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  1. It still feels surreal that Sam Rubin has passed away.  As a viewer of the "KTLA Morning News" since the 1990s, he was always one of the main reasons that I watched that newscast.  I will continue to watch, but it won't feel quite the same anymore.

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  2. Given that TNT's parent company WarnerMedia also operates NBA TV, I wonder if there is a scenario that "Inside the NBA" can somehow continue on that network.  Over the years, NBA TV's studio shows have featured Shaq, Kenny "The Jet" Smith, and others, from TNT, after all.  I haven't heard anyone specaulate about that scenerio in the media coverage yet.

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  3. 22 hours ago, Vlad said:

    Maybe they are going to get the ultimate look of the package, KABC has always been pretty top tier with their on-air appearance, I remember when their current graphics rolled out how crisp and wonderful it was at the time and still is pretty good, but it has shown its age at this point so we'll have to see how. But at this point, each station's on-air adoption of this package has been uniquely tailored and looks great so can't go wrong. 

    Yeah.  KABC's current graphics still look great and relatively modern, yet has appeared somewhat outdated in recent years.  Their news set remains my personal favorite among the ABC owned and operated stations, however. 

    If I'm not mistaken, they are under some type of O&O-wide mandate to switch over to the new graphics package within a certain time frame.  But, given that it is such a large undertaking for it all come to fruition, and, as you mentioned, to have that ultimate look, those may all very well be playing a role with regard to them taking their time with changing over to the new package right now.

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  4. 18 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

    KABC is the last holdout. They don’t even have the new weather graphics yet.

    On KABC, I have only seen the new graphics on a handful of promos for syndicated programming, which I've seen now for the past few months.  I am surprised that they have not ended up on its newscasts by now, though.

  5. On 3/1/2024 at 10:29 AM, Vlad said:

    I guess based on the PageSix article Muppetman shared, we can get to enjoy the street studio while it lasts, which will be gone by the middle of next year. Per the article, they could probably have studios in the basement of the new complex next year. Hopefully, the NYC subway rumbling underneath them won't be too loud or disruptive to the new WABC studio and broadcast, haha. 😆


    Back on the topic of the graphics now, does anyone have any insight on when KABC and WPVI will adopt the O&O group package? It seems like these are the only O&Os left to shift to the new generalized look. The weather graphics haven't changed yet either for them as of today. 

    I have no first hand insights.  But KABC has traditionally introduced new promos every year for its newscasts  around the date of the Academy Awards, which is always a major day for the station (with many hours of station-produced programming before and after the national ABC broadcast) as Los Angeles is the home base for the Oscars.  So, perhaps, the new O&O graphics will be unveiled on or around March 10th?

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  6. 18 hours ago, brycats said:


    I like her energy and how she's unique imo - it can be a bit too much at some times but I like the energy when she's on the mornings. 

    She does indeed have an awesome, upbeat personality, which is perfect for morning television.

    It would be quite something if Telles and KCAL's Sheba Turk were ever on the same station or shared the same broadcast, as they both have similar high energy levels lol.

  7. 12 hours ago, bogusabc7breakingnews said:

    Is it just me or is Megan Telles annoying af? I don’t know what it is about her, but I either mute the TV or change the channel when she’s on. 

    For me, her raspy voice and overly talkative nature makes for a difficult audience experience, at times.

  8. Pedro mentioned on one his IG Stories the day before that he'd be making a "personal announcement" during the Saturday morning broadcast, and I expected that him leaving KTLA was likely going be the case.  It is admirable that he wants to move back to the East Coast to be closer to his family.  I can't imagine anyone within KTLA's current talent who can permanently succeed him, though I can envision Courtney Friel (who already is anchoring the Thursday and Friday 4pm broadcasts) and Megan Telles temporarily filling his position on weekdays and weekends, respectively.

  9. Don't see this instance on local TV stations everyday, which is very rare in Los Angeles, for that matter.  Though, given it was Christmas Day yesterday, it was understandable, for sure.  I came across a weatherperson from KNSD in San Diego filling-in for Belen DeLeon while watching "Today in LA" yesterday.


  10. By and large, it is a nice improvement over the previous news set, which had outdated TV monitors (my 60-inch TV at home looks more modern than the screens from their old set 🤣) in their now defunct Weather Center and the front-facing one on the news desk, as well.

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  11. The majority of "Morning Joe" weekdays on MSNBC deals with news stories that are making headlines within hours of the live broadcast of that program.  By the time of the highlights' weekend program, which I have caught moments of over the past few weeks, it does not feel as timely to me at all.

  12. 8 hours ago, Geoffrey said:


    I was just thinking this weekend about making a post here about this: "Wasn't King Charles supposed to start in the fall? We're running out of time."


    I'm curious if CNN is still behind this show with Licht gone, or if they're just doing the minimum to fulfill contractual obligations. Interesting that it's now at 10pm instead of the original 9pm.

    I was thinking about the status of this program myself over the weekend.  It was always set to premiere this fall, but it did feel as if has been taking longer than usual to debut, however.  My guess is that it any delay may have had something to do at least in part due to the change of CEOs at WarnerMedia.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Nick said:

    One thing that is not on the horizon is any standardization of ABC O&O graphics.


    CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates all have identical design.  (I think local news is the poorer for that, especially CBS's rendering its stations to  the "CBS News (insert market name here) " generic quality.  WABC, KABC, and WLS, to name the three biggest ABC markets, are their own tooling and bear little resemblance to one another in font and design.


    KABC and KGO are mostly similar, except for differences in L3 color and a few other details.

    KABC by the way is working on the same graphics and set that made a debut in October 2015.  That is some kind of record maybe.


    Typically, KABC is a stable station in many ways, that include making only small changes in its on-air presentation over many years.

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  14. 2 hours ago, FiveNews said:

    SIAP....Dani Ruberti joins KCBS/KCAL from Fox13 Utah. I had my TV on KCAL and looked up at the weather. I was shocked to see Dani as I know she was popular in SLC. I was unaware she had SoCal roots. The link below says she will cover WX at 6, 8, 10 and 11. Not sure what happens to Evelyn Taft or if she will go to 4p, 5p and 9pm.


    https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/dani-ruberti-joins-kcbs-kcal-in-los-angeles-as-weather-anchor/251127/#:~:text=Dani Ruberti has joined Los,my heart for journalism started.

    Yeah, Dani Ruberti's first day on air at KCBS/KCAL was last Tuesday.  And, Evelyn Taft now does the weather at 4pm, 5pm and 9pm weekdays indeed. 


    Ruberti joins Darren Haynes (KCBS/KCAL sports anchor) and Chauncy Glover (KCBS/KCAL weeknight co-anchor) as big hires for the duopoly in recent weeks. 


    The duopoly has been more aggressive over the past year or so to strengthen itself in the Los Angeles market.

  15. Has CNN decided to not use Laura Coates as anchor of the 11pm EST hour of "CNN Tonight?"  Just a few months ago, she was named host of the second hour, but I don't see her anchoring in that time slot regularly.

  16. Some screenshots of the new KTLA 4pm weekday newscast that just debuted today.  Much like how the 5pm broadcast used to originate on the side of the studio back on the old set in its first several months, the 4pm show does here in the new studio, as well.





  17. 13 hours ago, FiveNews said:

    FTV reports Kareen Wynter is the new weekend co-anchor with Rick Chambers. Courtney Friel will anchor on Thursday/Friday at 4 and 5pm when Pedro is off as he will be filling in on the weekend morning news until June. Station is still working to finalize weekend morning assignments, but Lauren Lyster is already confirmed as one piece of the weekend morning anchor puzzle. Sounds like someone might be coming in from out of market and they are waiting for their contract to run out....or could be a non-compete situation.

    Indeed, it is plausible that KTLA is temporarily installing Pedro as co-anchor on weekend mornings, who, again, in my opinion, is a better fit than Kolk in that position, until someone permanent that KTLA has likely hired joins the station around June of this year.

  18. 1 hour ago, FiveNews said:

    Congrats to Sam!



    Well-deserved for Sam!


    Directly after the re-airing of her "My Life Story" package on the 5pm broadcast today, it was announced by Sandra Mitchell that Pedro Rivera will be Sam's co-anchor on the upcoming 4pm newscasts.

  19. I am not sure what the ratings have been for "Korano" on KTLA at 4pm weekdays, but I suspect that they are lackluster.  Although it is unoriginal to have yet another hour of a station news broadcast, in an effort to have a stronger lead-in to the station's late afternoon and evening programming, this move to have a 4pm newscast may be related to it in many ways. 

    I guess we may never know, unless station management were to be interviewed though.

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