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  1. The WABC theme is still powerful and catchy... the bumper theme is still pretty good. The oy thing I'd want to see replace it it the return of Cool Hand Luke....the orchestral bumper theme for that was the best.
  2. Not sure. If they're salaried probably not. There is no traveling involved as CBS 2 and CBS News are in the same building.
  3. A lot of criticism about Nexstar stems from their treatment of employees. Do you have any issues with Nexstar's newscast quality? I definitely like the production value of tegnestations but a lot of them seem to suffer from the CBS O&O syndrome: generic-ness
  4. I agree. This package was an upgrade for the visually stunted WABC but a downgrade for KABC & KGO that already had solid appearences. I did like that the ABC O&Os despite duplicating ABC 7 Eyewitness News' in multiple cities, let each station still maintain some uniqueness. As someone said, the average viewer doesn't care... but us niche crowd comes here to harpe about these things lol.
  5. All in all If Sports will fill this gap as others say then cutting the third hour is unnecessary. But all three networks should consider this in the future as they continue to struggle to fill programming.
  6. IMO, CBS Local and National don't necessarily need to be under one brand. I get why CBS is doing this because they need something to boost their station's performances. The brand unification would be better if national CBS's product (outside of 60 Mins/Sunday Morning) were stronger. As I've said before, I think the national/local synergy is hurting CBS O&Os as it further rips them of local flavor. In contrast, Fox O&Os are especially adept taking the adding local spice to the corperate station blueprint. That being said I do love seeing the national talent anchoring the local newscasts.
  7. If he's solid in his position as lead co-anchor at their flagship station, I would assume they don't want to mess with his role. And Maurice hosted again tonight!
  8. What is the issue? So no one can comment on a thread that hasn't been active in a while? And I think my comment fits because many people in this thread have discussed the hesitancy to break up the Dick Wolf blocks as an obstacle to slashing 10pm. I'm just mentioning that they have. So I see no issue with what I've commented.
  9. Well one of the solid Dick Wolf blocks has been broken up. Law & Order Organized Crime is moving to Peacock. I'm surprised by this because the strength of this block came from having Stabler and Benson on back to back shows. Admittedly I find myself having to rewatch during streaming because if you miss details during an episode you might end up lost. To your point yes, it would probably work work better as 10-episode show focused on one crime ring for the entire season rather than moving on to a new crime ring after 2 to 3 episodes. Interesting thought on sports.
  10. Hopefully the don't move Chicago PD. The Chicago and Law & Order blocks are one of the few reasons left to watch live prime time drama.
  11. Don't know where else to put this but surprisingly NBC is breaking up the 3-hour Law and Order Thursday block to put Organized Crime on soely Peacock. According to execs it does well on streaming. https://collider.com/law-and-order-organized-crime-peacock-explained/ The strength of this block was having Stabler and Benson together on back to back shows. SB: *The Dick Wolf blocks were thought to be so solid that when we discussed wether NBC would cut the third hour of prime time, many said they wouldn't do it just because of the Chicago/L&O lineups. I too though those blocks would say in place for a while.
  12. I thought Sunday Morning was going to address why they've been on green screen long term. Jane just said they're on green screen for today's "By Design" episode so they can change between backgrounds done by a featured design firm. SB: Sunday Morning uploads stories to their YouTube 5 to 10 minutes after they've aired. This really gives people no incentive to watch the show live on TV. SNL is the same way.
  13. Not to mention Maurice DuBois Hosting CBS Evening News.
  14. Good to see Maurice hosting tonight!
  15. Yes! I didn't realize how many countries he had an entertainment segment in.
  16. Sibila Vargas has reappeared in NYC and on NBC ---on Law & Order SVU
  17. Going back to the conversation of WABC being flashy and the editorial tone of it's writing---in the documentary there was a writer who did WABC on the weekdays and ABC national on the weekends. For a story on a Vietnam war attack he wrote "death and destruction rained from the sky". That writer's superiors asked "couldn't you just say they droped bombs in an areal attack?!" to which the writer remarked "we already said that yesterday" and "that's how we do it on eyewitness news". An analyst in the docuntary even explicity stated that WABC's version of Eyewitness News mirrored the NY Post, something theorized by many in this chat. I bring these clips up again---you could really see WABC'S flare for flashy and dramatic language in reports like John Gotti's conviction or John Johnson's report on New York City's crumbling infrastructure in the 1970s. Johnson's report at (9:47)
  18. What makes Sam's passing all the more unbelievable is its absolute randomness. This was someone on our screens everyday, still very much relevant, had no visible signs of illness, and he wasn't that old. RIP to Sam.
  19. Wow Market 2 to Market 134 that's a massive drop. I suppose his firing from KTLA was that messy that other stations in the area didn't want to touch him. Sam Rubin's passing is just random, shocking and sad. Simply put he was one of the main faces of the station and he'll truly be missed.
  20. This is shocking. He's just one of those faces that you're just used to so the fact that he's gone now just feels wrong. RIP
  21. Whoops for Bill Ritter. Someone in the comments said he's working for KendrickThe audible "oh my God" in the background. RPReplay_Final1715344511.mov
  22. we've come to a point where Scripps isn't much better.
  23. Love that crescent moon design! The intro looks better than the main today show's.
  24. I don't really see gender as a factor in this. If anyone is pushing for Sam's return, I would attribute that to his popularity, not because a "need" for a male meteorologist. Yes! Very pointless lives!
  25. Yikes! Blatant speculation ahead...Does this leave room for Sam Champion do national weather content (not the weekends Since Sam apparently works 4 days a week).
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