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  1. Employees at WROC (CBS 8 Rochester, NY) are picketing over Nexstar's refusal to recognize their union. From my experience, you need about 75% of Staff support for the union to be recognized. According to the article, Nexstar tried to claim that producers are ineligible for unions because they serve in a management capacity. The National Labor Relations Board however ruled producers were union elligable. Do you all think the unionization attempts will be successful? https://rbj.net/2024/06/10/wroc-union-plans-picket-over-stalled-contract-talks/
  2. Good Morning America has been this way since the early 2010s, even worse after Sam Champion and Josh Elliott left in 2013/2014. It's become a mix of Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight. GMA's hosts are not the problem, it's the story choise, tabloid sensationalized tone, and ADHD pacing. Watching a GMA broadcast from 1984 or 2004 vs 2024 feels significantly dumbed down. Today has sucked since Meredith & Ann left but its news element tops GMA. CBS Mornings has its flaws but it's the most mature and news oriented show among the three.
  3. Yes, sets don't need to match graphics. Sometimes a graphics package looks old but a set looks fine (ex Today updating their graphics but keeping their set in 2009). But, on many of the abc o&o stations, both graphics and set happened to reach its outdated point simultaneously. In that case, they might as well update both to improve the overall aesthetic. The only station that a studio update wouldn't make sense for is WABC since they are moving facilities.
  4. Yup. Right now the NBCs have the best sets of the O&Os I'd argue Hearst and Graham stations have the best sets of the affiliate groups. What ABC O&O would you all say has the best set? KGO? KABC?
  5. WAGA's Sharon Lawson is leaving Good Day Atlanta after 7 years. The reasoning is not clear but her Instagram post says it was her decision. The Atlanta Journal Constitution article notes that two other veteran newscasters left the station after accepting company buyouts. Sucks! Sharon was okay. Fox 5 is my favorite station there next to WSB. https://www.ajc.com/things-to-do/georgia-entertainment-scene/good-day-atlanta-anchor-sharon-lawson-takes-fox-5-buyout-leaving-station/U5LZD44VBBGSZEYVIEG4JQEIMA/
  6. MSNBC has been very vocal on matters that could affect company interests. From the Rona McDaniel hiring to this. Loosy related... The only other company I've seen that allows this much criticism on company matters is Fox, with shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy routinely mocking the Fox News Channel.
  7. On a similar note if you notice the time bugs above the station logo you'll see the Biden packages were placed in the A block. What sucks about Sinclair stations is that so much of their local broadcasts are made up of national news. Unless it's a major story, local stations typically resort to nation packages to fill airtime by the b or c blocks. In my market's Sinclair, like these stations in the report, I have seen national packages appear as early the middle of A block. And the reports are usually never from the Affiliated Network mostly from sinclair. The nationalization of local news is another issue. As a viewer I don't want to see the same stories rehashed that I can already get from Network or cable.
  8. Fair points. All in all a job should have no say on when and where you seek employment after you leave said job.
  9. — Except small to mid-market stations do little by way of training employees anymore. In my old mid-market newsroom, there was no formal training for reporters, just learning as you go along. There was no hair, makeup, work phones, or any perks attached for reporters. So their argument that investment in employees justifies post-employment non-compete clauses or contract breach fees is null and void. And so what if they did invest in employees? Why do employers feel the need to exercise control over what someone does when they leave your company? Fear of losing viewers? As Katie Couric leaving Today for the CBS Evening News displayed, talent switching channels doesn't mean the viewers will leave in droves as the CBS EN remained #3 and Today remained #1 in their respective slots. Nonetheless, I doubt audiences will abandon a station because a reporter (a more interchangeable face than an anchor) has switched channels. If it's fear of spreading company intellectual property — cameramen and digital writers who weren't under contract were privy to just as much information as reporters and producers who were contracted. So that policy of subjecting one to contract not the other was inconsistent to me.
  10. The contracts should be shorter. Being locked into a $16 to $20 an hour job for 2 to 3 years is insane. Call me an extremist but contracts should be abolished for all low wage employees making perhaps less than $100K/yr. What the news industry seems to not care about is that their toxic work environments, unrealistic timing expectations, the expansion of the MMJ role and low salaries have all contributed to mass turnovers and low recruitment. Many of these conditions were in place before the digital age so we cannot blame loss of viewing habits for the current generation's disillusionment with the profession. This is the "I quit" generation. Millennials and Gen Z are not as loyal to their jobs and not willing to tolerate crap from their bosses so they will walk away faster than previous generations.
  11. Stepping outside the specific issue--- working for free is a common expectation in newsrooms. News directors fully expect their reporters to come in with pre-vetted developed enterprised pitches EVERY DAY even though they may not have time on the back end of their shift to do so. How can this be accomplished? I worked in a newsroom where the news director basically told reporters "I'm not asking you to work for free, but it does help to be following the news , browsing for stories, and making calls on your off time." Those things may help but when we speak about work-life balance I don't think that's really what you want to be doing after an 8 to 10 hour work day.
  12. From my experience, news directors in mid sized markets are now hiring people who just graduated or are about to graduate from college. I'm not against that as no one wants to start in market 177. The problem is many colleges ONLY teach written journalism (print/online article writing) and theory of journalism (bias, philosophy etc). Broadcast skills like teleprompter reading, video editing, conducting interviews, mastering extemporaneous speech during live shots, mmj cameras and meeting tight deadlines are learned on the job in sink or swim environments.
  13. Just discovered this WTVT open from the 90s and it was excellent. 90s saxophone, lo e that marimba like instrument, and love the way the set lights up when the announcer Charlie Van Dyke says "Tonight" https://youtu.be/E995_PjHbUM?si=nMkHN7WKJG44jobq
  14. KXAS (not surprisingly for an NBC o&o) is the best looking station in the market.
  15. Wow! The previous graphics looked like ones from a fictional news report on a TV drama.
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