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  1. Hello all! We have decided to move ahead on our plan to create a "Corporate" board, for discussion about station ownership groups and the like. This should be where discussion regarding mergers/buyouts regarding more than one station, station group "mandates", and other "corporate culture" matters should take place. Please remember that things like corporate graphics packages should be taken to the Graphics forum, and things like corporate website layouts should be taken to the Web/Social forum. As there is now a place dedicated to talking about companies' doings, the "general discussion" threads will be re-evaluated in the coming days and may be split/closed. This is part of the Topic Quality Control Initiative. Happy Posting! Smitha
  2. This thread is for rational general discussion about Sinclair Broadcast Group. Please try not to rant. Remember that you're encouraged to create a new thread for "big" events (i.e. Sinclair purchasing another station group). ====== Discussion about the sale of Allbritton Communications to Sinclair should go in this thread. The previous Sinclair thread has been archived here.
  3. This is the general News 12 Networks thread.
  4. This thread is for NY1 and FiOS1.
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