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  1. If an average joe doesn't pay attention, they don't know what WABC is. Stand out more among who? Nobody but us would be watching multiple ABC O&Os at once, and everything outside of the opens are similar enough to the old look that those same average joes won't really notice, so nobody should be confusing them with any of their LA competitors. As for the shade of blue, that's just what it is. Opportunities to customize the package are based on literally any other accent element that isn't the primary blue pieces. Look at the CBS package, the in-show branded bugs have been seen in blue, red, orange, green, gold, black, and even purple, but the standard lower third doesn't change. Same thing for ABC, but they're blue.
  2. Since John & Rachel were on at 4, but not on now, is the 7am co-anchor assignment a rotation, pairing Leslie & literally anybody? Also, Brianna is doing weather, not Leslie. Is that another 7am switchover, or is it either of them on any given day?
  3. There is a job listing for a meteorologist, but I'd guess that the podcast she had with Erin Kennedy burned all bridges to returning to any broadcasting, and she's probably okay with that.
  4. The reopen at 11:30 used a properly-cut & edited version of the WABC cut, so the 11am bumper open MIGHT have been a fluke.
  5. Please don't bump a thread that hasn't been touched in 14 months, unless, in the case of this thread, primetime on NBC was actually being cut down. A one-off schedule change, even if previously mentioned, doesn't warrant the bump.
  6. ABC was interested, but Allbritton wasn't interested in making multiple deals. That said, a decade later, I don't think Disney would be interested, for modern reasons. I also doubt Sinclair would be willing to part with their largest market.
  7. This is already been discussed elsewhere.
  8. Bring back Eyewitness News at 7 on The U, you cowards.
  9. Ginger and Somara Theodore can handle 90% of what the network needs, with frequent calls to the affiliates for weekend fill-ins. They call up Sam to do a little weather & a little entertainment stuff, but there's zero need for him to return to the network, full-time. I like Sam, but he can't (won't) commit to 5 days a week at his current job, so why would anyone expect him to commit to a hard schedule at the top? Frankly, if the network's 2 meteorologists (which Sam is not) were men, I don't think we'd have this constant conversation, pushing for Sam's return. Just saying.
  10. Not anymore, since WBBM upgraded their signal.
  11. They only run the ticker in the mornings and early evenings. No ticker after 6pm.
  12. Oh, and that one logo wipe was used at a Ratner-VO'd rejoin, in place of the reopens, this morning.
  13. Diane is obviously the internal candidate, but as is standard procedure, there is still an open job listing online. Meanwhile, the first half of the week has been a celebration of the morning newscast's 35 years, and there have been some special guests along the way. Earlier, media manager and apparent news nerd David Fell joined the show to talk about a lot of station history. Wednesday (today) was the official anniversary, so some familiar faces made their return between 6 & 8am. The Gray Beards, as I called them to a friend, reminisced about the old days, and Judy Hsu pre-taped a retrospective segment.
  14. No no, we need more mock, speculative schedules based on hunches and inklings. Move the local news? 30 minute soaps? Network shows that air at 9am ET? What are rules?
  15. It's a one-time show, sounds like it'll be at least party live, the brainchild of all the main show's comedic minds.
  16. 24994J

    KCOP News

    Annnnnnd, I think we're done here.
  17. 24994J

    KCOP News

    People have explained multiple times why KTTV/KCOP shouldn't and wouldn't do all-day news. They're not looking to compete, they're merely filling airtime, in the current bleak syndication landscape.
  18. You know it's Atlanta, but you said Detroit.
  19. No. How it launched is how it will remain.
  20. Temporary, as in they basically pasted the new logo animation over the end of this season's winter opens. With spring coming up quick, what debuted Tuesday won't last long. No talent faces are coming. Status quo and familiar is the plan. Sorry if my wording suggested otherwise.
  21. And Alex Cheney is apparently gone? I couldn't tell you when, but when I saw her post, I checked to see that his bio was gone off the website.
  22. Our inside source says it'll be a few weeks before the ticker and set screens get switched over. Heck, the new opens are temporary, since they're still the winter ones.
  23. As discussed in the ABC graphics thread and on our TheNewsCenter Discord, someone at WPVI simply cued up the new open, by mistake, for only one of the Sunday morning hours. Nothing has technically debuted, but the FULL rollout should be later this week.
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