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  1. It's a group of FAST channels streaming talk, court and reality shows. It's available on Pluto TV. There's a subchannel I noticed recently for WPSG as well.
  2. Here's the debut broadcast. Coming after the previous set which looked amazing in its own right, this looks incredible and breathtaking. GFX look great too.
  3. TheWrap is reporting the deals are close to finalizing.
  4. No, it didn't. I watched the day it debuted; that never started at that time. KYW's current set debuted less than 2 months before even KP(I/Y)X debuted their AR weather concept.
  5. Unless it happened sooner, I tuned in to KYW just now to find they have finally followed KPIX/KPYX's lead in utilizing augmented reality graphics in their NEXT Weather reports.
  6. Hot Bench and repeats of Judge Judy will continue in syndication through 2025-26.
  7. After a successful move late last September, The CW will continue to air the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants for the next 3 years. As part of the new deal, Miss Teen USA will return to broadcast television for the first time since 2007. https://deadline.com/2024/04/miss-usa-teen-usa-cw-deal-1235895057/
  8. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is departing from GMA3 (as co-host) and ABC News (as chief medical correspondent). https://deadline.com/2024/04/jennifer-ashton-gma3-abc-news-1235888948/
  9. Love the new site. Great new colors and design. A breath of fresh air. Great job all around and thank you for the your work.
  10. The Gates is a go. The newest soap has been officially ordered by CBS, and will premiere in January. https://deadline.com/2024/04/cbs-orders-the-gates-to-series-daytime-soap-premiering-january-2025-1235886082/
  11. Tamron Hall is renewed for a sixth season.
  12. The future is getting clearer, and The Gates will open fully. The Talk will complete its conversation. The chat show will end with its 15th season, and the final episode will air on December. https://deadline.com/2024/04/the-talk-renewed-15th-final-season-ends-december-2024-1235883079/
  13. CBS News Streaming Network will be rebranding as CBS News 24/7 and overhauling its live news hours, with new programming and expansions to America Decides (to an hour at 5pm) and The Daily Report with John Dickerson (to 90 minutes at 6pm). Starts 4/22. https://deadline.com/2024/04/cbs-news-streaming-overhaul-24-7-john-dickerson-live-1235879550/
  14. Karamo Brown's talk show renewed for Season 3.
  15. The Steve Wilkos Show renewed for Season 18.
  16. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/digital/bbc-news-channel-free-streaming-platforms-1235850872/
  17. I think the sports block is the best plan for TruTV since the peak of its format as a comedy-based reality show network. I think it'll be hugely successful and I'd bet a rebrand will be imminent sometime after.
  18. Considering the underlined portion and the fact that Carsey-Werner isn't credited as a series production company (it's instead produced under Werner's and star Sara Gilbert's own production companies, which later merged [at least in-name] after season 1), that's most likely why Lionsgate was contacted to distribute the series.
  19. Audacy is emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with help from its new (and biggest) investor.
  20. The returns of All American and Walker plus new series will bow in April. Meanwhile, AA: Homecoming may return this summer, and the final season of Superman & Lois will launch this fall. https://deadline.com/2024/02/all-american-homecoming-season-3-superman-lois-season-4-release-date-1235826869/
  21. The Conners' syndication launch confirmed for this fall.
  22. Geraldo is joining NewsNation as Correspondent at Large. He starts tonight with a spot on Cuomo, and will appear on its daytime and primetime shows. https://deadline.com/2024/02/geraldo-rivera-newsnation-1235825375/
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