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Charles Osgood (1933-2024)


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Computers and smartphones are getting too good... the banner ad that came up when I clicked on this thread?  Some place selling bow ties!


Cheers, Mr. Osgood!  You'll be missed....

(I wish we could still 'see you on the radio'... 😥)


PS:::: Just now, another banner ad with bow ties!

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Loved how he ended his edition of Sunday Morning. We'll All Be Back Again Next Sunday Morning. Until then, I'll See You On The Radio. In other words, you can hear Charlie on his show The Osgood File weekday mornings on your local CBS radio affiliate.


I started hearing his radio program every morning on KVOR NewsTalk Radio in my hometown of Colorado Springs, especially when getting ready for school. Enjoyed waking up to him on my TV set every Sunday morning as well. I was in junior high when Osgood took over for another Charles. That is, Charles Kurault. 


Osgood will be missed a great deal!

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Three things will always resonate with a Sunday morning: church & worship, NFL football...and Charles Osgood. His friendly personality, signature bow tie, and interesting segments made a Sunday morning on CBS worthwhile...especially with a cup of coffee.

He will forever be missed, say hi to the other Charles (Kuralt) up there, still probably 'on the road' (if there are highways and backroads up in Heaven), and of course, Walter. RIP! 😢

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