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  1. WLS does 2, 3, or even 4 (as news warrants), at 10. Similar count at WMAQ, from what I've seen.
  2. Of course a set is not (really going to change ratings), but it's borderline crazy to suggest that replacing a 12-year-old set is an exceptional waste of money. KCNC skipped the wave of KCBS copycats of 2016/17. It's probably time. By the ratings logic, most stations in the country should look the same now as they did in the '90s, '80s, or even the '70s, with how rarely ratings shift. Major market ABC station who's dominated since the '80s...why bother? You'll still be #1. Major market CBS station who's been a dog for 30 years...also why bother?
  3. Sets don't need to match graphics. Some of the stations could use a coat of paint, but matching the sets to something that will likely change and be long gone before the space reaches the end of its useful life feels unwise. The on-set screen logos and graphics were changed accordingly, and that's all you really need, at this point.
  4. One year & a day after WLS first rolled out the full graphics package, we have a theme update at WTVD. It's Eyewitness News, but it's nothing we're familiar with.
  5. Big Mark fan, here, and I tolerate Cheryl, at best. It's been almost 2 years since he would've actually retired (his contract ran until early fall '22), and is hopefully enjoying his time away from TV. There is almost no reason for him to still be retweeting the Cheryl haters, and doing so "hurts" his legacy more than the incident he was dismissed over. For a guy who has said he's ultimately glad to be out of there ("that place will be a car wash in 5 years"), he sure can't seem to put it in the rear view mirror. ON THE OTHER HAND, he doesn't need professional help. I'm confident none of us here have medicine degrees to actually recommend that. He's just a 70-year-old man who's a little crusty about how his career ended, which is valid. As much as I don't think he should be doing what he's doing on Twitter, I'm guessing he's also within his legal right to do it, and is otherwise quiet about the whole ordeal. Ultimately, we're making a bigger deal out of this than anyone in his replies. Until he and Cheryl sue each other over NDA breaches or whatever, him retweeting Cheryl shade every once in awhile probably isn't worth mentioning. Honestly, I'm glad this thread didn't exist when Kevin Roy was having his actually-concerning, in-need-of-mental-health-intervention Facebook meltdowns.
  6. Last I saw, there is a job opening for a meteorologist, so they are definitely looking for somebody to do one or both weekend shifts.
  7. Remember, WBBM is debuting...something, in their streetside space, next month.
  8. Diane was off on Memorial Day, and Tanja made mention of her absence, which says to me that she'll be named officially, sometime soon. If that happens, they should have an in-house reporter take up the back-up role. Jeremy (who I haven't heard on 7 in months, as he was a temporary full-timer on 32) and other Total Traffic folks always used to be the third-stringers. If Diane becomes #1, then somebody should fill the gap.
  9. I mean, it's clearly KCAL, almost to a T.
  10. The move was made between the 5 and 9pm shows on Friday. All solo shows have been anchored from the desk overlooking Michigan & Lake, including both mornings, and Dane on Saturday night.
  11. Pay more, and put it on less accessible channels? They clearly weren't willing to fight for it. It's not complicated.
  12. To be fair, that wasn't a "felt bad" for George thing. Not a cute favor, it was a compromise to keep him at the network, specifically declared in his contract. I believe Charlie Gibson had such a distinction worked in, after getting passed over for Woodruff & Vargas. That all went south so fast, though, that we never saw that arrangement in action. Back to George and David, I want to say January 6th coverage was the end of the former's time as chief anchor, with the latter taking over in time for the Inauguration.
  13. The last 2 people at WLS with the pins have since retired. Traffic anchor Roz Varon would wear it on work anniversaries & special occasions, while anchor Alan Krashesky turned his into cufflinks.
  14. Somebody DM a moderator if actual news happens regarding any of the affiliations in question, and we'll reopen this thread. In the meantime, let's cool off after all this bickering.
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