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  1. A few new clips WXYZ 11PM Action News Update, 11/17/1990 Some rare Liberty Weekend stuff! Today Show, 4th of July 1986, with the Parade of Ships, Gov. Mario Cuomo, etc. - and look at those Missoula commercials! Morning news clip from KOMO 4 Seattle, October 1994
  2. A couple of local finds: KNDO 9/26/02 11:00 news with Sunny Jenkins and Cynthia Schnabel on KIMA News Weekend Edition, 9/10/2000 but wait there's more: A NewsWatch 35 teaser is on this compilation of commercials from WSEE Erie, 2/24/1999 during the Grammys. This was from the C-Band Primetime 24 feed, thus the 800 numbers and "See CBS" IDs. PT24 had the local ads plastered over like they did with WRAL.
  3. KXMD KX11 Eyewitness News from 1983. WOW! It's awesome to see this very small-market footage pop up. Makes me have faith that we will find some vintage KXGN Glendive clips soon, too. That's one of my holy grails as a VHS collector - an entire primetime schedule and news from market #210. Anyhow... WQAD NewsChannel 8 Nightside from December 1993 A KNDO Saturday newscast on 1/24/1998, originating from KNDU and Tonya, Tonya, and Tonya are the themes of this KGW clip from 2/8/1994.
  4. Since Portland is on the chopping block (KATU), is that a market that Disney could be interested in buying out? Or is Portland too small for an ABC O&O given that KOMO Seattle isn't one either? I seriously cannot see a station like KIMA going to a religious broadcaster. Even with the low budget of the station (and of KEPR too), there would probably be a lot of backlash. I suspect anything can happen, however.
  5. Community guidelines? Seriously? This wasn't a copyright strike at all? Michael needs to look into this. What were the details of the community guidelines violation? Was it a newscast or newsmagazine that had a report of a shooting or a rape case? It could also be a hacker like you said, thinking everything he was posting was a bunch of spam.
  6. Yeah, something unexpected probably yanked him off. Shows can last for years on the Tube, and then boom! copyright strike hell. But even Internet Archive isn't immune to the yanking...my old '3' channel got locked due to multiple takedowns. Most videos are still there, but I can't upload anything new.
  7. I suspect the entire ex-Fisher portfolio is up for grabs. If so, who would potentially buy out these little eastern WA CBS stations? Personally, I'd love to see Scripps take it over, as they seem to have decent news product on their Montana CBS stations. But will they?
  8. Looks like Pannoni4 might be gone. I don't see it anymore on YouTube. That was Michael's oldest-running channel...like 8 or 9 years old.
  9. KING 5 News at 11 clip, 1/9/1990, with Don Porter KIMA 5/2/89 11pm Newsbeat - this was on the old VHSgoodies channel before it went down for good. Nearly 3 years already, wow
  10. KNDO 9/21/1988, NewsCenter during the Olympics PS - Those KIRO clips from the 1970s are amazing!! There's tons of JP Patches clips on that YT channel too!
  11. Are you sure that's not KIMA or KEPR? That's the *exact* same news set!!! Without our British anchor or Mike McCabe's silly suits, that is. I do remember Rachelle Murcia from her days at KOMO's morning news.
  12. Yes! Jason Valentine left KVE...I meant, 'Apple Valley News Now' to take a job in Franklin County government...he is the new government affairs coordinator. Franklin County consists of Pasco and other smaller towns to the north. https://www.nbcrightnow.com/tricities/new-government-affairs-coordinator-in-franklin-county/video_fd7eb3a0-aab7-11ee-a9df-978d45c93036.html Austin is up here now. He's not too bad so far! We spend more time watching KIMA local news...still going strong with our British anchor, John Kennedy O'Connor but I do catch ch 35 news here and there.
  13. See how long it's been since I've watched Spokane news? I know KPAX (Scripps/CBS) in Missoula does the ticker and WX forecast/stocks at the bottom of the screen. Maybe I was confusing KXLY with KPAX.
  14. Three things will always resonate with a Sunday morning: church & worship, NFL football...and Charles Osgood. His friendly personality, signature bow tie, and interesting segments made a Sunday morning on CBS worthwhile...especially with a cup of coffee. He will forever be missed, say hi to the other Charles (Kuralt) up there, still probably 'on the road' (if there are highways and backroads up in Heaven), and of course, Walter. RIP!
  15. KAPP/KV...I meant APPLE VALLEY News Now, finally added time and temperature to the bottom of that little logo box. No ticker like KXLY.
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