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  1. Mike hasn’t anchored a Friday 11 pm broadcast in weeks, maybe months. Most often it’s been David Novarro anchoring solo; since Sade’s extended absence, sometimes it’s been Sandra anchoring solo Fridays at 11.
  2. A Chuck and Sue reunion conversation is being promoted as part of the half hour 50th Anniversary tribute to Chuck, airing Thursday at 7 pm.
  3. Is Janine Gargiulo any relation to WNBC anchor Michael Gargiulo?
  4. And the holiday edition of musical chairs begins: at 6 tonight, Bill anchored solo, Lee did weather and someone from ESPN did sports remotely from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT. At 11, Sandra anchored solo, Lee did weather and Sandra and Lee shared sports.
  5. Well, that explains why John Muller has been anchoring the weekend evening newscasts for the last few weeks.
  6. Tonight at 11, Sandra and Joe anchored. On a Wednesday!
  7. WNBC had a nice tribute to him as well on the Sunday newscast… lots of old clips from his time on Channel 4. (Tribute not on their website)
  8. The 75 years review was well done, and included visits with past personnel like Doug Johnson, John Johnson and Roseanne Scamardella, as well as greetings from Lori Stokes, Kaity Tong, Ernie Anastos,, Rosanna Scotto and Diana Williams: https://abc7ny.com/13629943/#
  9. Frank Field, longtime WNBC (and WCBS and finally WWOR) has passed away at age 100: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/pioneering-former-wnbc-meteorologist-dr-frank-field-dies-at-100/4471040/
  10. Naveen Dhaliwahl. Off the air, off the website….
  11. He’s started this weekend on WABC.
  12. Lori’s not still married to WNBC’s Brian Thompson, is she?
  13. Marza’s been working all week as a street reporter. They’ve also added several new-ish faces to the stable (Johny Fernandez, Julie Yu), especially on weekend evenings. I wonder what’s going on - are they short staffed?
  14. Well now we know why WABC needed to hire another meteorologist. Sam will be busy dancing in L A (at least for a little while, I don’t see him lasting very long in the competition) rather than reporting the weather in NYC or lounging on the beach in Miami.
  15. There was an amusing and lovely tribute to Lauren on her last day: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/on-air/as-seen-on/lauren-scala-says-goodbye-to-nbc-new-york-after-14-years/3432313/
  16. In her first throw to Craig during the 10 pm, Kaity asked "how long has it been since you were last here?" and Craig said "2 years and [some number of] days." Great to see him back on the air.
  17. Lee Goldberg welcomes Brittany Bell. No word on what her time slot(s) will be: https://abc7ny.com/weather/weather-or-not-lee-goldberg-welcomes-brittany-bell-to-abc7/10866374/?fbclid=IwAR0nhv4nZJngHpI8u_X2bCGzJXWMTM69qBN_qt7P9BinHdocW4upWHfeCi8
  18. Watch as they give Brittany the weekend mornings, and let Amy take Sam's Friday morning and all the noon shifts during the week.
  19. Has Danielle Leigh been let go? The "7 on Your Side" promos now feature only Nina Pineda and Dan Krauth, and while the station website still has Danielle's photo, her bio is gone. And I haven't seen her on-air in quite a while....
  20. Where is Gilma? Haven't seen her since before the COVID crisis started. I know she had a baby a while back, but shouldn't she be back at work by now?
  21. Also on that WGN team is long-ago WABC anchor Nancy Loo! There's a blast from the past.
  22. Not Gilma. On the Saturday night broadcast, it was announced she had a baby this weekend (early - she wasn't due until April).
  23. Where's Dave Carlin? He hasn't been on-air since before Labor Day, and his social media all stopped around September 5. He's still on the WCBS website. Does anyone know - is he ill? It seems like an awfully long time to be on vacation...
  24. Both Steve Overmyer and Alice Gainer got married (not to each other) this past weekend. Lots of photos on instagram of both events, attended by many WCBS on-air personalities. Hence, the substitutes.
  25. While visiting NYC, Spencer had dinner on Saturday with another old friend and former WABC anchor...
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