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  1. It should also be pointed out that Hearst is a private company, so if it was a waste of money, we'll never know or need to care and obviously the Watermans wanted a steward, not a repeat of Jim Rogers's wishes being completely disregarded by his family for some quick Sinclair cash. I tend to put Hearst in a completely different container than most of the public broadcast groups simply because they do quality things that would be shot down by shareholders and seem to still think of the public as their actual customers as far as television and print, along with online.
  2. Remember just six years ago after closing on Media General, he killed Hollywood Today Live, not because of its terrible and anemic ratings, but only because of its Hollywood and Highland rent cost and talent. But NewsNation is fine because it uses existing video from affiliates, existing sets and infrastructure at PIX Plaza and the WGN bunker, and depends on talent that costs a third of the major network news divisions. There are no designs on it topping FNC, nor most of its stations; if they lead, that's sadly just a bonus, and outside a few stations were local management are ensconced and still fighting, it's about getting all the RTC possible, not pulling a WCIA and pissing off their COLs by criticizing local municipalities, and just getting by with finances to the point staff doesn't start circulating union voting petitions. The only visionary thing Perry has at this point is skating by on a 2003 business model in 2024 somehow. And lord, I've been taking a bunch of studio pictures to upload to Wikipedia; the most depressing and poorly-maintained facilities I've seen are universally Nexstar studios. Outside Gray's WGGB with a slightly faded front sign that I can't knock because it'll be changed and the actual building is fine, along with WFSB (their lighted '3' needs a refacing), the disappointment of seeing how much maintenance has been deferred outside the WWLP and WJET/WFXP studios was saddening on my last trip. I couldn't even watch WFXP in Erie because Mission is STILL in a fight with DirecTV involving RTC a year and a half later; at this point when do you just give the hell up on Mission and DT2 those affiliations a la Sinclair, because you're just pointlessly pissing off willing viewers over petty matters.
  3. If they wouldn't have bought LIN with Frankly I'm sure we'd be still seeing their 2000s web design in 2024, no doubt (the two-hour newscast delay certainly shows that). Most of their 'new sets' are repainted hand-me-downs, Newsnation seems to be frozen into a 2007 understanding of cable news and their personalities, and The CW today is programming-wise the second coming of PAX TV with a few sports packages which were Speed Channel, Fox Sports Net and Golf Channel filler in the 2000s. I still remember arguing with a creative last summer about how All American was only renewed by Nexstar for tokenism reasons (she was convinced they were all in and had no idea what Perry had done in the past) and now that prophecy is coming true with even The WB/CW's longest-tenured actor Jared Padelecki about to lose a job for the first time since Dean was written out of Gilmore Girls in 2005...he got an entire two month break before Supernatural. It's sad when the most consistent thing on their schedule now is the 3-hour Hearst rent-a-block on Saturday mornings, and I'm damned sure they'll eventually offload that and tell their affiliates 'we're done, you're on your own'.
  4. If they have to CW+ cable-only those markets it'll be devastating, and you know cable/streaming companies would want a big cut to take a market-only channel like that in 2024.
  5. Just noting something that sticks out like a sore thumb as WJZY does carry most of the Fox First Run schedule besides this show. I understand exactly why they wouldn't carry it, but that it's unusual for Fox to crawl back to their old affiliate to carry something.
  6. The Deadline story, and bait for the Speculatron because it also involves a syndication deal to carry it with WCCB, not WJZY.
  7. If you look at the schedule though, which has been wrong as of late; currently they seem to be carrying older Sony Black sitcoms and random infomercials on the ex-BNC cable feed, and the stream has a random Serena Williams documentary. Something is going on when you get three different programs on three different ways to watch the same network.
  8. I swear it was a miracle sent from God that Sinclair was pretty much required to build-out a new studio for WVTV/WCGV after their 2010 flood; I really do think they were trying to stay in the old studios and cheap out before it became clear it was not going to work. And I do remember by the time KSMO was sold it was pretty much running on fumes and its WB affiliation was the only thing keeping it from dying completely.
  9. Kim Godwin is out as ABC News head.
  10. You would have thought they would've wound it down like Legacy did when Gray was able to end the charade with them and after the Tegcoxpollo deal died, but I guess someone needs to keep WLNE off life support until Sinclair finagles the ABC affiliation onto a WJAR sub; might as well be them. And they've had more deals die than actually go through. And again, Chicago has another pointless sports channel move like when Fox wound down FSN Chicago, and with no full guarantee of carriage like NBCSN offered via Comcast, two teams in terminal struggle with an owner headed the same way, and the Sox threatening to move down 65 to Music City (just don't talk to me about the actual team). It's no wonder Chicago remains a strong sports radio town with all these changes.
  11. That's where those pointless world feed highlight shows go to die, nobody would agree to that. Best place would be USA NBC-wise.
  12. I think it's more likely they have one of the GMA guys just do more of those than anything so they get more out in the field more. By the end the only thing Rob did was pointless live shots in front of the Tappan Zee that Ginger or any ABC news staffer in the New York metro could've easily done, and just shows that at that point it was just a countdown to when he was going to snap. Like Matt Gutman he's just an ego anchor (️) dragging everyone else down and being known more as an HR headache than a reliable worker. I just can't see Sam willing to take on a higher workload when he's approaching his golden years. I haven't been following GMA3 as much as I did in the past but probably for the best; she was likely exhausted from last year's drama and the GMA3 health segments had been becoming fewer and fewer on their show (or getting into the paid placement territory that she knows are no-gos).
  13. "Live at Lunch" sounds so vague title-wise it feels like they start the newscast whenever they finish off their chips and Snickers, rather than noon, and knowing how busy lunch places are you'd expect it to be 12:43pm.
  14. The primetime staff probably makes more than the actual channel grifting off Nexstar's national ambitions. They had that Beavis and Butthead skit on SNL and when they highlighted it on air it was pointless because NN is so undefinable and nobody outside PIX Plaza actually remembers it was supposed to be spoofing NN. But as for WGN, I hope creative just refuses outright to make the entire logo pumpkin orange.
  15. NBC usually does a great job with transitions (outside Al Michaels, but that's more him than him), and like NBC basically grabbing the entire ABC MNF crew when they got the Sunday night package, I would expect them to just grab most of the Turner personnel and mix with their own. And though I love Mike Breen (and it depends if they switch it to a Super Bowl-like rotation), to finally give Kevin Harlan a Finals call would be amazing alone.
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