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  1. This exactly, and it's why I do disagree, to an extent, with @Weeters on having the elimination of all ownership limits being the solution to the problem. What good will it do when NexstarTegnaSinclairGrayScripps owns every channel when viewership for linear television across-the-board is vanishing and the networks will have already pulled stakes and fled OTA? What happens then? You'd wind up with another Penn Central, a massive conglomerate that merged in a survival attempt and yet went bankrupt within two years of the consummation in disastrous fashion. Is this a bad thing? You might as well get something for the spectrum if compensated accordingly by the FCC, especially if the transmitter land becomes more valuable than the station itself.
  2. All the dead malls can merge together and you'd still wind up with a dead mall, just much larger and needing a bailout from the federal government when the entire system comes crashing down.
  3. It's in a deep red market in a permanently uncompetitive state politically that almost got wiped off the face of the earth by a devastating hurricane. There is no way that it was worth $200 million, or even $100 million. It should have been $75 million, and I'm being awfully generous here. Yes, it absolutely was a waste of money. Yes, they foolishly overpaid for an asset that can only decline with time. And I have no problem saying any of this because I don't have this weird romanticized vision of Hearst the fandom inexplicably has.
  4. All small market stations and the first two were simple divestitures from larger M&As. Try harder than that if you want to convince me that they should be anything more than a silly MacGuffin in this fandom. Hearst doesn't buy anything you want them to buy. End of story.
  5. So they can spiral into total oblivion, fire everyone and get bailed out by the federal government because literally no one wants to buy a chain of television stations in 2024?
  6. There is a very good chance that, because Nexstar is not interested in selling any stations because of simple greed and hubris, WPIX is ordered by the FCC to be sold to a chain hostile to the CW. Should that happen, the CW will be totally without a flagship station, and Nexstar will have only themselves to blame. Nexstar will not be shutting down WPIX. They will only lose control of it, and Uncle Perry's nepo baby who plays make-believe sportscaster will need to update his resume.
  7. Scripps took WPPX, KPXM and KKPX off the market after they sold WPIX. Given the very soft national ad market right now, it might be a blessing in disguise to offload those three.
  8. Scripps is only guilty of doing something the industry will emulate sooner than later. The current mode of newscast production in the industry is wholly unsustainable and due for a nasty reckoning. Which is why they got caught red-headed blatantly violating the rules in creating an LMA that wasn't needed so they have over 70% national coverage without the UHF Discount sham. Nexstar will not sell any stations because they refuse to do that, and they will lose control of WPIX outright. Simple as that. The only reason Scripps has a good likelihood to get WPIX is because they already own WPXN channel 31. They are already in the market, they've owned WPIX before as a caretaker, and they would spend the money to buy it. And Scripps is the only likely buyer because, again, there are no other options to speak of whatsoever. None.
  9. That's wishful thinking given the ridiculous and unrealistic anti-Scripps sentiment that exists in this fandom, propped up by two-bit hack blogger Scott Jones and his obvious prejudice against the company. And you might be surprised to find out that even if they wanted to sell, there's no buyers available because the mass consolidation of the past decade literally wiped out whatever list of buyers existed. Absolutely not. Hearst doesn't buy stations unless they are wastes of money like WBBH in freaking Fort Myers, Florida, a totally inconsequential market of old people. Graham hasn't entered any new market since buying WSLS a decade ago as part of Media General's disappearing act. What is it with this fandom that just keeps wishcasting for Hearst or Graham to buy stations like this when they never do and never will?
  10. Why does Matthew Keys even give Kevin Adell the time of day? This moron did just as much to torpedo this deal as the FCC did, he'll be lucky not to lose WADL in bankruptcy to a Godcaster.
  11. It looks like they just lumped KQTV into the Media General divestiture package because, let's face it, it IS St. Joseph, Missouri. That small a market wouldn't give that much cap relief even though it would be... what... five or six WJMNs? Imagine Scripps repurchasing WPIX, divesting WPXN to an unrelated third-party, and relaunching WPIX as a sports-heavy indie.
  12. Because Perry Sook is a greedy, stupid idiot who has long promulgated the lie of himself being this suave, savvy businessman. Obviously he won't sell any stations because of a loss of clout with retransmission revenue against the telecoms. Plus he's been used to past FCCs that didn't give a flying crap over how many rules he violated or loopholes he exploited, and now the chickens have come home to roost. Nexstar has only willingly sold two stations in the company’s history: KBTV and WJMN. That tells you all you need to know. I expect him and Nexstar to completely fumble and bumble this and WPIX winds up being forced to be sold to a company hostile to Nexstar and the CW, and he can kiss the network's flagship goodbye.
  13. Not only that, it would undermine every single one of their current Z-level sports deals. Why would NASCAR want to be with a network that no longer has two top 20 affiliates? Or the ACC? Or the PAC-2? And just imagine the hell that will come when Mission is forced to sell WPIX to a company hostile to the CW, like Scripps or Tegna.
  14. They really should be begging on bended knee to find any affiliate in Detroit, Tucson and Miami, because there's no options available in either of those markets and they can't buy their way out of this crisis they placed on themselves, nor do they have Gray or Sinclair ready to bail out their sorry butts this time. But I guess Uncle Perry wants to play pretend media mogul because something something "plan".
  15. The problem is young people watch shows on streaming. Young Sheldon actually had changing demos when reruns went to Netflix. From the New York Times: The show also struck a chord with viewers under the age of 34, according to Nielsen. Mr. Molaro, the show’s co-creator, said the Netflix bump became apparent to him when the crew was shooting a scene recently near a church in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. “Young Sheldon” had filmed in that location dozens of times without incident. But this time, roughly five months after the show began streaming on Netflix, it was a vastly different situation. “There were hundreds of kids at the fence screaming for Wallace Shawn,” he said, referring to the 80-year-old cast member. “We were like, ‘What is happening?’” So yeah, linear television is in a very bad state right now, and the last thing the affiliates need is for the networks to give up on them, because they have no Plan B. And contrary to the sentiments of a few people in this fandom, MOAR NEWS is not, I repeat NOT, an acceptable Plan B.
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