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  1. After CBS ended Late Late due to profitability, NBC is now tightening the budget at Late Night. Seth Meyers' house band to be gone by fall. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/seth-meyers-lose-night-band-013435108.html
  2. CCO's set has aged remarkably well for being almost 15 years old. I'd argue that they still have one of the best sets in the market. Renovations were made a couple of years ago for the launch of "The 4", and more updates were made to update the set to scrub the old logos from the glass and weather center. That said, how did CBS allow WCCO to have such a unique set in the first place? Just years of not having a real set from using the window onto the Nicollet Mall Plaza?
  3. Indeed, correct. However I think what previous poster could have been wondering/suggesting is if NBC does not renew some contracts to free up money for the NBA bid (like what Charles Barkely has insinuated TNT of doing with their NBA bid in order to get college football)
  4. It took a massive rain delay at the Indy 500, but WTHR is now airing this year's race live. https://www.wthr.com/article/sports/motor/indianapolis-500/2024-indianapolis-500-air-live-wthr-channel-13-central-indiana-following-rain-delay/531-2b6eae3e-e4cc-4280-acd0-93f63c030930
  5. Having a poli-sci background, this is all so... incredibly... odd... As a candidate, you want your message in front of as many people as possible, and their reach is severely limited with just one cable channel (albeit, every network will run a highlight reel). Glancing at the link quickly, I did not see anything from CNN that they will remove the paywall to be able to stream (Note to CNN- that would be a smart thing to do). Second debate is slated for ABC (interesting choice, as former president Trump is currently suing ABC News and George Stephanopoulos) which does not limit reach as much as cable, but still just one channel. I am very interested in seeing what the other networks run against these debates.
  6. Only one station you named is even a CBS affiliate. you took a question I am posing and added nonsense and irrelevance to it. When CBS used "CBS Texas" on KTVT instead of "CBS DFW", some of us wondered if it was purposeful for a broader plan (going back to February 2023) in their implementation. We all believe that CBS is looking to divest rather than buy, which made my question a long-shot (and probably gave some here a headache on its' own); but your add-on nonsensical.
  7. Not trying to speculate- somewhat legitimate question here- but is there any chance CBS might buy KEYE back from Sinclair since it's mentioned in the article? Yes- I get CBS O&O's are already in a potential sale situation depending with what happens to the mothership, but Austin has grown since CBS sold 42 in 2007, and it would make "CBS Texas" sound a lot more "Texas" than just having KTVT in Dallas.
  8. The 5:00 and 6:00 opens and talent rejoins for KBJR are absolutely beautiful. Personal opinion that KBJR's appearance fell way behind WDIO under their Quincy ownership... This brings them back!
  9. It's a great improvement for KBJR from the few minutes that I just watched online. They have not gone full GrayOne with the weather graphics yet, however. Looking forward to watching on TV at 5!
  10. Ratings wise, we already know that answer. Moneywise, NN will get the guaranteed political ad buys that WGN-A never did... Does that offset the higher operational costs? Nexstar must believe that it will.
  11. With respect, what makes you suggest they would do that? PIX11, KTLA... Evidence that the branding will not be messed with. If I had to take a gamble, Branding and logo stays the same except for a somewhat awkwardly placed CW logo to the right of the 9... Just like they did in 2006. I do however look forward to a Paul Konrad WGN Courtesy Desk bit if they do try to mess with rebranding as CW9.
  12. Still early in the season, fans of all teams (almost all teams) are still excited and engaged even if their team has a crappy outlook for the next few months. Play into the excitement, the eyeballs and the ad revenue. Mr. G. can record a forecast for the website for the people who really don't know how to find a newscast somewhere on their TV.
  13. There are two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Personally, I err more toward the Scripps version of the story given (as stated) the number of markets impacted, the decline of CW programming; and Scripps ability to utilize ScrippsNews to fill programming holes
  14. I can appreciate this comparison, and it ties into what @Samantha was saying earlier about Scripps' values in journalism. The KSHB rebrand did a great job at utilizing the channel number as the brand and slogan- I end up in KC a decent amount and remember seeing the "News For Every One" (Stories, A Voice, A Community...). I remember thinking the approach was unique and built a community-minded angle that seemed to take a stab at first-place KMBC/Hearst, where many stories in the newscast are introed "covering (location) tonight". The positioning for KSHB also is a good setting/base for ScrippsCast (can argue that later). Has it pulled KSHB out of 4h place? Not sure. Would love to know if there was a dent made. If northing else, there is likely a greater brand awareness for Channel 41. However, to the point, there are now 4 newscasts in Detroit. if WXYZ is not in 1st place and ratings are lagging or sinking, this might be worth a shot. Including Detroit as the brand might also be a stab at CBS (Again, has WWJ made any dent in the ratings or is there any trend showing they are on track to?)
  15. Anyone know how much WPVI shells out for it? You'd think ABC would make a move to buy the TM from Cox (Or tie an affiliation renewal to it?) Side thought- PVI probably pays way too much for the rights, but history tells us what happens if you change that brand (MCTYW revamp, exhibit A)
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