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  1. 20 minutes ago, JosiahCubed said:

    And within the last year and a half or so, KDKA and WPXI stopped using Chopper 2/Chopper 11, which has left Sky 4 from WTAE as Pittsburgh’s only news helicopter.

    WTAE is pretty much the only station putting in any effort. KDKA or “CBS NEWS PITTSBURGH” is coasting on its heritage and the effects of Apollo are evident in the product WPXI is putting out. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Newsjunkie24 said:

    If he's able to and wants to, would it really be a good idea for CBS to bring back Dan maybe for one last election night? It seems that since this was his first appearance since his ouster years ago, it seems like CBS was able to give him a second chance and the controversy is all behind them. He still seems very sharp for 92.

    I always thought Dan would have been a great replacement for Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. 

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  3. In Baltimore (like Pittsburgh) the Hearst station is the only operation with a helicopter. The impact on the Key Bridge coverage is glaring. 

    How long until CBS sees the error of its ways?

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  4. 13 minutes ago, NYNewsCoverage said:

    It's too bad Sue is not there with him to celebrate, but that is the nature of the business. We'll see if Chuck makes the record for 57 years! 

    Also here is a recent interview with Sue from Newsday: https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/sue-simmons-chuck-scarborough-wnbc-ppsgedjt 


    If I remember correctly, Chuck didn’t do much to move the needle at WNBC. It was the addition of Sue and their pairing that made 4 a ratings contender. 

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  5. CBS O&Os that were formerly Group W stations tend to outperform their CBS peers. While WCBS seems to have stabilized over the past few years, WBBM is blown up every few years in favor of the next best thing that will turn things around and in LA they threw in the towel on KCBS in favor of KCAL. 

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  6. Pittsburgh’s WPCW is set to be branded as KDKA+. 


    Seems contradictory to the push to deemphasize legacy brands. With Neeraj Khemlani out the door, does this mean the end of “CBS News+City” branding? 

    How long until Eyewitness News returns to KYW?


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  7. 3 hours ago, Abraham J. Simpson said:

    I guess that was a little surprising, but great to give it its own identity. Wondering if it’s going to be akin to 4 and 5 pm where one is a “third wheel”’who pops in here and there with a story or a genuine three-person anchor setup. And all props to Karen Rogers. All the prep work in the middle of the night, four hours on the morning show, inclusive of the streaming hour, now an added hour daily. 

    Guessing then moon stays as weather-by-committee. Feel like they should give Karen the break on Tuesdays and put Chris on both Tuesday and Wednesday. 

    My guess is it will mostly be a two person broadcast with Nydia continuing on weekends.  

  8. On 1/3/2023 at 9:10 PM, VHSgoodiesWA said:

    Broadcast primetime TV is a mix of stale sitcoms, tons of stale and stupid reality shows, the same washed-out crime dramas (i.e., CBS's THREE FBI: "Insert Here" shows, multiple NCIS shows, multiple CSIs) and the same washed-out medical dramas. Then they jump the shark, add relationships to the shows instead of focusing on the premise of the program. The Good Doctor used to be about an autistic savant doctor. Now, it's about his relationships with women and the relationships between other doctors/nurses at the hospital. Grey's Anatomy - same thing.

    The Goldbergs keeps going even though the 'kids' are now in their early-to-late 20s. I don't know how they do, the show has jumped the shark since the loss of George Segal and Jeff Garlin's departure. Abbott Elementary isn't that bad, on the other hand, and nor is Ghosts on CBS, but sitcoms for the most part have no life to them anymore. And yes, political messaging has destroyed many of these primetime shows. They just can't seem to have an unbiased plot on a drama or sitcom anymore - it has to show activism in some way.


    Game shows - you can't seem to find any contestant on any primetime or daytime show (except maybe Jeopardy!/Wheel) that isn't on five energy drinks' worth of caffeine. The Price is Right is one of the biggest examples, but even the last few primetime shows (The Wheel, Beat Shazam, Press Your Luck) are like this too...


    Late night TV shows have also declined to new lows. Same jokes about former President Trump EVERY NIGHT on every single show. We get it, I can't stand him either, but he's no longer POTUS. Surely is there anything else to make fun about? Segments are mundane and cookie-cutter compared to previous hosts (Leno's Headlines, Craig Ferguson, Geoff and Secretariat, Carnac on Johnny Carson). They have little to no creative value to viewers. I love Bill Maher, but I don't watch any other late night show. That ship sailed when Letterman, Ferguson, and Leno retired.


    Even the soap opera fans are noticing extremely poor writing and the lack of nuance on Y&R, B&B and General Hospital, compared to 20-30 years ago. Days already went to Peacock (to die, probably). It looks as though the rest of the soaps are also on life support.


    Do NOT get me started on cable TV. What was entertaining (Cubs games and Bozo on WGN, great movies and Night Tracks on TBS, Cartoon Express on USA etc.) has become a wasteland of binge-watching repeats, zillions of commercials (of which Limu Emu gets at least 1/3 of the airtime), and reality shows that keep getting worse by the year. TruTV aired 'Jurassic World' last night. The channel for live, rolling court coverage and analysis is now running not just hours of Impractical Jokers, but also MOVIES. What gives! Nickelodeon = zillions of SpongeBob repeats with oodles of commercials. Food Network = tons of food competitions, very few how-to cooking shows. Where art thou, Essence of Emeril, Barefoot Contessa, etc.? TWC spends all night running Highway Through Hell repeats (and all day on weekends) and once in a while, they will shove those away if there's major tornadoes. The ghosts of Dr. John Hope and Dave Schwartz haunt the studios, I bet. What was Chuck Roberts and Gordon Graham on Headline News 24 hours a day has turned into WEST WING repeats. Oh, and a zillion Forensic Files showings. Might as well call it TNT2 at this point. TLC's constant reality garbage, same with Bravo, USA, MTV, Discovery Channel. GSN's constant Harvey Feud repeats, too! Isn't he on a few other cable channels...TVLand maybe?


    Honestly, I'd be fine only getting ESPN, ESPN2, and a few other sports networks a la carte. The rest of cable TV is garbage. Yes, that includes CNN/FOX News/MSNBC. 


    Honestly, I stopped watching TV for the most part after the start of the pandemic. And for the most part, except for some sports, and maybe the local news, I haven't come back. I would rather watch a classic movie or Seinfeld repeat than 95% of what's on TV nowadays.



    Days hasn’t gone to Peacock to die. It’s one of Peacock’s most streamed series if not the most. And the show that replaced  it on NBC is pulling 500,000 less viewers than Days. 

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  9. I don’t know that it’s fair to through WCBS in the same category as KCBS and WBBM. I think they’ve worked hard at recovering from the 1996 massacre and having become a competitor again. 


    The new music may work for some stations, but it’s too light for New York. It’s why WABC has stuck with the 1999 version of the Eyewitness News theme. The version KABC uses is way too light for NYC. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:


    From what I've seen MSNBC panels don't usually have balanced opinions. They typically fill their shows with people along the leftist spectrum as to avoid scream television like CNN. MSNBC hosts usually parrott what they think the electorate thinks.


    The CNN town hall surprised me. As much as I agree with hosting a Republican Townhall for conservative voters to question their candidates, why would you give airtime to someone who you've devoted to taking down? Furthermore if Trump is pedaling conspiracies, why give him the platform to do so? There's a way to operate from the center without looking like your trying hard to appease a particular side.

    Michael Steele, Tim Miller, and Susan DelPircio are a few of the Republican contributors to MSNBC panels. Don’t forget 6 hours of their weekday schedule are lead by Republicans (Joe/4 and Nicolle/2). 

  11. 4 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:

     Vlad seems like a nice guy, good for him. 


    This reminds me of when CTM tried to add a fourth person with Bianna Golodryga. This might work as Vlad would be heavily involved in the program doing features more so than the actual fourth host. It does seem like CBS Mornings/CTM is rather unsettled however.

    Maybe they’re preparing for Gayle’s eventual defection to CNN?

  12. 45 minutes ago, Mrtraveler01 said:


    I dunno. WPVI tried to replace MCTYW with a modernized version of it and we saw how that turned out.


    Both WPVI and WABC are number 1 in their markets respectively. They have less of an incentive to rebrand like the struggling CBS O&Os do.



    Ctfu at the suggestion the station group that is consistently #1 would follow suit of the perennial bottom-dweller. 

    It’d be like Walmart following Kmart’s lead 🤣

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  13. 8 hours ago, Superdude said:

    Looks like WPXI reshuffled things around with jeopardy second run at 1 instead of 3:30 then dish nation instead of 3pm.  NBC News Daily now airs at 3 instead of 1  (where they aired days for many years) leading into the news at 4.

    Looks like 5th hour of Today isn’t pulling the numbers Days did. 

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  14. 33 minutes ago, TSSZNews said:


    Wait until the ABC O&O graphics launch.

    I can’t imagine an ABC O&O rolling out a cluster like this. 

    Imagine if Disney wasn’t forced to divest KCAL when it bought CapCities. Eyewitness News is a recognizable brand. Eyewitness News on ABC7 and Eyewitness News on KCAL9. 

    What CBS is doing now isn’t that different than their attempt with the Newscentral branding. It’s just CBS never sticks with anything. 

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  15. 44 minutes ago, SFTV said:

    That part!


    NBC was ahead of its time look at NBC Bay Area, and NBC Connecticut. They have been doing well without the channel reference.


    Boston and San Diego had a short lived branding until it decided to bring back the channel numbers.

    KNTV never was able to settle on a number (3/11). WVIT is 30. 

    It’s a bit different with KPIX 5.

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  16. I don’t think shuttering the CNN Center in Atlanta helps much with WBD’s mission to change CNN’s perceived liberal bias. 

    I think the better move would be to move dayside operations out of the east and west coast bubbles and back to Atlanta. Leave the evening talk shows in NY and LA, but the rest should return to Atlanta. 

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