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  1. Could be a preview for when Greg officially retires (which I don't expect to happen for at least a couple more years) and Adam takes over his spot. We shall see how he does, but I think he will do well.
  2. Adam Zucker will host the Selection Show on Sunday.
  3. Well with Greg sitting out, I would think that Adam Zucker will host the Selection Show. He's already there, so it only makes sense to have him do it. Still hopefully everything is okay with Greg and his family.
  4. There wasn't any doubt from me. I knew it wasn't going anywhere. I was just curious how they were going to make the opens work with it. And it didn't turn out too bad.
  5. Well at least now we know how they'll make the open work with MCTYW lol. And it looks good.
  6. And per TVPassport, it looks like at least tonight's Cavs game will also air in Pittsburgh on WPKD channel 19 (aka KDKA+).
  7. I personally don't have a problem with The Talk. It's a fine show, and IMO, it's much better than its competitor The View. I don't see why there's so much hate for it. But in terms of CBS possibly launching a new soap opera, it's not a good idea. At least in my opinion. And if they are, they should take a page out of NBC's book and stream it on Paramount+. That doesn't sound terrible. Let the affiliates keep their hour or two, axe The Talk and expand B&B to an hour.
  8. That's certainly possible. I think this is a very good thing for truTV. It makes the network worth watching, instead of it being just the network of Impractical Jokers reruns (and new episodes once a week, and those are moving to TBS in April).
  9. If it airs on KDKA+, it'd have to air after the 2 hours of morning news from 7-9am because I'm not sure if they'd be willing to just push that aside for GMFB.
  10. Well it's already a good team (at least IMO) but it'll be made even better if Matt is joining.
  11. I mean I know Chuck is up there in age, but it doesn't seem like he has any intention of slowing down or stepping away. I'm assuming it's a replacement for Kelly Greene. I remember Matt from his time at WKYC. He's a good meteorologist. If it is WTHR that he's going to, they're getting a good one.
  12. So now both satellite providers do not have the Cox-owned stations on their systems. And I don't expect a quick resolution to this because the dispute with Dish has been happening for well over a year now.
  13. Oh I know why they do it. And I completely agree with you. This isn't the 1950s anymore. The race should be shown live in the Indianapolis market. There's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be aired live. None whatsoever.
  14. Yeah The CW is definitely not getting the 500. NBC will do everything it can to keep that race. It's not going anywhere. What could happen if The CW gets part of the IndyCar rights is something similar to how the rights were split between ABC/NBCSN (Versus before that) before NBC completely took over. That's a possibility. It really is a shame. It's ridiculous. Just plain stupid. There's no reason that the race should be blacked out in the home market. I've been against it for years.
  15. Wouldn't shock me if it ends up airing at that time on WPXI. You are right that Judy did well in the timeslot before the evening news. But regardless of what time it airs, there will be schedule changes at PXI come September.
  16. Well that makes sense, and I completely understand why. Everyone probably knows what network each station is affiliated with in their area, so that's not an issue. And if not, a quick Google search will solve that problem. I just don't think it should be a group wide thing...
  17. The set isn't bad. I think it's an upgrade from what they had before. But I'm not a fan of the colors though. And I do agree about the monitors being clunky.
  18. While this is good, it doesn't really mean anything in terms of fall shows coming back anytime soon because of the SAG-AFTRA strike still going on. The late night shows will probably come back soon though.
  19. And Pittsburgh too. Dish customers now no longer have WTAE and WPXI because of retrans disputes. I'm not affected because I have an antenna, but my parents are.
  20. Pittsburgh looks like this (all changes take effect Monday). KDKA: No changes. WTAE: No changes. WPXI: People Puzzler replaces Ring Nation at 1:30pm and Drew Barrymore moves from WPKD to replace Rachael Ray at 2pm. WPKD: Aside from the obvious changes (Family Feud and 48 Hours in primetime; new 8pm news in November), Dr. Phil moves to 2pm and another hour of Family Feud takes its place at 5pm. WPNT: Again, aside from the obvious changes (CW taking over primetime), Pictionary gets a second airing from sister WPGH at 7:30am, Mathis Court debuts at 4 & 4:30pm and MNT moves to late nights. WPGH: Person, Place or Thing airs at 11 & 11:30am and Justice for the People with Judge Milian airs at 1 & 1:30pm.
  21. And now that network has a new name and logo starting in October: SportsNet Pittsburgh. Now it says in that article that it'll be carried on every cable, satellite and streaming provider, but that's not true. It won't be on DISH because they haven't carried AT&TSN for over a year now, and they don't carry any RSNs, including NESN.
  22. Well it did confirm that they are launching an 8pm newscast on KDKA+, which I'm not so sure I agree with.
  23. Ok so I said this on the Discord, but these graphics remind me of the on screen graphics for NCAA Football 09 for the Wii, which I played a lot of growing up. Here are some pictures to compare.
  24. Yeah WPKD is definitely getting these. Just have a hunch.
  25. That's very possible. They already re-air Talk Pittsburgh on their CBS News Pittsburgh stream at 9pm, so it would only make sense to have an OTA encore of the show. And moving the Nightly Sports Call to 9pm and making it a full hour also makes sense.
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