... looks like one bad decision after another for KTLA, thank goodness at least one good thing happened in the past several months: the set redesign looks beautiful.
  10. Unless anything unflattering comes out, sounds like ABC is just fulfilling Marciano's contract with them, which means they'd probably not renew it. They literally found a replacement for him on GMA Weekend. The writing is on the wall.
  11. To this day, their move to Time Square has been pointless. If you're a new viewer to the show, you would have no idea that they were broadcasting at "the crossroads of the world". They would have saved so much money if they stayed at Studio 57.
  12. Looks like more changes in the syndication world, this time to TV's number 1 daytime talker, I wonder If Disney tried their hardest to have him stay onboard. I can't really blame Seacrest though, he's a busy guy and the back and forth during Idol season must be really exhausting. Kudos to him being a hard worker, but his personal time must have been quite limited. I really thought Ripa was going to pass the baton to Seacrest in terms of succession. Consuelos will be a good match with Ripa, but if they both "retire" at the same time years down the road, then it will ultimately bring some instability and more questions about the future of the Live franchise, it is a personality driven show that needs chemistry; I wonder if Gelman has started mapping out possible successors already. Heck, since they are a couple, Ripa and Consuelos will most likely be off during the same time period when they go on family vacations together, so they will most likely have trial runs with matching up people when they're off. It does gives GMA3 an open possibility of taking over the slot as well if that show can get their act together. Personally, I would have preferred someone like Josh Groban taking over, he was my favorite when he tried out all those years ago.
  13. Over here in San Diego, LIV will air on independent station KUSI instead of Tegna's KFMB/CW San Diego. Wondering what's KUSI's angle on all of this, are they trying to slowly get the CW affiliation? KUSI is a stronger station and a loyal (and wealthy) following. The weird thing about this is that the CW San Diego has acquired sports programming before, as recently as last fall: https://www.sdloyal.com/news/2022/10/18/sd-loyal-playoff-match-to-be-broadcasted-on-the-cw-san-diego/ Here's the announcement from this morning, the anchors look and sound "so excited":
  14. Disney definitely owns a significant amount of brands, so if they do sell-off Hulu, they can re-route content from FX, ABC, Freeform, 20th Century, and Searchlight to Disney+, that's what they've been doing internationally. Makes you wonder if Universal would want to go all-in on Hulu and ditch Peacock altogether. I feel like most people forget Disney has partial ownership of A&E Networks (50%) and VICE Media (16%), I wonder if any of those will be re-evaluated at this time, or if they're fine being silent partners with those entities, those two ventures haven't been really integrating under Disney, I'm surprised ABC News hasn't partnered with Vice News on projects. I do wonder if Fox would invest in some of Hulu again, they did recently renew their relationship with them: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-01-30/fox-renews-deal-to-put-prime-time-shows-on-disney-s-hulu-service
  15. Yeah, ever since the program shifted to an emphasis on the main trio: Robin, George, and Michael, it seemed like everyone else (Ginger, Lara, Amy and Jesse) played the second and third fiddle. I can see Lara making more of an impact now to fill the void left by Amy. Seems like ABC News president is now on thin ice in regard to her handling of the Robach-Holmes situation: https://www.thedailybeast.com/abc-news-bleeding-from-self-inflicted-wound-after-gma3-love-scandal?utm_campaign=owned_social&utm_source=facebook_owned_tdb&utm_medium=socialflow&source=TDB&via=FB_Page&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_campaign=owned_social&source=TDB&via=FB_Page&utm_source=facebook_owned_tdb&fbclid=IwAR0ypak1qfZrSjWEE6Hkojj6vv5bpoViK1V5MmVrAwEbYL2IHyh4NfWaU6w
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