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  1. [That all said, I hate their crappy hashtags, horrible graphics, incredibly obnoxious in-show spots (the damned news ticker is sponsored and the plug runs during the ticker loop) and the dumb sponsor plug that runs during the close. For a station that takes pride in its classic theme music, one would think they wouldn't do anything that would stomp all over it. Also if the station generates so much revenue to sustain itself why do they feel the need to litter their newscasts with sponsorship plugs?]


    WOW! You struck a nerve so I had to respond! I was just thinking the other day how "over it" I am with the self-promotion of the ABC prime-time block during the 5p news on Channel 6! So much so, that I tweeted Rick, Sharrie (subbing that night for Monica) & 6abc that "self-promotion of ABC programming doesn't belong in my action newscast!" Rick actually responded--thanking me for "my valuable opinion" (yeah, right). Sharrie responded "guess we have to pay the bills, LOL"! Of course, no response from 6abc.

    My point of tweeting was in hopes they get enough complaints to reconsider...to STOP! I feel strongly that promoting network prime-time doesn't belong in a newscast complete with a 30 second video clip of the show. Ugh! It gives me reason to turn the channel.

    Who knows if it will stop or if they really even care what the viewer thinks. I say that because I found them to be smug dealing with them during my Metro Traffic producing days. The ole attitude "we've been #1 so long around here that we know it all and no one's opinion really matters!" But I agree, their graphics suck and the sponsor run at the end of the newscast is annoying...

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  2. I thought the new promo was pretty sharp! I saw some postings about it on Twitter. The first question that came to my mind was how they had the room to fit the chopper...the StormForce SUV and large NBC10. I tweeted Vince Latanzio asking where it was shot and turns out it was done at Sun City Studios in Aston Delaware county.

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