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  1. Not a good move from a fan prospective. The MLB does better than Bally's when it comes to producing the broadcasts, but their pay to watch structure has been a pain for DBacks and Padres fans. Rockies fans will experience the same thing. It's just as bad as Bally Sports. But with Baseball, TV deals have to become more expensive so teams can build up a higher player salary. The Dodgers are able to build a super team because of their TV deal with Spectrum. The MLB at some point needs to enforce a salary cap if they don't want to lose fans. That way, teams can cut an easier deal with local TV stations so games will be a more available to watch on TV. And it will be more competitive across the league so teams like the Dodgers don't reach the World Series every year.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, broadcastfan9751 said:


    Despite introducing new graphics for Big Ten Basketball, they're still using the old style graphics for A-10 Basketball on USA.



    That's odd. I just watched NBC broadcast the All-American Bowl which used the new College Football/Basketball graphics so that look is definitely not tied to the Big Ten or Notre Dame exclusively. Makes no sense why they would do this with the Atlantic 10. Basically shows that NBC Sports views that conference as lower production value. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, racefan_09 said:

    Not sure if i love it yet



    Not a big fan of the look. So many things to touch but I'll keep it short. I like the fact they are trying to go for a clean futuristic feel but it's just executed horribly. If you're going to a super wide scorebug, at least find a way to put the school logos in with all that space. Another annoying thing is the network logo placement, I don't get why networks like NBC do this but you shouldn't have your TV logo in the scorebug and as a screenbug in the top right corner. Makes it look repetitive and a mess. Just make up your mind and keep it in one area in order to keep it simple and effective. The last thing is the font, not sure why they made the clock use a skinny font and the period and shot clock bolded. Makes it very hard to see for viewers. Overall, they definitely have some work to do but at least they are finally going their own creative direction. I'm glad to see that the ESPN graphics was just a temporary solution just to get their ACC broadcasts up and running in a short time frame.

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  4. First Rockets telecast on Space City Home Network and they are apparently carrying over the AT&T graphics package with them. Highly doubt this is permanent since the logo doesn't fit the scorebug very well. Maybe they are just buying themselves time until the regular season or at least until next baseball season. 



  5. 1 hour ago, T.L. Hughes said:

    I dunno, it would have been feasible to delay CW programming until late evening, once game-delayed editions of KASW and KWBA’s prime time newscasts concluded.


    By not putting the games on KASW and KWBA, Scripps put the Coyotes at somewhat of a coverage disadvantage in comparison to the Suns and Mercury, given that KTVK (which is/will be carrying most of their games) has distribution on satellite, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream, while KNXV and KGUN’s DT2 subchannels (due to them being Antenna TV and Laff affiliates, respectively) as well as KUPX and KSTU-DT2 in Salt Lake City (both of which will be alternating carriage of Coyotes telecasts there, and the latter lacking satellite and vMVPD coverage for the same reason as KNXV and KGUN subs) have no pay TV distribution beyond cable in their respective markets. Between this issue and the Coyotes planning to launch their own streaming service for the games, some ‘Yotes fans (read: those that subscribe to satellite or DirecTV Stream) have good reason now to cord-cut. (Cable subs in those areas just have to switch to a different channel.)


    Although I saw the writing on the wall for Bally Sports Arizona when the Diamondbacks, Suns and Mercury all ditched, it’s interesting they didn’t choose to carry on with the Coyotes, other than for financial reasons. It wouldn’t have been the only Bally Sports network to center around just one team, given that former owner News Corp/Fox built four of the RSNs around just the Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder (only the San Diego service has lost the rights to their sole team thus far), while compensating for the lack of other team rights by carrying games from the sister RSNs they spun off from. (The New Orleans and Oklahoma feeds were both spun from Fox Sports/Bally Sports Southwest when the Thunder and Pelicans began play as NBA expansion teams, while the Kansas City and San Diego feeds were spun from from Fox Sports/Bally Sports Midwest and Fox Sports/Bally Sports West when the Royals shut down their broadcast/cable syndication service and the Padres cut ties with Cox’s 4SD local access channel, respectively.)

    Bally Sports is a sinking ship at the moment. The Coyotes are just the first of many NHL Bally affiliates starting to leave. The network made the games impossible to watch. Very few TV providers to get it from and a streaming service that is too expensive and not worth the price given the technical quality and network IP the brand had to offer to the average fan. Not only that but with the Suns going to a OTA station like KTVK, if fans had to choose between two teams playing at the same time, you better believe they'll go for the one that's free to watch in the area. Although this station is a subchannel, it has the capability to reach a bigger audience than Bally's because of how easy it is to access.

  6. 6 hours ago, Spring Rubber said:

    Thinking back over the past ~15 years, I don't think NESN has ever had good graphics. Their current score bug looks like it was made in 5 mins, and their lower thirds feel like a knockoff of the 2017-2020 Fox Sports package.

    Actually, this look from 2015 was pretty good. Had a lot more team colors and logos added to it. They should've kept this style and modify it but instead, they dumbed it down way too much. 20231004_010148.thumb.jpg.70302cf4089659cc982861c3a3abdafa.jpg


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  7. 3 hours ago, Viper550 said:

    In a move surprising absolutely no one, SportsNet Pittsburgh has been downgraded to the NESN graphics. Seeing that tiny thing without "BOS" somewhere is a little surreal, but when you have 80% of the package done already because the Bruins have the same colors...



    Not a shock. Like I said with the ACC deal on The CW, there was no time to put together a new package. Once they announced that NESN would take over their operations, it was pretty obvious their look was going to be like this. AT&T SportsNet literally pulled the rip cord on them so they had to act fast if they wanted to keep the network on the air. Maybe they'll change their look next season. NESN definitely needs an upgrade anyway. Their look is way too boring. Either way tho, I can definitely see NESN and SportsNet Pittsburgh using the same package no matter what going forward.

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  8. Really liking the new graphics and scorebug for Monday Night Football on ESPN. Not only did they go back to the neon feel, but it's much more improved and cleaned up. And on top of that, they removed the yellow venom which is a step up. Not surprised tho that they kept the same bottom bar layout taking up the whole screen. Given that they will broadcast Super Bowl LXI in 2027 and since they have a common pattern of changing up their look every 4 years, it wouldn't surprise me if they wait until that Super Bowl to make any dramatic changes to the scorebug as well as their entire graphics look.


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  9. First tease for CBS's upcoming broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII seen in the NFL Copyright id before the start of every game this past Sunday. Not sure why it took me so long to notice this, but this is the first Super Bowl network logo to have CBS Sports in it. Not just the original CBS logo. Probably to imply their game will have two feeds with Nickelodeon doing a separate broadcast.


    Obviously no hints they will debut a new graphics package yet since this graphic is the same exact template they used for Super Bowl LV. I would think they will rebrand since their scorebug is aged out the most compared to all the other NFL broadcasters.



    Capture 2.PNG


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  10. 7 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    Bally, being a competing sports network was able to port their graphics package to Raycom to produce the ACC games they did in the past.


    As for the CW?  Seems like Nexstar didn't want to pay the extra $50 to come up with another graphics package.



    It's no secret Nexstar is likely running tight budget with The CW since they are trying to make the network profitable again. So it makes sense they wouldn't want to go over budget just to create a full graphics package for their College Football telecasts in a month and a half. They'll eventually do their own graphics package when they get to year 2 of the ACC telecasts. They just need more time to create a full graphics package. You can't rush perfection, unless you're willing to pay a lot for it.

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  11. I don't think so. They used the Bally graphics when this package aired on Bally Sports last season. Plus, they are using their own full screen graphics and their own theme music. My guess is, given they announced this deal Mid-July, they probably didn't have enough time to put together a full graphics package since they only had a month and a half to make it happen. Using the ESPN inserts is probably just temporary for this year or maybe just a few months. Curious to see how this will work for ACC Basketball since ESPN have a different graphics look for College Hoops. I wonder if they will do the same thing there.



  12. Saw this promo by ESPN advertising their Week 1 Monday Night Football game. Looks like they will debut a new updated logo for MNF this year. This obviously means they will have a new graphics package this year right? Curious to see what they will do. Wouldn't be shocked if they did a remastered version of the 2006 scorebug. They technically we're the first to do a bottom center scorebug way before it became a on-going trend for other broadcasters in 2020.



  13. Sneak peek at the studio setup location outside. Sounds like they are only doing two studio setups for game day coverage instead of three. This set looks like a downgrade compared to when they broadcasted Super Bowl LIV in 2020. Looks smaller than what they did before. At least the backdrop will look awesome for the camera shots.



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  14. Not a shock, FOX Sports is still using their recent football graphics package as part of their Super Bowl week coverage. Looks like they are going to wait til game day to do a full reveal. They did this the last time they broadcasted the Super Bowl in 2020. NBC and CBS have also done the same thing in the past two years prior when it comes to waiting til game day to launch their new graphics.



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  15. 1 hour ago, Manny NYC said:

    This is totally incorrect. The College Football graphics changed with the NFL in 2020.


    The insert graphics changed yes, but not the full screen graphics. These are the graphics I'm talking about. This design was introduced in 2017, they slightly changed it in 2020 only to adapt to the new insert graphics that debuted at Super Bowl LIV. But nothing major changed.



    Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 10.55.39 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 10.55.24 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 10.54.57 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 10.54.31 AM.png

  16. 19 minutes ago, 24994J said:

    I'd be surprised if they debuted anything more than some refreshed elements like this. I'll bet the scoreboard, lower thirds, and most standard insert graphics remain the same.

    Yeh, the current graphics package has aged pretty well. I wouldn't mind if they just go with a refreshed look. Similar to what CBS did for Super Bowl LIII. However, here is a few reasons why I think they they would do a full rebrand... or at least a big noticeable refresh.


    1. Their graphics font ties into the old Thursday Night Football logo. Now that FOX no longer has TNF, I would think they would want to launch a new brand identity away from their old primetime package. 


    2. Their College Football broadcasts this past season still used the same graphic package for the 6th straight season. This is probably because they are waiting to do a full rebrand for all their football broadcasts with Super Bowl LVII as the launching point. 


    3. If you pay attention to other FOX Sports broadcasts, you can see their lower thirds are starting to go full screen again instead of floating. The NFL broadcasts are the only graphics left that still use floating lower thirds. It's possible they are just keeping that same look for the NFL and waiting to make that big change when they broadcast the Super Bowl. As you can see here...






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  17. Yesterday with FOX's broadcast of the NFC Championship, they showed a new matchup graphic at the start of their broadcast. The rest of the broadcast pretty much used the same graphics package they have been using since 2020. Is this possibly a teaser to a new graphics package debuting at Super Bowl LVII? This new matchup design looks a little out of brand to their current package. The logos are very shiny and if you look closely, there is diagonal lines showing in the background of the team logos. Normally, I wouldn't think this would be a teaser. But after looking back at their past opening matchup graphics, they look completely different. So this definitely confirms the graphic used here is brand new.





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  18. Amazon has announced their first Thursday Night Football telecast will be a Week 2 matchup between the Chargers and Chiefs. Sounds like there will be no preseason broadcast this year but things could change.



  19. Looks like Bally's has plans to introduce exclusive graphics for each sport once the new NBA and NHL seasons start in October. Makes sense since they launched with only a month left in the current Basketball/Hockey season. Seems a lot better if they do a full rollout at the beginning the season. Baseball will probably get the same treatment next Summer as well.



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  20. 4 hours ago, ScottJ said:

    Because Bally wants its brand to be the center of attention. It doesn't want to be overshadowed by the team. This is what happens when a company sells the naming rights to the network.

    Yeh I think the idea behind this is to mainly get viewers to notice the Bally Sports name. It's a brand new sports media brand entirely so it's important to get it out there as best as possible in it's first few months on the air. I think there are plans to eventually go back to different graphic packages for each sport at some point down the line. They also put these graphics together within months which is not easy to pull off. Most networks take years to do graphics like this. I think once they have more time, they will introduce more new graphics exclusive for each sport.

  21. YES Network who is now affiliated with Bally Sports debuted this new ticker today. YES Network has still used the same ticker as FOX Sports with a different font until now. Could this be the official new ticker for the Bally RSNs?

    Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 2.45.28 PM.png

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