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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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On 1/7/2018 at 11:50 PM, hmaxhanson said:

It's Conneticuit News 30 from WVIT in 1997:



Just came across this video when going down a '90s WVIT rabbit hole on YouTube. Was going to post it here but I see I don't have to. I was shocked to see this totally random newscast today. The townhouse fire at the end of the clip was in the complex my family lived in at the time, we were two townhouses down from the one that caught fire. And that's my dad who Tom Monahan asked if the neighbor was a smoker. I remember that from when it aired back then, but I definitely wasn't expecting to see that clip on YouTube almost 23 years later. Pretty cool.

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1 hour ago, hmaxhanson said:

Huh. In between Scott Chapin and Nick Michaels, WBBM had Vic Caroli do the opens:


Holy crap.


Caroli makes Chapin sound like Erik Thompson. That was a sign they dug DEEPER into tabloid, not a regression.


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I don't know that the WBBM VO switch had much to do with content, at that point. Chapin began working for WFLD around that time, and WBBM likely wanted someone that can bring a similar growl to the position. At a later point, WMAQ would bring in Charlie Van Dyke, when they were moving to a more tabloid format. A lot of copycats in Chicago in the mid-90's.

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Apropos of this week's events, here's a look at the last time the POTUS was hospitalized for several days...


It's 1981, and CNN interrupts a report about China with some dramatic news out of Washington:




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