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  1. Actually, Sinclair introduced that logo (with the older ABC dot) a couple of years ago. Personally, I'd rather ABC had kept the 'ascender' of the "b." Never liked it when they used it some years ago. Lowering that on the "b" makes it look like a reversed upside down "a" to some extent.
  2. I find this interesting. Here in Western WA KIRO-TV (CBS, owned by the Apollo group which has a somewhat less than pleasing article on Bloomberg right now largely dealing with unrelated concerns) could end up losing a larger monster of an audience in December. They're off dish as it is and have been since that spat began. Now KIRO stands the chance of losing access to xfinity subscribers in December as well. I'm thinking just over half the connected TV homes in the market, and certainly the ones that haven't prepared for the worst by installing (or keeping) an off-air antenna as backup. Also on the watch list around here: Weigel's duopoly of KFFV and KVOS (MeTV, H&I, Movies, Decades, and StartTV for Bellingham). O'course, xfinity losing access to channels owned by their parent comany would not look good at all. It would be awkward, no, deadly for them to ask subscribers to xfinity to switch providers. I just don't see that happening. BUT...this is 2020, and stranger things have been happening of late. Wash your hands, put on the mask when you're away from the house, and pray for some sanity.
  3. Looks like KIRO-TV and the Apollo/COX lot are having fits with dish Network. They're running the dreaded crawl with the usual urge to viewers to call dish and whine (DON'T do that unless you call KIRO and whine at them first). Not a word about installing an off-air antenna. At least the Seahawks game is on another channel and I have backup from the Vancouver B.C. channels for Colbert.
  4. Acually, Sinclair would hold a "quadopoly" in the Seattle market since they also own Univision station KUNS, which is and was part of the KOMO duopoly.
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