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  1. Appears the writing’s on the wall for NBA on TNT.
  2. Funny, since KMBC has had a long-running 7-9am and 9pm newscast on KCWE for awhile now.
  3. Fox O&Os are apparently adding a half-hour daily political show hosted by S.E. Cupp. She’ll stay at CNN.
  4. There’s a reason why this name exists, people. It’s not for cosmetic purposes.
  5. WVUE has flipped to GrayONE.
  6. I'm still shocked and saddened by this, as well. He was one of the entertainment reporting greats. RIP.
  7. He used to do the entertainment report on WGN Morning News' 8am hour a long time ago. This stings a lot. He's an entertainment reporting legend. RIP.
  8. Fox O&Os have picked up GMFB.
  9. NBC remains in the driver's seat for the third NBA package. The likelihood of NBA on TNT ending is increasing by the day.
  10. She’s participated in past Summer and Winter Games for NBC.
  11. Steve Kornacki and Willie Geist will be a part of NBC’s coverage. As will Golf Channel’s Kira Dixon and WCVB’s Naoko Funayama.
  12. WTVG and KBJR have both gone GrayOne.
  13. ESPN is reportedly close to a deal with NFLN.
  14. More layoffs, among them long-runner Mike Seidel.
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