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  1. mre29 is right. One word describes Nexstar’s big three via Tribune...HERITAGE. And I agree w/ TheRolyPoly, said big three (and others?) should keep their non-network brands and not have “CW” or whatever it will become overpower them.
  2. I noticed and like “MSNBC Prime,” the name Drew brought up, for the non-Rachel 9p hours as of this week. And while jrogo’s idea is a bit out there and would be something of an experiment, I am feeling the concept a bit; in that case “MSNBC Prime” can easily stay as an umbrella brand for it should it go ahead. [And yes, Rachel and Ali Velshi should be a big part of that wheel.]
  3. Has anyone seen the new variant on air yet? I saw it in a promo for “Queens,” one of next season’s new series.
  4. In 1986, the peacock logo went from eleven feathers to the current six.
  5. Marvin Scott should anchor again. I can see him doing a midday or weekend morning 'cast on PIX should either come up. One other thing...WELCOME BACK, BRENDA!!!
  6. She did a piece on today's 5p 'cast about a post-Hurricane Irene sting operation against unregistered contractors in NJ.
  7. Serious props, SG, for the WCBS-TV News coverage of the Newark riots...outstanding find.
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