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  1. Sinclair deserves the criticism they get. It's not just MSNBC.
  2. Not all unfortunately. Some, due to legacy and competition, are highly rated. Yet they still have to follow the mandate including yesterday's spin of the very criticized WSJ article. It is read verbatim. Too many in those markets don't realize the snide comments during news reports, must run stories like this are system wise because they don't get out of their markets. Sinclair explains why FCC is concerned with joint agreements as well as not increasing the cap. Too many DMAs have a lack of diverse ownership.
  3. NBC has done this for many years. Al Roker, Chuck Scarborough, Jim Hartz, Janice Huff, Matt Lauer, and others have appeared on the network while also working at WNBC. They all have contracts and I'm sure there are clauses that cover use by the network and any additional renumeration that is provided. This isn't a new thing, just CBS/CBS2 hasn't been as active with it.
  4. New York DMA represents 6.3% of TV homes. WPIX is on VHF so no UHF discount applies. That is a lot of stations to get to that number. Is Nexstar/Sook willing to give up so many stations needed to stay under the cap if he did buy WPIX outright? How does his vision of owning all CW affiliates play in this scenario? I would also think other top 20 stations would not be considered for divestment.
  5. Clearly selling stations is not what Perry Sook wanted. He wanted it all, utilizing the sidecar companies to skirt FCC rules. WPIX is in DMA 1, so it would be a major sell off of small market stations or several larger markets to stay under the cap. That is probably a hard pill to swallow, especially if his vision is to own most CW stations.
  6. Not sure why this continues to be a discussion. NBC Universal killed the idea a while ago. If one of the full networks decides to do this (I would bet on ABC first as a cost cutting move). then it is worth the discussion. Sorry. And why so much about Kansas City? It's all speculative.
  7. No offense, but looks like WABC. I personally liked the previous package colors making the station more unique.
  8. Sony and Apollo have indicated that they plan to only keep Paramount Studios and sell off CBS (including CBS News & owned stations), Paramount + and cable stations. That avoids any Cox conflicts. Shari Redstone has said she was against selling to break the company up but the cash may be too good an offer to turn down.
  9. Exactly. I doubt Sinclair will sell whichever stations they divest one by one to multiple owners. The level of regulatory filings and lawyers fees would be significant - especially for an on the cheap broadcaster whose sports subsidiary is bleeding cash. It will be as one group, probably effected as a spinoff or similar tactic to a private equity firm (most current broadcasters would either be over the limit or can't afford the price). As to which stations, we should probably hold back speculation because the truth is every single person on this forum that has a Sinclair station in their market or one they watch often, would want that station sold. At some point, Sinclair may provide clarity on the criteria for disposal (there were a few hints in the report - like stand alone stations where there is no duopoly or nearby Sinclair station - islands in Sinclair's footprint) but until then, it is all speculative.
  10. He can only buy WPIX if he sells a boatload of stations. He is not willing to do that. Time for him to end the Mission charade and walk away.
  11. Other stations including News12NJ reported this last Friday.
  12. Here is an interesting hypothetical (or it may not be in reality) in light of the FCC ruling on WPIX. One of their news vans struck a pedestrian adult and child this morning in NJ. Luckily both were not severely injured. If the victims decide to file a lawsuit, who would they sue? Nexstar or Mission (or both?). If Mission said not us, that could reinforce the FCC ruling. An interesting situation since this is not a duopoly with a Nexstar station in the market.
  13. Aww, poor Nexstar... They got caught circumventing ownership caps. With no other Nexstar station in the market, a bridge too far. https://www.nexttv.com/news/nexstar-urges-fcc-to-reverse-ruling-ordering-sale-of-wpix
  14. I saw earlier where Nexstar is now spinning it that they took the affiliation away from Scripps and moving it to Nexstar stations. Only problem is that is in only possible in a few of the impacted markets.
  15. Interesting. Optimum has it as WMBC TV has evidently decided to drop whatever they had and is carrying it. But, the Merit webpage gives the wrong channel number. Not a positive sign.
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