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  1. I think KFSN's recent update is nice... WLS isn't too bad either... KABC and WLS debuted fairly close to each other in Fall 2015...
  2. My cousin was given an opportunity to be a MMJ for WWMT but he knew better than to go to a Sinclair station. He had 4 different Sinclair stations reach out to him. He ended up at a Hearst station and he is loving every moment of it. Very sad that he could have worked near his hometown and family, but politics and greed kept him from it.
  3. I mean it's not bad... just a shame that it doesn't have any real uniqueness/nod to Colorado.... Wonder if any other stations will follow suit
  4. WOOD-TV Community Relations and former anchor Casey Jones is leaving to become president and CEO of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. His last day is June 17.
  5. WBGH got the same treatment, but has the Fox O&O 5
  6. Nexstar's WIVT has gotten a whole new revamp of graphics, logo, music, and VO: Graphics: KOIN Logo: Mix of WKRN and Fox O&O numerals Music: Inergy VO: Tammy Lattin
  7. I was watching WLKY while typing that
  8. Didn't realize she was pregnant!
  9. Not bad, but you can hardly see the yellow elements... Does indeed reflect of WABC a little too much...
  10. I'm disappointed with WVUE... This would've been a great opportunity to implement the Saints colors...
  11. I don't care for it.. KPNX is kind of a bad example.. They've been known to go "offroad" with the packages....
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