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  1. I’ll throw out WRC in Washington.
  2. I worked in Radio/TV Engineering back in college (30+ years ago), and suspect that WMAQ broadcasts studio audio over that frequency. It’s probably intended for their helicopter (thus the name “Sky 5”) and isn’t subject to cellular signal issues up in the air (signal strength, tower switching. Etc.). I suspect it’s probably a narrow-band signal that gives the remote end the ability to hear live from the studio - and is probably a simple analog signal, so it shouldn’t have the “lag” you often see from remote shots using cellular service (even if just for the IFB). Jim
  3. 1983 per the copyright… interesting to see Dave Courvosier at 12 - I’m used to seeing him on Vegas… Also, the Food Horizon’s ad (2nd ad in after Roberta droning on about her 3rd mobile home from Farrell’s) music sounds like something a smaller market station might have used for their own local news at the time. J
  4. Especially since the Baltimore stations thoroughly cover this part of Maryland in the local news… Whatever happened to “significantly viewed” status?
  5. I just ran across this (which I wrote 21 years ago...). Good for a quick laugh, if you can catch your breath (and try to say it all in one breath!)... Live, Local and Latebreaking, First on NewsChannel 37 Eyewitness News from the NewsCenter, being clear, accurate and to the point with all the news you need from your hometown newsleader, in touch, in-depth and up to the minute, together we're making a difference on your 24-hour Action NewsSource, covering the (Region/City) where the news comes first on your local News Station with your choice for news and coverage you can count on, your number 1 News Leader with today's news tonight. Now with breaking news, live from the NewsPlex X with News, Y with Weather, and Z on Sports, on FirstNews Non-stop 11 at 11. Happy New Year!
  6. Sorry to revive an older thread, but was going through some old news clips on an old hard drive and ran across WJLA's weather team in 2012 - They had 13 weather people on staff: - Chief Meterologist: Doug Hill - Senior Meteorologist: Bob Ryan - Meteorologists: Adam Caskey, Alex Liggett, Brian van de Graaf, Devon Lucie, Eileen Whelan, Jacqui Jeras, Ryan Miller, Steve Rudin - Forecaster: Dave Zahren - Weathercasters: Chad Merrill, Mike Stinneford IIRC, Devon Lucie was pretty much NewsChannel 8, and I think the 2 weathercasters were tied to WTOP (longtime weather partner), as they didn't list "ABC7" in their titles... Regardless, that's a lot on staff... Jim
  7. Some will be easy to “fix”, I.e., Inergy NBC > Inergy, etc. Others will require a new theme…
  8. Yet we wonder why Gray is moving away from network affiliation identification on their stations....
  9. Or perhaps two versions where Gray has 2 separate stations with separate news departments and identities (e.g,, KÖLN/KGIN and KSNB/KNOP). Just a thought (and apologies if I’ve missed this concept in an earlier post). Jim
  10. I have been off my game visiting Huntsville for work: Missed this one today Missed WAAY’s most recent graphics change (while visiting) Missed WZDX’s TEGNA-fication by a day Missed WHNT’s Nexstar-ization by a week. all of which were without my capture equipment…
  11. Yes, visuals are decent (not a fan of using Trebuchet as a font) , but that opening theme sounds like a train wreck of multiple cuts… Jim
  12. They can, and occasionally do. KGNS in Laredo has brought Signature (one of my favorites) back to the airwaves recently, and others can name additional stations that have. Jim
  13. For pre-season NFL, those are usually Friday/Saturday games in August, and I don’t know about y’all, but can’t recall seeing any gripping network programming on a Friday night in August… […and I look at the Washington Commanders who have had their preseason matches on WRC in the past (I didn’t pay attention this year), so there’s at least one network which does it on O&O stations…] J
  14. They could call it “Space City Home Sports Entertainment” and resurrect the legacy HSE brand…
  15. I’m liking their implementation - mostly due to not using the extra bold fonts everywhere. (Though a little mixed case text wouldn’t be too bad). My biggest complaint on the font is that the M looks out of place, as the inside doesn’t appear to even go halfway down the letter… Jim
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