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  1. I’d rather see KTUL go to Hearst to be honest I don’t see Scripps ever selling KJRH.
  2. God please do sell KTUL to a better company.
  3. KTUL has their new Chief Meteorologist after Chris Nunley’s departure Kevin Coskren formerly from WRDW/WAGT he will start this week.
  4. They switched at noon today.
  5. Here’s a couple of more pictures from KAKE First Alert Meteorologist Brittney Foster.
  6. Amen to that whenever I go up to Wichita to see family I always watched KAKE and absolutely hated the previous set I’m also glad that the weatherplex is semi back with two weather pods and the big monitors.
  7. Here is KAKE’s new graphics package
  8. KAKE-TV in Wichita Kansas has debuted a new set as of this morning at 11am as well as a new graphics package.
  9. Another one leaving KTUL after only being at KTUL since the end of September Chief Meteorologist Chris Nunley is leaving for Salt Lake City and joining Scripps FOX13. News Channel 8 has had the opening for ktul since beginning of January and has had applicants but have not made an announcement or anything as of yet.
  10. I know this person wasn’t an on air talent but former KJRH Vice President and General Manager Amy Calvert has been hired by Sinclair as Vice President and GM of KOKH-TV in OKC hopefully she can help make the newscasts better for both KTUL and KOKH.
  11. KXII in Sherman. KTEN used to use First Alert but dropped to be known as KTEN Weather. KXII uses Weather Authority.
  12. Here’s some of the photos from the website.
  13. Yes they did I posted it on the set page.
  14. KTVN 2 News in Reno just revealed a new studio and the new (current) CBS O&O graphics and is known on air as 2 News Nevada. https://www.2news.com/news/ktvn-unveils-local-news-brand-update-new-studio/article_a617591c-b950-11ee-8b11-4398a48a02bc.html?
  15. Ruben Diaz formerly of KTUL in Tulsa, KFSM in Arkansas, and WTTV in Indianapolis has joined WATN In Memphis as a morning anchor he started yesterday morning. https://www.facebook.com/share/xcTgD7acsADu9qwQ/?mibextid=aubDjK
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