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Thought I would post this here for anyone who uses it, and this could be a powerful tool for newscast collectors to request content from.


One of the most powerful features of YouTubeTV is their unlimited, cloud based DVR that keeps recordings up to 9 months!  With that being said, on one of my profiles, I set up all 4 of my local stations to record every newscast on every local station it carries.  Since I live in the Mobile/Pensacola market, this is a 9 month rolling archive of virtually every newscast aired since then (with the exception of several months worth of WALA's 9pm news).  Also missing are the newscasts that air on sister stations that YTTV doesn't carry (WFGX, WJTC and WFNA).


And if you want to watch in another market, it's possible if you travel there, either physically or by means of altering your location (but I won't provide those details here).  You're still bound by your home market and in most cases, you won't be able to watch your local recordings when you're away (but sometimes it works)...  You can "move" to a new location, but you can only do it two times in one year, and doing so may invalidate your prior location's recordings (from local stations).


So if you're in need of a newsast from the Mobile/Penscaola market in the past 9 months, send me a private message and I'll see what I can do.  There may be some holes due to YTTV technical issues or pre-emptions on the local end.

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