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  1. As other NBC O&O stations are doing, the time and temp have been moved to under the bug.
  2. Katie Corrado posted: "Starting Monday, I’ll be a dedicated NJ reporter for @pix11news." https://www.instagram.com/p/C6Und6dMKbm/
  3. Carolyn Gusoff posted on IG last night that she had robotic open-heart surgery 5 days ago and "I will be back soon to doing what I love.." https://www.instagram.com/p/C6U94oktbI9/
  4. Does anyone know why Telemundo 47 has not moved into the studio? Today it's being used by MSNBC.
  5. This is the 50 Years With WNBC promo. WNBC-DT_20240325_1129.mp4
  6. The overhead camera shot is still used. The other area to the left of the desk is still used for New York Live.
  7. I noticed last week, and today on the morning newscast, they are not using the large video display on the wall to the left of the news desk for the weather reports. They are using the chroma key wall somewhere else instead. They also are not using the smaller video display for traffic reports. This is a still of the area they had been using.
  8. Due to the snow storm, Today In New York started at 4am.
  9. Kaity Tong noted that for now she's anchoring the 10pm weekend newscasts. John Muller will anchor 6pm Sunday.
  10. Kaity Tong posted she'll be back anchoring tonight. https://www.instagram.com/p/C2VMsQXunfW/
  11. Her Twitter bio says "Freelance TV News Reporter CBS New York."
  12. It looks like the new WNJU studio is being using by MSNBC this week.
  13. Adelle posted on IG her second baby is due in June of 2024. https://www.instagram.com/p/C1k_Yi9xydt/
  14. Checking the schedule, https://www.nbc.com/schedule, I noticed there are no live morning newscasts on WNBC Christmas day. The first newscast of the day is News 4 NY at 6. Is this new or a standard thing for them? Checking the schedules for the other stations: WABC is 5-7am. WCBS is 6am. WPIX is 4-8am. WNYW is the regular 4:30-10am.
  15. I think it might be more than holiday fill-ins. On her LinkedIn page it says "Meteorologist/Reporter abc7NY Dec 2023 - Present 1 month." When Dani came on at 7am, she joked that Medgie was a Christmas miracle that would allow her and Jeff to have time off during the holidays. I also noticed Brittany Bell was subbing on GMA this morning.
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