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  1. Race for the White House on MSNBC
  2. MSNBC Open for Flordia Primaries [yt]qDZLDnYfz24[/yt] MSNBC Open for Potomac Primaries [yt]M3DqfWvrQ9w[/yt] MSNBC - The Place for Politics Ad [yt]sN4blG91QMc[/yt] CNN Promo - Political Coverage [yt]8TbtkS5OYzs[/yt] CNBC Worldwide Exchange - First Five Minutes Post-Asian Meltdown [yt]E__eEJ4zOoA[/yt] *Sidenote: The delay by the anchor in the US might prove how they sync this all, good directors and careful scripts. NWCN (NorthWest Cable News) Evening Edition Intro [yt]Mwn5BN1_wag[/yt]
  3. Campbell Brown "Program" Ad - CNN [yt]cngpQ6M26ew[/yt]
  4. KNDU 11 O'Clock Open + Graphics [yt]eaLmsXxL4es[/yt] KFFX FOX First at Two Open + Graphics [yt]wlFBn7mjRe0[/yt]
  5. Studio B with Shepard Smith Graphics circa December 2005 [yt]UXNzhfTPf98[/yt] Court TV Program Opens (OJ Trial Date .... Day) [yt]wRWkjSsWzww[/yt]
  6. One of CNN's Politics IDs [yt]Dj9NS2R2OmA[/yt]
  7. CNBC Squawk Box 2000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFtKnS1XMwg
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