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  1. Was going to post that. She was at Fox for several years then left for the west coast. It was refreshing to see her again. One possibility is that she may become a permanent sports person so Scott sticks with news, or she may do mornings, She has anchored so that door is even open.
  2. They say it's always good to keep your face on tv to keep from getting rusty and in hopes of the next big opportunity. Jim Watkins is on FiOS1 News this morning, filling in for CJ Papa. That's really scraping the bottom although I applaud him for his tenacity. I really hope he does get something big since he's very good. How can he do this though? I thought he was on News12 Westchester. Cablevision and Verizon are direct competitors.
  3. Anyone else see Ann Mercogliano on last night? She was reporting. I had no idea she had even left channel 2. I have a feeling the anchor lineups are not set yet at all. I wonder if Mercogliano will be given a chance to anchor at some point.
  4. Their website is apparently in the process of being updated. New home page. Weather page has new interactive and updating features. It looks similar to a Tribune type template and is definitely better than what they had. Nice to see all shows broadcast from the studio except for the top 11 at 10. The Sandy special from the anchors and reporters was solid. Word is there is another Sandy special in production from the weather team. I think they've made some good fast paced changes in look and news coverage over the past few weeks and with the coming switches next week, it'll probably improve even more. Seems like recent news events have given them the kick in the butt to compete.
  5. Did anyone watch Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night? He shows Dari Alexander filling in for sports. Absolutely hilarious. She had no clue what she was reading while Greg Kelly just looked on. She talked about pitchers "pitching 5-2-3 innings" and "no hit grounders" and just the dumbst things coming out of her mouth. I can't find it on his website but if anyone has a copy, please post it. It's good for a real laugh, but rather than just make fun of her, how in the world can the producers ALLOW her to do sports if it's obvious she doesn't even know what game is played with what? As annoying as Greg is, at least he knows some sports, I hope. Truly another embarrassing moment for Fox.
  6. Word is weekend meteorologist Shay Ryan accepted a job down in Tampa, effective immediately. Looks like Nick and Mike are going to have some extra work until they find someone.
  7. Yep. I mentioned it in the PIX thread that she must have just left. They've been using weekender Hillary Whittier the last couple of mornings.
  8. Agreed. I'll bet you see plenty of Alex, Kerny, Overmyer, the new weather girl (Vanessa?) and many of the newbie reporters they've picked up, over on WLNY. I doubt any of the original TV55 people will be back on except for Richard Rose. Unfortunately, he'll probably have a short shelf life as well. With Berlamino taking over, I'd even guess some of her favorite WPIX people end up on L.I.
  9. Not a fan at all. That smiled is plastered on. She could smile her way through a 10 car pile up. Lose the phony enthusiasm Alex and become more credible rather than just a smiling talking head. Same goes for the new blond twin doing sports in the morning. Perky and upbeat is one thing; you need it for a morning show but I agree with NYN. Way overdone and forced
  10. Tom Zweier, a Shadow/Metro traffic alum has been hired for Air11 for both morning and evening newscasts. So PIX has entered the chopper wars again. I've heard that name for years and he always sounded very good on radio. I believed he subbed on NBC4 for a few months. Good pickup for PIX. Craig Allen is now on the website so is likely full time now. Another good pick up to bolster their weather team Kerry Drew is likely no longer with PIX. I saw her reporting on Fox 5
  11. Just saw a promo for Heather and Steve so that duo is intact
  12. Looks like Fox is following everyone else's footsteps and going for the young, pretty and inexperienced path. Lets realize you can also pick these people up for the nominal AFTRA rate of about $300 per day. There's a wealth of people in that pool to fill the void left by the greatness being pushed out of the market.
  13. Dick Brennan has been let go. Negotiations not going well with Linda Schmidt or Harry Martin.
  14. I suspect something will be done to resolve this mess. Move or re-move some of the key on air players. http://www.mediabist...4954#more-54954
  15. If this were years ago, the news director, Diane Doctor would have suspended Rosanna. She never went for that kind of nonsense. Its a different world today so she may have let it go with a warning. As for Lew Leone the general manager, I'd bet he wasn't happy.
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