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  1. I got to see “Eyewitness News This Morning this morning and Mike Marza was Shirleen and he didn’t say “in for Ken Rosado” and I knew something was off. Now I see this. This blows big time.
  2. And Janice subbed for Shirleen on the Noon Newscast too. She was great.
  3. It’s about time. I wish they would do that for the 5 & 11pm newscasts
  4. Oh no I pray she gets better very soon.
  5. They seem to use the Midtown Manhattan skyline for 11pm. I'd like to see live action shots of the city too. I thought i was the only one who wanted to see Channel 7 do that lol
  6. Sade anchored at 5 BUT she only did a half hour and Bill Ritter did the 5:30 part. Kinda weird how that went but it was still so good seeing Sade next to Diana again.
  7. Oh woooooow I remember ALL of those ads from 1993. NY1 was so revolutionary at that time being brand new and it was fun seeing it grow. This is the NY1 that I miss.
  8. I don't post much on here but ever since Charter Communication took over, they've done an incredible job trying to destroy NY1. Them getting rid of The Call, firing all those reporters and now getting rid of the ENTIRE Sports Department? This is disgusting and I wonder how much longer this station will even be around. Just pitiful smh
  9. I must ask, is everything alright with Lori Stokes? It seems like she's off at least once or twice a week nowadays. I hope she's alright.
  10. I see where they are coming from but I wish they didn't do that. It's a great opening but what can you do. Thank for the info.
  11. I gotta ask, why isn't there a talent open ( I think that's what you call it) for Eyewitness News at 11 while all the other EWNewscasts have all the anchors in the opening of all the other newscasts? I think that is just so odd to me and I really want to see that every night but that's me,
  12. Today is a big day for NY1 because today is NY1's 20th Anniversary. September 8th, 1992 was NY1's first day on the air. I remember how big a deal it was when it was coming on and in 1993 I was finally able to watch it cause my mom and I moved to Manhattan and I instantly loved it and it has remained one of my favorite networks. I'm looking forward to the next 20 years of NY1. I just wish TWC would let the station be on all cable systems but it is what it is. Happy Birthday NY1!
  13. Well it's about time. They've been using the same graphics on NY1 for about 10 years now. They are WAY overdue for a new everything IMO.
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