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  1. Behind the scenes at CNN as the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up on liftoff 38 years ago: (This was shot by a crew who happened to be making a promo in the newsroom at the time.)
  2. You may have noticed that in the clip above, WGN still used the old NewsNine set, with minor modifications, even though this was already in the Nine O'clock News era. Well, here's a just-uploaded clip of NewsNine from 1979:
  3. By the way, "The Spirit of Arizona" slogan (but not the theme) would reappear on Phoenix's KSAZ in 1994 (In fact, the former KTSP adopted the KSAZ calls to match the slogan):
  4. KNXT, Los Angeles, 1977: KTVU, San Francisco, 1977:
  5. An on-the-road edition of KTVK's Good Morning Arizona from 2008:
  6. WBBM's The Ten O'clock News from 1987:
  7. YouTube user ewjxn has just uploaded some new promos and teases from KTVK's Eyewitness News era:
  8. Some interesting historic footage in this WLS 75th anniversary retrospective from earlier this week:
  9. From Phoenix, a 1989 promo for KTVK's morning news: And a different time code in the same clip takes us to a promo for meteorologist Royal Norman, who is still with the station today, as well as some dramatic helicopter footage of a tornado from a few years earlier:
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