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  2. The WABC theme is still powerful and catchy... the bumper theme is still pretty good. The oy thing I'd want to see replace it it the return of Cool Hand Luke....the orchestral bumper theme for that was the best.
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  4. What is excess profit? Corporations are in businesses to provide value to shareholders. Persistent growth is the objective. There is no such thing as excess profit.
  5. Basically we still have ownership rules because of companies like Sinclair and Nexstar. We still have ownership rules because companies not only try and game the rules to get more stations, but to use the stations in the pursuit of excess profit for the company and the benefit for the company of reaching more people to spread "their" content. Sell the airwaves to the highest bidder and give their cronies the mic to spread the word. It's a little more complicated than that, but this is TV ownership in a nutshell these days. The only way it will change is when the system breaks and viewers can no longer get the essential information they need because the companies have sold out to the point they can no longer afford to keep the lights on.
  6. DW News has debuted new graphics, including a new thumbnail design (getting rid of the old serif font), and lower thirds, which seem to be leaning towards a deeper shade of blue then what the network has used in the past. Intro and in studio graphics are the same but those might change too, will over the coming days for any other changes.
  7. Harry doing some more Nexstar/Mission stanning about WADL this morning. Unlike Harry Styles though, the broadcasting industry is no longer 'as it was'. Come on man, this is the worst station in Detroit outside the HC2 signals that seem to exist to give electric companies dependable cash for nothing. It'll still be the worst station in Detroit under Nexstar/Mission, AND we all forget that they won't have carriage on DirecTV once their current Adell contract ends because Mission's RTC people think they can charge a fortune for a CW+ or Foxnet schedule. Kevin Adell, Perry Sook, and Nancie Smith all deserve what they've reaped here.
  8. They do have an awkward and unwieldy logo (the "12" is much wider than the "Fox") so simplifying it for the mic flag was a good idea. Portland may also have a strong "anti-Fox" sentiment as well, so the less ties to the national news channel, the better. But if Gray is separating network identity for their affiliates, it may be a very tough sell, especially for their longer-tenured affiliates that have co-branded for decades.
  9. I'm not sure if this was ever confirmed or not, but after reading this when posted, I've been on the lookout on KPTV for signs of change. This past week they debuted new mic flags with the brand of "12 News", which is definitely new for them. Still uses similar styling. No other graphical or audible changes. Everyone is still tagging out with "FOX 12 Oregon". I'm guessing this probably is an indication of a larger branding change, (and in my opinion dumb), otherwise why the new mic flags? Maybe trying to introduce it slowly and fade out "FOX" slowly?
  10. I grew up with that theme when WXYZ used it so it’s my all time favorite. Never mind the Action News using Eyewitness News music bit. It was when Bill Carey turned WXYZ into a pretty decent WABC imitation. I will say KABC’s presentation is a little breezy for the pace of the theme.
  11. No, it didn't. I watched the day it debuted; that never started at that time. KYW's current set debuted less than 2 months before even KP(I/Y)X debuted their AR weather concept.
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  13. WCAU has it sans the colored bug fill portion
  14. Pretty sure they started that back when they debuted their current set.
  15. Fox really wanted WJW back when Nexstar bought Tribune, but Nexstar kept WJW and sold WITI & KCPQ for Charlotte Fox46 & MYNet TV to Nexstar for Seattle & Milwaukee, which I think Fox owned WITI before selling it in 2008 and Fox really wanted Seattle for the Seahawks being an NFC team. Just what Sinclair did in the failed merger with Tribune, but Sinclair already owned KOMO in Seattle, and they were going to have to sell because of top 4. Fox was going to get in Seattle no matter what almost did with a small TV station before Fox & Tribune renewed their contract and KCPQ remained a Fox station just took Fox a few years before they could make it an O&O. Seems that Seattle viewers don't watch KOMO or KCPQ since it became a Fox O&O.
  16. Unless it happened sooner, I tuned in to KYW just now to find they have finally followed KPIX/KPYX's lead in utilizing augmented reality graphics in their NEXT Weather reports.
  17. Just tuned into the 5pm news and was surprised to see Cindy Hsu- she did the early morning in for Mary today in addition to her usual 9am. Long day for her; I know on rare occassions Mary Calvi will also fill in on the 5pm.
  18. I like S.E. Supp if Battleground is cleared in West Michigan, I'll check it out will not watch it daily just every now and then.
  19. Me either, the station had a lot of pregnancies lately which is weird s little.
  20. Didn't realize she was pregnant!
  21. MD TV

    In Memoriam

    Bill Walton, basketball Hall of Famer-turned memorable broadcaster, died from cancer at 71: The irony that he died as the Pac-12 is ready to dissolve.
  22. I am watching CBS News Detroit right now and Karen is still there. She is pregnant. Guess she is on maternity leave and just came in to do the weather today.
  23. Yeah, a few weeks ago WRC modified their look to that.
  24. Its honestly too slow and just antiquated in my opinion and the theme just doesn't fit with LA. I honestly wish they even got rid of it here in NY.. It is a catchy theme but it's been in use for 20+ years. Still shocked they switched to the WABC theme. So wild to me to hear the WABC bumper when watching the show haha.
  25. Yeah this update started with Los Angeles rolling out the update, soon I saw it in Boston, then I saw it in Telemundo 52 LA, now it’s in Orlando it’s coming fast!
  26. Whoops. I think I made an calculation error.
  27. Small changes to Look S throughout TLMD and NBC O&O Stations. Lowerthird a bit bigger.
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