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  2. She could help them tremendously, I thought she was ND when was she promoted to GM?
  3. Yeah true, we was doing the same at WNBC part-timing with the network also, I recognize there very few slot to gt into network. Getting to network news today is like getting into an Ivy League college. But I hear he makes a lot of money in his current role.
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  5. From FTVLive: Current WBBM GM Jennifer Lyons will be the interim President & GM at WWJ Surprise! New Boss Named at CBS Detroit — FTVLive
  6. Where exactly would he go at the network? It’s not like they have an obvious open vacancy and he’s likely just fine in his current role.
  7. WTTG 10 O'clock News 1980's WBAL News 11 1986 WJZ Eyewitness News 1986 WXLT (WWSB) TV 40 Newswatch intro (clip starts at 29:29) KNBC News 4 LA Nightside 1984 KCBS Channel 2 Action News 1991 (link in the description ) WBTV 3 News 2002 WTIC FOX 61 News at 10 1996
  8. Someone created a convenient map showing which stations are on GrayONE and which ones are still waiting in the wings. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1LmIglmqEZChaFD9SKBPu1eZBN-_hVxE&ll=38.763369813494634%2C-99.3197914626852&z=5
  9. He's a network talent I don't know why they won't give him a network job. He be good at it he appears on CBS Sunday Morning almost several time a month, he's a frequent fill-in on the Evening News. I don't know why they won't give him an opportunity.
  10. Well see, I think well overtake them. This is from 2011 we had beaten them so It can be done again https://www.sportstvjobs.com/local-tv-market-sizes-dma-2/
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  12. No it has not ever. They are next to one another in ranks now, but Charlotte is still a faster growing region.
  13. Good to see Maurice hosting tonight!
  14. WTAE is pretty much the only station putting in any effort. KDKA or “CBS NEWS PITTSBURGH” is coasting on its heritage and the effects of Apollo are evident in the product WPXI is putting out.
  15. And within the last year and a half or so, KDKA and WPXI stopped using Chopper 2/Chopper 11, which has left Sky 4 from WTAE as Pittsburgh’s only news helicopter.
  16. WRAL is currently flying N6TY, which was formerly assigned to KMOV. WRAL's own N553HD which has always been registered to Capitol Broadcasting is now registered to Helicopters, Inc. and hasn't flown since February. Word is that it is undergoing rehabbing. But either way, it does look like WRAL has sold their chopper and outsourced the service.
  17. I'm sure Ed is looking towards winding down and retiring too. The reality is CBS (top level, not local level management) wants old talent out. Many local levels are just keeping them on payroll to avoid age discrimination lawsuits.
  18. For a market of Raleigh's size, it is criminally underserved thanks to Sinclair squandering their duopoly. On the other hand, WRAL and WRAZ has a commanding lead over the other stations and have been that way since the beginning of time. ABC owning WTVD keeps the market pretty stagnant since we all know about ABC ever buying stations. Any other owner would have likely pursued one of Sinclair's stations. Nexstar could expand, but it's in the same boat NBC was in back in 2006, no path to expand. Had they stayed in the market, they could have started a Telemundo station like their other markets. They just felt it was impossible back then so they divested those stations to Media General. In Charlotte's case, they have an abundance of outlets thanks to Bahakel (WCCB) and Cox having WAXN. WJZY gave Nexstar a path to build on what Fox created in 2013. This way, there are 5 broadcast voices compared to 3 in Raleigh/Durham. Even if Bahakel cashes out one day to Tegna or Gray, that's still one more.
  19. I saw this and I believe that WKYT is going to look so much better with these new GrayONE graphics. Now, it is making me wonder how WYMT is going to look whenever they get these graphics.
  20. Definitely seems part of their attempt to integrate the network talent to WCBS (and why Elaine Quijano is now on WCBS). Kristine and Vlad anchored both 5 and 11 (usually 11pm is almost always anchored solo when the other is off). Dick Brennan did the 8pm, so he was likely available...
  21. It was her choice to downshift. She has done just about every shift there when she was alongside Cynthia Santana and John Davis since she got back to Chicago. She wanted more time with family. I agree that Ed should have more (but it’s his call if another promotion was in the books). When it comes to anchor talent, I’ll give Jen some credit for at least having a few Local native roots pairs anchoring. Jim, Marie, Ryan, Dana, etc.
  22. WRCB Local 3, the Sarkes Tarzian-owned station in Chattanooga, is in the process of replacing their decade-old set and are currently doing their newscasts from temporary setups throughout their building.
  23. Mary Kay is at "work whenever she feels like it" status now. Her filling-in is even becoming much more rare now. She very rarely comes in to the station anymore. She's been doing the weather remotely from her Florida home (or some other location down there) the past few months. You can easily tell by the chroma key and lighting quality during her weather segments in addition to her being absent from the CBS 2 studio itself. I can't believe she's been at the station for 22 years now.. Time flies.. Albert Ramon has to be the most absent "chief meteorologist" I've ever seen at a local station here in Chicago. Did his contract include two-thirds or three-quarters of the year off? He seems to always be off or absent from the newscasts. For most bad weather events we've had this year, he's been absent too. They may as well have given the evening chief position to Ed Curran.. The one who's been getting the most screen time lately is their new meteorologist, David Yeomans who came to the station in March.. I'm just not liking him. He comes across too much like a salesman at a car dealership. There's just no "connection" or "chemistry" between the new talent being hired at WBBM and the station veterans and even the viewer at home.. Their newscasts feel so mis-matched now with no flow between talent. But what do I know.. My local TV station days are long over as it just doesn't pay what it once did.
  24. Vlad Dutheirs anchored tonight. What a treat!
  25. He had one on ITV, channel 10 in Australia, here in the US he was on WGN Chicago and KSWB in San Diego. Among other networks he was huge.
  26. They’re literally right next to each other. Sacramento will remain in 20 for a minute. Raleigh has also beaten queen city in previous rankings in past years.
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