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  1. Here another article about that as well too. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wcpo-responds-to-accusations-about-chief-meteorologist/
  2. WATN-TV News Director Denisha Thomas leaves the station, but stay within the TEGNA. She'll be News Director at WXIA in Atlanta. https://tvnewscheck.com/journalism/article/wxia-atlanta-names-denisha-thomas-news-director/
  3. KERA PBS station did a story about the two stations in Dallas/Ft.Worth in 1976.
  4. Yeah a major hack at that. If you ever listen to The Powers that be podcast. He never painted in a good light.
  5. I think so as well. It sounds like WarnerBros Discovery CEO is ok with losing the NBA rights on TNT. I told someone that TNT version is way better than ESPN doing NBA basketball.
  6. WWJ needs something before the other two... However both WCCO & KTVT have good sets. WCCO has always been CBS' better child because they have always stayed on top unlike NYC, LA, Chicago. CBS bought WCCO in 1992 and they have never been a CBS corporate station or tone. Just the same station that always had a solid newscast and despite the competition still kicks them in the ratings. There probably some favor at WCCO.
  7. WNT is so over the top. I grew up with Jennings, but NBC & CBS has less stereo than ABC. Which is refreshing and you made some really great points too!
  8. What do you make out that Devin Scillian didn't take the buyout? Will he get renewed on the next contract cycle? He been a mainstay for 30 yrs.
  9. Graham doing buyout packages wonder if that "really it." CBS has named Jennifer Lyons the interim President and GM of CBS Detroit. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2024/5/16/surprise-new-boss-named-at-cbs-detroit
  10. Scripps itself is in shambles and it only a matter of time when they're headed to the auction block for their stations. Hilton H Howell, Jr. from Gray TV has entered the room [cough cough]
  11. WNYW Fox 5 News Director Byron Harmon is leaving at the end of April. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2024/4/21/nd-out-in-nyc
  12. WNYW Fox 5 News Director Byron Harmon is leaving at the end of April. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2024/4/21/nd-out-in-nyc
  13. Spoken like an executive out of touch with the audience. You'll be surprised at what the audience actually knows about the stations ins and outs. You have a segment of the audience that a hardcore fans of everything about the station. If WABC or KABC ever dropped Eyewitness News-wonder what would be the take on this board, but the audience would definitely have something to say a well too!
  14. People always notice that funny part thinking they will forget. People will always remember. People were upset when WXIA dumped 11Alive moniker in the 90s.
  15. I hate to say this, but the poster does have a point. Yes, there's alot of ageism goes on in many work industries. Television news is no exception either. Chuck, still might be spry, but Sue Simmons got the boot and he didn't is very telling. Sue a year older than Chuck, and he still get to anchor one newscast where her contract wasn't renewed. Chuck and Sue were an institution together on WNBC and a pillar in NYC area, but he should of been ushered out along with Sue. The question is why? Was it because he was a man? Again, their age only separates them a year apart.
  16. Michele Marsh -CBS Sportsbreak 1984
  17. Oh they've been dropped Eyewitness News back in 2007, but WWL did dropped it under TEGNA but not WBNS-they were still family owned.
  18. It been #1since 1988 where at the time it was 13 shows. You might wanna look at it in a different way.
  19. Running away #1 12,4,5,6,11pm news. WTAE #1 in the morning. WTAE & WPXI fight for #2 and sometimes one out do the other in different parts of the day. ABC seems to have a weak lead-in into11pm so 11 usually beats 4 at 11pm. Both those branding names are trash! CBS11 was good for KTVT. CBS4 was standard, but seem to have a better branding during their NBC days.
  20. It sad how KCBS got dumped on. The 2nd largest market and the CBS affiliate seems to be non existing.
  21. There were times where WAGA did beat WSB in the 70s, 80s and 90s before the switch. There were times WXIA beat both WSB & WAGA at 11pm due to NBC primetime lead in the late 80s and early 90s. When the 80s came around in the bigger markets NBC & ABC just changed with the times. CBS hasn't fared well in the bigger markets, but NBC & ABC does really well. CBS does well in mid size, smaller and rural markets. Prior to the switch in the 90s. Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Dallas, Phoenix & Tampa Bay those CBS affiliates did really well.
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