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  1. Why do people hate the odd color that KDKA has for their graphics? I don't get it. BTW, I actually would love if CBS did a Red and blue Texas theme for KTVT.
  2. I want a black and gold version of this for KDKA-TV please. Please CBS.
  3. Here is all of the screenshots I have of the new package.
  4. Best comment of the thread. Well done. @RCA TK47
  5. Here are some new promo liners for the new CBS Evening News.
  6. You can add the Steelers to the In-house Graphics as well even though you have CBS O&O KDKA-TV there.
  7. Ok, thanks for the correction. Then it moved to WPXI in 1997. I corrected the original response.
  8. I'm aware of that (that happens in other markets as well) however, I put it there because many of the same reporters are used at both stations. This is Sinclair we are talking about so the separate newscast can go away at any time.
  9. David Muir has much better ratings then CBS so no.
  10. It would have been nice to see Norah on the last day of the package. As people have said many times on this fourm, Norah is the reason why the CBS Evening News is in last place, (and more then normal) I don't remember the ratings ever being this bad for Katie Couric, Scott Pelley, Dan Rather, Anthony Mason, Jeff Glor, or anyone else . However, I actually enjoy when Major Garrett is on so that was nice to see.
  11. Is anyone else sad that the old graphics are now gone. It is also fitting that the the final time these graphics are shown. Major Garrett is anchoring instead of Norah. Speaks to the true downfall of the CBS Evening News for the last several years.
  12. First off, that would be WTAE. WPXI could air a 3 PM Newscast or move one of the graveyard shows to the 3 pm time slot. Sad day for WPXI though. Judge Judy has been on 11 since 1997-98 season (Judy's first year was on WTAE for the 96-97 season). Thanks to @Superdude for confirming that.
  13. We are getting to a point where the local news bubble will burst and stations will be going off the air or sold to other groups. Many people aren't watching local news and it shows in many markets. Just to add a newscast for ad revenue is ,and will always be, wrong. That is one of the reasons why groups like the GOP (which I can't stand in its own right) want nothing to do with media these days is because the Station Owner CEOs are only in it for the conflict and money. It hurts journalism integrity/viewership even more when you see statements like this from Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/5/19/2098963/-Sinclair-Broadcast-Group-CEO-says-a-politically-divided-America-is-very-good-for-our-business
  14. It was already added before you posted this. Simulcasting Is a terrible idea for the viewer and shows how greedy you are as a company. Also, I would ask WBRE/WYOU, WJXX/WTLV, WICU/WSEE, and WJAX/WFOX how simulcasting "helps" their ratings. It doesn't. Fox would still be upset if their newscast is simulcast with an NBC Station. Count on it.
  15. These East Coast/Midwest NBC Stations already have 10 PM newscasts on other Networks. WXIA for MyNetwork Affiliate WATL (Atlanta) [TEGNA] WFLA for MyNetwork Affiliate WTTA (Tampa) [Nexstar] WRAL for Fox Affiliate WRAZ (Raleigh) [Capital] WAVY-TV for Fox Affiliate WVBT (Hampton Roads) [Nexstar] WICU for CW Affiliate WSEE dot 2 (Erie) [Lilly] WESH for CW Affiliate WKCF (Orlando) [Hearst] WBAL-TV for MeTV subchannel (Baltimore) [Hearst] WPXI for Fox Affiliate WPGH -TV (Pittsburgh) [Cox/Sinclair] WOAI-TV for Fox Affiliate KABB-TV (San Antonio) [Sinclair] KSHB for Independent KMCI-TV (Kansas City) [Scripps] WWBT for Fox Affiliate WRLH (Richmond) [Gray/Sinclair] KXAN for CW Affiliate KNVA (Austin) [Nexstar] WPTV for Fox Affiliate WFLX (West Palm Beach) [Scripps] WXII for CW Affiliate WCWG (Greensboro) [Hearst] KFOR for Independent KAUT-TV (Oklahoma City) [Nexstar] WBIR for Fox Affiliate WTNZ (Knoxville) [TEGNA/Lockwood] WNYT for MyNetwork Affiliate WNYA (Albany) [Hubbard] WDTN for CW Affiliate WBDT (Dayton) [Nexstar] WGBA for Independent WACY-TV (Green Bay) [Scripps] WTOV for Fox Subchannel WTOV dot 2 {FOX 9} (Wheeling) [Sinclair] WLWT for MeTV subchannel (Cincinnati) [Hearst] WGAL for MeTV Subchannel (Harrisburg) [Hearst] There are probably more so let me know what I missed. Bottom line is that these stations have a decision to make if NBC goes through with this.
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