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  1. According to Variety, Trollb├Ąck+Company is behind ABC's new look: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/abc-new-logo-2021-1235059302/
  2. Brazil's Record TV, just one year after they last renovated their news set, they decided to tear it down, remove the working newsroom, since it was pretty empty during primetime and build an entirely new set for their flagship newscast, Jornal da Record, which launched last night, with the addition of four short bulletins throughout the day, called Jornal da Record 24 Horas. Here's how the flagship 9:30pm BRT newscast looks like: The first-ever Jornal da Record 24 Horas bulletin (0:30am BRT edition - JR 24H also has bulletins at 11:40am, 4:45pm and 5:45pm): And how JR used to look like: And the close from the temporary green-screen set, last Friday:
  3. here's the opening sequence to a regular Five News bulletin (the 7pm edition was cancelled some time ago): and the opening to Five News when Natasha Kaplinsky took over, before Five adopted its current logo:
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