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  1. I want to say I’ve seen Charles Watson before on Fox News, but I could be wrong. 6ABC like WABC & WLS, etc definitely can have the pick of the litter when it comes to On Air talent so most are above average quality.
  2. Exactly, if anything it’ll be Joe and Sade or David and Sade at 11pm post Bill Ritter. Sade has YEARS before retirement so I don’t even know why her exiting 11p would come up. She’s only in her early to mid 50s.
  3. Im hoping he’ll pop up on WRC maybe as a Sports Anchor. They desperately need an evening sports anchor, since they have the news anchors reading the sports reports most nights. The way Rob disappeared from WTTG is puzzling to say the least. But Wisdom Martin left recently to head over to WUSA as well.
  4. Was WABC always #1 in the ratings? WNBC with Chuck and Sue in the 80s and 90s were the team to beat if my history serves me correctly.
  5. I would agree in most areas of the country a 4am or 4:30a newscast isn’t worth the resources used to produce the content. In top 5 Markets; NYC, LA, Chicago, Philly it’s ok as many people start work at 5am or 6am. A market like Washington DC definitely has an audience for a 4am newscast as it’s one of those places with commuters traveling long long distances to get into the city. As a result people wake up extremely early. Same with the SF/Bay Area.
  6. Maybe he decided he wanted to move back to DC. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in the DC bureau as a Correspondent/Anchor.
  7. Is there a particular reason why an anchor wouldn’t want to anchor solo? Just a question that popped into my head.
  8. Interesting, plus they both have that Philly connection having both come from WPVI & WCAU.
  9. Local news (especially top 5 markets) provide stability and a great income. Not everyone aspires to be on National Tv News, living out of a suitcase and flying from city to city. Some would argue you may even get more name recognition as Top 10 Local Anchor at an O&O than being a field reporter at a National News service.
  10. Definitely a step up with the adaption of the new look, kudos to WJZ. With the new studio upgrade in the works, WJZ will definitely have cleanest on air look in the market. TV Hill is beginning to look a lot more sophisticated and classy.
  11. WJZ is definitely behind in times. It still amazes me that they don’t have a news chopper. WBAL-TV is Baltimore’s only news station with a helicopter. I honestly feel that ‘JZ puts on the better news product but 11 wins in the ratings department. It’s great that Steve Sosna has joined the team, maybe he can give them some guidance on upgrading their weather department given that he has Major Market experience coming from Philadelphia & NYC. With all that said WJZ is one of the higher rated CBS o&o’s; even if they are stuck in the early 2000’s, hopefully they don’t drop the ball on this transition.
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