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The Channel 6 Action News Thread


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So Adam Joseph posted pictures of him taking his family to pride on his Facebook and Twitter pages and the comments are mostly good and nice(which I agree). But the not so nice comments are calling him a "groomer" and a "bad parent." I'm glad he is sticking up for himself, his family and LGBTQ community as he has an awesome family by his side and I enjoy his family posts. He has gotten a little political though but, I don't care as I enjoy him calling out the homophobes and the hypocrites.  I can see why he is extremely popular in Philly and would be a huge loss if he did leave.


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Could not agree more wholeheartedly. The clapbacks against the trolls are welcome. Be it Adam against the bigotry, or Jamie Apody against the misogyny et al, pushing back against trolls is important. Even someone like Ginger Zee at the national level pushing back on the criticism of darn near anything she wears, her actual credentials to speak to topics of meteorology and climate, etc., make an important statement by being resolute when attacked. 


Adam is an asset to the city's broadcast scene and as a whole for all he does in the community. Extra props to him for not relenting on the antiquated prohibition against gay men being able to donate blood and getting that turned around by the local Red Cross chapter. 

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