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TD3...aka Claudette

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As I type, the storm that's barely trying to be Tropical Storm Claudette is working it's way to the Louisiana coast.


Probably the worst so far is some pop-up tornadoes that are coming ashore hitting counties in Mississippi and the Louisiana Parishes.

WLOX has been wall-to-wall for the past hour as some tornadoes have hit Harrison & Hancock Counties.


as for WXXV?  Zip.  Zilch. Nada.  A brief crawl on their program streams.  Not even a cut-in.


Over in New Orleans, all 4 stations have weather warnings up, and every station but WVUE has been up with tornado coverage as one straddled St. Tammany Parish and Hancock County, part of the New Orleans DMA.


I know WXXV is a joke of a station, but this lack of coverage is concerning, especially since they have a fully functioning news department.  I"m sure any other owner but Morris would take this and other severe weather coverage more seriously.

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