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  1. King Tides do not occur until January 21 & 22, 2023 in California. Can someone please explain why KCAL News is posting this as a story? Google search it. Heal the Bay, for one.
  2. They switched their Facebook from CBS Los Angeles to KCAL News this morning. Why wasn't this done on day one? But tell me this FB post THIS morning STILL isn't a confusing mess? You are contradicting yourself about the branding & my observations and can't even see it. Priceless! I can't help YOU if you don't understand how idiotic it is to tell people here is what coming up over the next 4 hours on KCAL News Mornings and then promo what is coming up on CBS Mornings when the brand is identified as the same & is being broadcast, simulcast on both stations in the 6 am hour - but not telling viewers where to watch it. They have the ability to split the broadcast, previews. They aren't airing the same spots, promos during the breaks - they are completely different on 2 & 9. For the record, they didn't air a preview of CBS Mornings today at all as they did yesterday.
  3. Hey moron, YOU were wrong. I was right. That's reality. I really could care less what you think.
  4. These aren't hiccups. They are massive issues showing they are not prepared or don't have a major market quality professional staff. There is no branding sense here. It's a bunch of brands lumped together that only confuse. They had a preview of KCAL News Mornings on 11 pm but made no mention of what channel it is on. I'm sorry but the future may be to eliminate channel mentions but we are NOWHERE near that day. No other station in the market is doing it. Same as this morning on the simulcast, a preview of CBS Mornings coming next. But no mention of where to view it. Just prior, they had a preview of KCAL News Mornings. But again no mention where it would be on when the simulcast split at 7 am. Why is the KCAL News bug so small next to the huge CBS Los Angeles? Why does the Facebook page say KCAL News, CBS Los Angeles, CBSLA.com and CBSNews.com? Mass confusion. Why is the chopper called SKYCAL? The branding is KCAL NEWS. It doesn't reflect it. It should say SKYKCAL to be consistent even though that is just as idiotic as SKYCAL. A number of people on this board do not comment as an average viewer. Read the Facebook comments which get it more than many of you do and start understanding your viewer. I commented on NewsNation from Day 1. I knew it was a disaster ON DAY ONE. I got a lot of flack for it but it wasn't difficult to see what a mess it was. I was 100% correct. This is just as bad, probably worse. I am sorry you can't see it yet. This is Los Angeles. Not some idiotic market in the midwest. There is a certain level of expected professionalism. It starts on day 1 not weeks later.
  5. He also popped up twice on the 11 pm show. He didn't have his microphone on one of the times and most of the story was lost. Why did he need to report an update on the dog that got thrown over a fence & got adopted? It wasn't breaking news. The decisions being made to execute these broadcasts are mind boggling. Just before one break, Pat Harvey had a sports preview. I thought sports was coming up after the commercial break. But it didn't. At the end of the next segment, Jim Hill does the same preview all over again. WTF? This isn't the kind of crap you see in market #2. This is amatuer time.
  6. It won't last that long. DOA. The public sees what a mess it is already. From CBS Los Angeles Facebook tonight. They're going to destroy KCAL 9 as well.
  7. KTLA recently moved onto a new set. No issues. This is Los Angeles not Rapid City. You get it right on day 1. CBS 2 is not CBS Los Angeles. Both of the stations are. They're also CBSLA.com. CBS 2 airs KCAL News. It's all idiotic mumbo jumbo branding. If you wanted to use an example of a semi-sucessful newscast that wasn't on the primary channel, you should have used ABC 7 Eyewitness News on KDOC 56. That actually got some decent numbers unlike the Fox 11 newscast on KCOP. It would still be around today if the station handn't been sold to a religious broadcaster last summer.
  8. It failed miserably. You're not giving any good examples. I also am a Los Angeles native. SKYCAL is just stupid. Read the comments on Facebook. It's all confusion about why KCAL is on CBS 2. Their Facebook still identifies as CBS Los Angeles. There is no branding when you are confusing viewers this much. Idiotic. There is no meltdown. It's a discussion. A discussion of idiots who are making moronic descisions and are employed by Paramount Global, a public company. They didn't have it all all the first three hours. Yet the KCAL News is so small I can hardly see it on my 77" tv in my bedroom.
  9. This is New Coke. Bland and tasteless. And she made it that way. Just because you've worked in L.A. doesn't mean you understand it. Ask all those that have come through CBS Los Angeles for the last 40 years. This poorly executed product proves that.
  10. They just had a preview of CBS Mornings near the end of the 6 am simulcast but made no mention of how those who are viewing on KCAL 9 could watch it.
  11. She's already admitted she doesn't understand Los Angeles. There is a reason why KTLA is dominant in Los Angeles morning news. It's a family. It feels like a family on air. It was built as an answer to local radio morning shows. It's why there was so much reaction in the community to the circumstances surrounding Lynette Romero & her exit. Thinking putting your assignment editor on the set (and hilariously having a graphic in the back that only says ESK because his head is blocking it) isn't going to win you viewers. Too much corporate research & not enough gut knowledge about L.A. sums up this bland KCAL News Mornings.
  12. IF you knew anything, you'd know KCAL's weekend morning newscasts are higher rated than CBS 2 ever had during weekday mornings. IF you ever watched a KCAL newscast, you'd know that they are structured differently with interviews, long sports segments and at a different pace. It has never been the same.
  13. It's great to see Jerry Dunphy in a promo but since he's been dead for nearly 20 years & Los Angeles has had major population/ethnic changes during that period and if you are looking for a younger demographic, it's going to be meaningless for most viewers.
  14. This is about making the station more local NOT CBS national, "More Local, More Local News". CBS 2 has been completely erased (also 9 from KCAL 9). Mic flags have the CBS eye & KCAL News Los Angeles on them (KCAL News Los Angeles doesn't reflect well on the mic flags in certain angles with lighting, btw). A moving eye occasionally in the graphics, CBSLA.com that pops up occasionally or an even more occasional mention of CBS Los Angeles, is about all they have tying this to CBS. The promo was played during the first local break in the 4 am hour on CBS Mornings, as well (played over & over on KCAL in the first hour, too). There was only a KCAL News weather update during that first break on CBS Mornings at 4:25 am, btw. Promoting this change during the Christmas holidays would have been a waste. People are not paying attention. There were quite a few technical glitches in the 4 am hour. Not having a time/weather bug on a morning newscast is just plain dumb in time conscious Los Angeles where we measure distance by time not miles. The KCAL News graphics are minimalist. Too much so, too small, imho. The 4:30 am two shot of the anchors, they just got swallowed up in the set. Looked more like the set is more important than the anchors, news. There is an audio hum in the studio that is driving me crazy, too. If you're not an audio person, it may not bug you but I am. So far, this local product is a bit too slick, too bland, too national looking for my taste. Not "Los Angeles" enough. Although a bit more tied to "KCAL" the references to CBSLA.com & CBS Los Angeles still show brand confusion. Pick one (KCAL) & forget the others. Unless there are changes, it feels like another ho hum CBS failure in the making. KCBS doesn't have a 4 pm newscast. Would be a complete waste.
  15. KCAL News Mornings I suggest you look at KCAL's ratings & CBS 2's ratings before making statements. KCAL is perceived differently in the community despite its duploy. If you lived in Los Angeles, you'd understand.
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