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  1. FTVLive reports anchor Renee Nelson is heading to KGTV San Diego from KTVZ in Bend, Oregon. But she's not the only one heading from Oregon to SoCal: recent posts on her Twitter timeline suggest Anne State is also going to KGTV. She was most recently at KOIN in Portland, and previously worked in San Diego at KNSD from 2002 to 2008.
  2. Judging by her most recent posts on Twitter, it looks like morning meteorologist Natasha Stenbock will not be returning to KFMB after recently giving birth to twins. Kimi Evans has been filling in and will probably get to keep the spot full-time now.
  3. However it does look like KFMB has finally upgraded their field cameras and live shots to true HD, more than 8 years after they made the switch.
  4. KSWB San Diego weekend anchor Susan Lennon is reportedly leaving the business to spend more time with her family. She was one of the first hires when the station re-launched its news department when it became a FOX affiliate in 2008. She had previously worked at KUSI
  5. KSWB Fox 5 in San Diego is launching a 5pm newscast on weekends, presumably with the same team as the weekend 10pm show.
  6. There aren't too many options in SD after working at KUSI, but I wouldn't be surprised if she wound up at KSWB. Speaking of which, a very tan Paul Bloom is back there anchoring on the weekends. That spot had been filled by Dan Plante, who somehow ended up back at KUSI anchoring on weekend mornings. Guess the bridges he torched on the way out the first time didn't quite burn to the ground.
  7. Oops - forgot to mention KGTV anchor Chris Murphy has moved on to an anchor position at WXTF in Philly. There are so many changes at that station it's hard to keep up.
  8. Lots of comings, goings, movings and shakings in America's Finest City: KSWB - Reporter Chris Biele moves down the state from sister Tribune Station KXTL in Sacramento. Salvador Rivera, formerly of KGTV, is also working as a reporter. Matt Johnson, who had been a morning reporter since the station's launch in 2008, moves up to KATU in Portland to become a weekend anchor. XETV - Reporter John Carroll joins from KGTV KNSD - Monica Dean takes the 4pm/5pm anchor slot vacated by Christine Haas. Megan Tevrizian moves from reporting in the mornings to reporting in the evenings. Sherene Tagharobi takes her spot in the mornings. Candace Nguyen, formerly of XETV, is their newest reporter, per her twitter. KFMB - Reporter Abbie Alford arrives from KOKI in Tulsa. KUSI - Weatherman John Coleman is still dancin' the night away. KGTV - The revolving door keeps on spinning: Former XETV anchor Maria Arcega-Dunn joins as an anchor-reporter from KCPQ in Seattle. Rielle Creighton also signs on as an anchor-reporter, arriving from WDJT in Milwaukee. Reporter Kandiss Crone joins from KMTV in Omaha, taking over for Janet Kwak, who left the station after just 5 months. And KSWB Weather gal Aloha Taylor barely edges out KUSI Anchor-reporter Brandi Williams to defend her title of "Hottest San Diego News Chick" in the annual poll from radio station Channel 933. It's her second straight victory.
  9. Vanessa is no longer with the station, and Natasha was recently tapped as her full-time replacement. Word is Vanessa cleaned out her desk one day and left without saying anything, then eventually broke her contract. She's the second on-air personality to leave the morning show in recent weeks. Feature reporter Nathalie Basha left the station in May, 4 months after being hired. Alicia Summers has taken on her duties.
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