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  2. I don't know about the Chicago market specifically, though I'd be fascinated to know what their security situation is there. When I was in Chicago a few months ago, I was shocked to see a WBBM live truck with full station branding on the exterior. Where I am, all of our live trucks are unmarked, and without going into too much detail, we take pretty extensive measures to ensure crew safety in the field. While live-for-the-sake-of-live definitely still happens, we try not to do it. Usually, if one of our reporters is live somewhere for the late shows, it's because that's where their story was. It often makes sense for the crew to stay on the scene, finish their story, do the live shot, and then drive back rather than rush back to the station and slam something together to make slot. A lot of stations are also just putting fewer resources into their late news and assigning fewer reporters to it. It used to be that the 10/11p news were many stations' bread and butter, but late news viewership is falling the fastest out of any daypart.
  3. WLS does 2, 3, or even 4 (as news warrants), at 10. Similar count at WMAQ, from what I've seen.
  4. Probably because it's very pointless these days more than anything? Unless it's a breaking story or the aftermath of a meeting during primetime you can't possibly rush back to the studio for, 'live at 10' when you can get out your phone and post to the socials straight off well before 10 is more exciting. A live shot in a dark police parking lot you had to burn fuel to get to in a lean time for TV news for 'scenery' just feels pointless. Yes, safety definitely has a lot to do with it (though I'd argue the suburbs are much worse with domestic violence stories), but when everyone has already saw everything hours before, 'welp that happened' live shots feel like a waste of everyone's time, including the journalists and the viewers.
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  6. I have noticed that with the exception of WFLD and WGN, most of the news stations don't do live shots on the late night news casts. Given the current state of the city, could a reason for this be safety? Thanks.
  7. Not terrible, not remarkable. Gets the job done.
  8. Per the IG page of a News 12 Brooklyn journalist, I see she MMJs. NYC is a chaotic market to do that in. I would imagine the conditions are similar in Jersey, pushing people out the door. I've been told by some Nexstar employee friends that there is MMJing at PIX 11, which could be a contributing factor to turnover.
  9. At least in NJ, News12 is live only a few hours a day now. Altice has killed it. Hyper local? Not so much anymore. And they are now pushing News12 streaming, which is only NY news. Pass.
  10. NBC would love to get rid of WTWC, which has been a 'get a tall tower to view a competent NBC station' since Sinclair starved out its news plans in 2000 to become a WB affiliate in all but network programming. WCTV has a spare sister with MeTV (WFXU) which would allow them a better affiliate with the market's top news department and a traffic department that's not embarrassed about its public reach.
  11. Different level but the absolute worst is news 12.. even their “main faces” don’t stay long anymore. We all know what has happened there in the last few years but it seems like it’s even worse now.
  12. The only issue with WALA is how they would brand themselves. Given Gray's penchant to de-brand their NBC affiliates, it would have to be something like "10 News" or even "10 News Now" (since they used "The News Now" in the 80s working in the "10" in "NOW".
  13. Here's another year-long retirement tour at KCTV. https://www.kctv5.com/2024/06/18/renowned-news-anchor-carolyn-long-retire-kctv5-2025/
  14. Late to the party but....the reporter turnover at WPIX along with WCBS and WNYW seems to be frequent. I could not name half the reporters at those stations compared to years past. And this is market 1, imagine the conditions in mid to low markets leading to this same issue.
  15. I agree with your points but I do support the name change as to distinguish the CBS News streaming site from the TV platform. At this point they might as well give in and call it "CBS News +" Lol. My old school mentality says we don't need more new streaming services, but I'll still take the product on those platforms over what we're given on cable news. How are these sites even doing ratings wise?
  16. I think maybe CBS NEWS Local streams do better than the national stream? Almost all of there o&os have streams going, (maybe WFOR dosn't ??) I believe the local streams have a better mix of content than that of the national.
  17. Last week
  18. Noticed that DC News Now happens to now have an undelayed live stream, joining the small number of Nexstar stations that has one: https://www.dcnewsnow.com/dc-news-now-live-stream/
  19. I said one of my new favorites. Not that it was better than KWQC. There's a difference.
  20. I don't know, KWQC will be pretty hard to beat... You said it yourself
  21. I do hope NBC would move it to WALA-TV, just so they would have an nice little reunion with NBC after 2 and a half decades of being an Fox Affiliate. (Of course, with Fox being on 10.1)
  22. If anything, NBC will walk simply because they want affiliates that can compete in their markets. Having stations that won't bother to create a viable lead-in to Today (a morning newscast) keeps the ratings and market share low. I'd keep my eye on Mobile and Pensacola. NBC could walk from WPMI and could easily end up on either WKRG or WALA. WALA having the means to produce local newscasts if they secure NBC as a .2 or WKRG making a play since the SEC package is gone and would greatly improve NBC's ratings in the market, and that CBS's deal with Nexstar is up alongside NBC's deal with Sinclair this year. Media General thought they won the lottery when they snagged CBS from WRAL but the opposite happened since WRAL dominates the market and NBC's fortunes flip-flopped since they have been beleagured for decades under 28 and WNCN. CBS may be willing to settle for a weaker affiliation simply because of their devotion to streaming. And CBS has less animosity towards Sinclair on the news side.
  23. By chance right now I'm watching a 7AM stream of KABC ABC 7 Eyewitness News with Leslie Sykes, and I noticed they are using their previous morning NG4 cut again!. Did they switch the music back? Also the open didn't have the WABC cut, was so nice to hear it with the new graphics. .
  24. I thought that was odd also. I have to wonder though if those things are recorded a whole bunch at once
  25. I'm surprised Cox didn't unload it once the whole Standard-Tegna deal imploded.
  26. Not to mention how many stations have a Father-Son team in place to carry on. Did anyone else find it weird that station owner Dick Dean did take time from his usual commentary to acknowledge Rob;s retirement announcement. Maybe he will record something for the July retirement special instead? OOPS - can't get edit feature to work - meant to say that Dick Dean did NOT mention it.
  27. Haven't been able to watch all of today's Deadline:White House - but has Nicolle explained why she is back in the "bunker" again? It gives me Covid flashbacks.
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