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The Weather Channel Studio 9 video wall upgrades.


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The large video wall in Studio 9, which was made from 16 monitors and was in need of replacing, has been upgraded with a new video wall.
I believe they might also be replacing the older smaller video walls made up of mutiple monitors, as they were not using that part of the studio today.


The old wall from November.



The new video wall from today.

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Ive been wondering why they kept using that wall. It looked terrible on air. Its been like that for a very long time it was frankly embarrassing how bad it looked. And it was making me think they are having financial issues.  That looks so much better.

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Hmmm. Hot take. Kinda tired of the ugly wood set. Its very dark boring. But with them replacing the screens.... Something tells me they arent going to be upgrading sets anytime soon. These sets have been around quite a while. With so many new players on the scene. Especially since FOX Weather  has launched, I wonder if this aint a good thing.  (The ratings cant be that great of course with the exception of major events. Hurricanes, tornado outbreaks. etc)

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Yeah, the current part of the set that's still standing turns 10 years old in March (the part that was built in 2013 was torn down in late 2019 to make way for the mixed reality studio), so these upgrades seem like a sign that this set is here to stay.


The Lab also turns 10 years old in August, although to be frank, this past week of using The Lab as a temp set is the most use it's gotten since 2021 when Weather Center Live was canceled. Outside of this week, The Lab is pretty much only used for extended hours of severe weather/hurricane/winter storm coverage, or on random days that the main studio is being used to film pre-recorded footage. The Lab is not used for any regularly-scheduled programming at this point.


Will The Lab also see its 10-year anniversary? My money is on "probably", as it doesn't seem like Allen Media Group is super interested in spending money on full new sets.

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