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  1. I completely agree. I don't think the "WMTV" brand is strong enough to stand on its own (I'm not even sure that a majority of Madison TV viewers are aware that channel 15 is WMTV, much less call them by that). It's a very different situation than WKOW, for instance, which has used their call letters in their branding for as long as I can remember and has a lot of built-in equity in their local brand. Gray's decision to drop network branding unilaterally, regardless of market conditions, has left me scratching my head. Not to discredit the hard-working staff at WMTV, but I just don't think that their brand can hold its own against NBC in the Madison market.
  2. The WMTV logo got "de-peacocked" and it looks ridiculous. They should just drop that swoosh element if they're not going to fill the space with anything. Better yet, they should reimagine the logo entirely when they get the new graphics package (which will hopefully come sooner, rather than later, because they have the most dated looking package in the Madison market.) Based on a few recent social media posts, they are now branding themselves as "WMTV" and "15 News," instead of "NBC15."
  3. WGBA/WTMJ have renewed their contract with the Green Bay Packers for preseason games, "The Mike McCarthy Show," and other team programming. http://www.nbc26.com/news/nbc26-extends-broadcast-partnership-with-green-bay-packers In addition, they have also secured the rights to air "Packers Family Night," an annual team scrimmage that takes place before preseason starts. "Family Night" previously aired on and was produced by WLUK. It also had aired on WITI in Milwaukee.
  4. Here's some classic video I found from WLUK-TV, Green Bay: Report by Marti Spittell from 1994: Report by Pete Petoniak from 1998:
  5. Nexstar has been doing a pretty good job at that with WFRV aready. I don't have access to ratings data, but I wouldn't be surprised if 26 is beating 5 in the time slots in which they compete head-to-head. I would also expect that Wisconsin Tonight is fairing better than WFRV's 6:30 news rehash of the previous three hours. There's no doubt that WLUK and WBAY have the most polished presentation in the Green Bay market, but WGBA is really putting out a decent product these days.
  6. The Scripps graphics really do seem like a good fit for 'GBA. They posted a clip of their NBC26 Today talent open on their YouTube channel and it looks great: Between the new graphics and the virtual set they got a few months ago, is it safe to say that Scripps wants to make WGBA a real contender in the Green Bay market?
  7. WGBA-TV NBC26: "Leading the Way Promo" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn5qwNgBxWA
  8. WFRV 5 (Green Bay): Mid 1990s promo with former anchor Cindy Hsu,
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