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  1. On 9/19/2022 at 6:13 AM, iron_lion said:

    Cool! Didn't Marcia have a public affairs show back in the day aswell!


    Looks like WCBS looks like did local coverage for the first half hour of the the Queen's funeral at 5:30 AM, then went with network coverage. Their local news is on WLNY right now.

    Sunday Edition, right?

  2. On 8/31/2022 at 3:05 PM, mre29 said:


    I'd say it depends on the station. "PIX 11" and "KTLA 5" work better than "The CW 11" and "The CW 5" because those stations were much more established independent of the network. The same would be true of WGN should it regain the affiliation. But it mid-tier or low-tier markets where the affiliate never had an identity outside of their affiliation? Probably not.


    Of course, it's entirely possible that Nexstar could up and change the network's name... 😏


    mre29 is right. One word describes Nexstar’s big three via Tribune...HERITAGE.

    And I agree w/ TheRolyPoly, said big three (and others?) should keep their non-network brands and not have “CW” or whatever it will become overpower them.

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  3. I noticed and like “MSNBC Prime,” the name Drew brought up, for the non-Rachel 9p hours as of this week. And while jrogo’s idea is a bit out there and would be something of an experiment, I am feeling the concept a bit; in that case “MSNBC Prime” can easily stay as an umbrella brand for it should it go ahead. [And yes, Rachel and Ali Velshi should be a big part of that wheel.]

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