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  1. Hey @TServo2049@Samantha wonder Samatha if you could move these replies and the initial videos or a part of this into the discovered/identifying composers thread? I didn't want to help accidentially steer off this thread in the wrong way haha. I agree with you TServo. I can hear the 4-note motif in KSL 1989 as well. The place where I hear similiarities is the melody in places between the image song and Non-Stop USA News on the NMSA montage. Otherwise, the older news themes have that Tuesday sound... for sure! Just a thought, but it's always possible Non-Stop created the vocal campaign initially without a news package and later on developed news themes based on the popularity and use of the song? Tuesday could have been inspired by Non-Stop's song campaign and developed that KSL 89 etc theme... or Non-Stop initially made a theme or two when the vocal campaign was made and later on went all out with the legit orchestral news package update to supplement the vocals. So many ways this one could go. :D
  2. @TServo2049@newsteam13 The WAFF/KUSA vocal campaigns brought back a memory. I have not heard this one in years. KLTV in Texas used the same vocals. KLTV.... East Texas... USA... We're Proud of You (or) Proud of You. Heard it on a non-stop vocal campaign sampler years ago. Gets confusing here - maybe the vocal campaign preceded, by several years, the news package commission for KUSA in 1995? You can hear melody similarities on the nmsa USA NEWS montage - around :30-:54 and definitely around 1:25 and a few other places. I personally believe the news package was created well before 1995 based upon the sounds and instrumentation which would back up the vocal campaign coming out in the 80's. Hope this may help in the answer, even if I'm wrong.
  3. Sure seems like it... it's almost as if they decided to use a heavier drum mix of the cut as a transitional theme leading up to the rebrand. It's a lot more in your face soundiing compared to the normal newswire cuts.
  4. @WWUpdate@Spring Rubber The theme appears to be a custom "newswire" cut and mixout variation originally made for a series of promos with the tagline: Committed to Chicago. You can make out the newswire audio logo towards the end for a sports promo in the first commerical break at 9:42 and in the morning show tease during the second comm. break at 16:26 in the 1997 clip above. Here's another mix variation of it for a 1995 "Commited to Chicago" news promo. There may be more promos on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPtEVcnZ_sM
  5. Awesome find @Samantha over the KSLA Theme. I known for some time that it came from Dallas, just didn't know who. Jake also composed and produced tracks for TM Century. Sometime in the late 90s/early 2000's, TM formed a TV music division called "Jake and The Boys", so there could be a few other unknown themes out there that he was a part of.
  6. It's been a while! So glad to be back on TVNewsTalk and hope to contribute occasionally on this thread that I started ages ago. Someone once asked about the KTAL 1997 THEME, so here's a clean 60 second copy inside my shared TVNT dropbox folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qaae8xleopm5u0i/AACWvWssd11wXNjJOYO2fIUza?dl=0 This may be of interest to you @T.L. Hughes Theme title is "Newsworthy" - - it has about 5 lengths and was produced by Backtraxx, a buyout collection which supplemented a bunch of looping video backgrounds on DVD, all which later merged into what is now Digital Juice. I have no idea if any of those original CD cuts were incorporated. Here's the wonky (broken link) site I once discovered it from: http://www.tingfong.com.tw/BackTraxx1/volumes/corpind3.htm
  7. This isn't really a discovered news package composer...... more like a potentially discovered musical influence that shaped some themes. Have to wonder if this song released in July of 1983 influenced one the main themes of Gari's News Channel and a theme in Gilmer's Image IV package? I also remember a sound-alike version on one of the first Megatrax CD's! I always thought the inspiration came from Flashdance, not this dude. Start from the beginning and notice the 8 second mark. EDIT: just noticed the ending starting at 3:46 is also a dead giveaway and sounds close to the tag of News Channel.
  8. I'm glad that it came to mind so quick.
  9. EDIT: It's Aircraft as I predicted. Disc 1 - Title: The Motivating Factor http://portal.aircraftmusiclibrary.com/main/?searchtext=volume[=ACL001]&0 If you were talking about the open, I'm 99.9% sure that's an Aircraft Production library track.... most likely found somewhere in the first 10 discs -
  10. The singer solo on the front part sounds like Wayne Nelson of Tuesday Productions to me. This must have been some sort of TV sales revenue generating campaign. Years ago, I saw a "Buy the Pinebelt First" spot for WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS with full vocals, so I'm guessing this campaign made its rounds during the late 80's and into the mid 90's across many smaller to mid-size markets. I remember that same logo/animation layout, so this was perhaps, a turn-key deal that involved music, animation and related material for a set price.
  11. Agree Raymie that it's a good one and awesome that you found another station using this one! It appears the close on WTOK's piece started about where the close ended on the KIMT video. I like how the close piece started, interesting open and cool sax bumper for weather. My guesses on the composers would be Peters? even though it wasn't in his montages? Tuesday or Silvertree? It doesn't sound like VTS to me, but the close piece reminds me of Tuesday in some way.... so there may not be many leads on this one.
  12. I was lost in a Youtube surfing time warp and stumbled upon a random anchor/reporter's channel. After going through a few of his videos, has has some rare footage of WTOK in Mississippi from 1990 with an unknown theme for their close. I've never heard it before, and to me, doesn't sound like generic production music. Also @Pine Belt Media will probably enjoy seeing Roslyn Anderson, who appears at the beginning of the video. Someone who has a channel should contact him to upload an open or full newscasts if he has any. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=wj-ZSnh5X6Y;m=5;s=25
  13. No doubt, she'll resurface soon after that pesky non-compete is done. Demetria is disputing how the "ending" of her career at Channel 4 really went down. It apparently ended with a letter being placed on her desk, according to this article: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/01/01/demetria-kalodimos-and-channel-4-split-after-33-years/970305001/
  14. Yep, that's the one at 5:30 on the video that I was referring to.
  15. You are correct. I remember that mid-2000's video and over JAM sending the instrumental to Gari. Glad to hear your opinion over the "We're 4" news package. Unless I'm mixing two events up, which is very possible, I certainly remember hearing a laid-back, easy-going, rejected and/or demo image song Gari made for WNBC that was on a composite cd sampler followed by that Klein open cut. I remembered thinking to myself that the intro part of the open sounded far-too-dated to be on an early 90's sampler reel, but my history of that could be all mixed together! LOL My only other thought is that maybe a freelance composer, that also happened to work with Gari, assembled the tracks. That mid to late 70's keyboard sound over the bass loop in the intro reminds me of the vamp in the Catch 5 80's open and the first part of the closing theme in The One For All. Of course, it's all quite possible these are simply coincidences due to the same sampler/synth hardware being used during those days.
  16. [QUOTE="Info Junkie, post: 197962, member: 3593"]Because it thinks KDKA’s early 80s theme was We’re 4, and they used the same theme as WROC at the time (specifically on the station ID that is in WROC’s open): There’s a KDKA “Renaissance 2” promo from 1983 that used the same 4-note tune at end of it: [/QUOTE] I'm pretty sure you and @ChesapeakeTV and @KnoxvilleTVFan are correct on this. I don't think these cuts and opens are related in anyway to the "We're 4" package. Side note regarding We're 4.... I have a sneaking suspicion that Gari or one of his main "go-to" composers was contracted by Klein& to produce the news package back in the early 80's. Why? Because one of Gari's early 90's CD demo samplers, featured a demo image song, un-related to WBZ, that was made for WNBC.... I still remember some of the lyrics...... then the track featured the "Klein&" main news open cut that we're all aware of. Anyway, there's my two cents over We're 4 and such :D
  17. Wow, yeah that image campaign song is about as obscure as obscure gets. I don't recall it being on any of the Non-stop vocal campaign demos back in the day of days, but it's clear that it was the basis for the First News package update as you said. They must not have had much faith in that one selling well enough to put much effort into making sure it was in the demo material.
  18. [quote name='Raymie']It's for BG cues, so I doubt it's a full news theme... :/[/QUOTE] Aww shucks I overlooked that one important aspect and see what you mean in the listings... Edit: On a whole different topic @Raymie see if you can dig anything up, when you have time, regarding "Rey Sanchez" he was listed as a composer of original music for WTVJ's Post-Hurricane Andrew special. He's still in Miami. It would be awesome to uncover if he had anything to do with their "Watch Our Teamwork" theme or the mysterious 2012 package.
  19. Something I've been meaning to share, which may be a find, but for now TOTAL speculation! I'm thinking the late and great Eddie Horst may be the composer behind the WBTW 1991 theme used during "The Best of Two Worlds" era. He has a BMI listing for that station and the open on the NMSA sounds like his style of work. His theme for "Crisis in the Gulf" and some of his WAGA work also reminds me of the WBTW 1991 open. Wonder if WBTW was a part of a Peters Production and Peters contracted out the production to Horst? A side thought: considering WBTW and WMBB were once owned by Spartan Communications, I additionally ponder if all of this early 90's stuff may be some type of Peters/Horst collaboration? Just some thoughts.... carry on! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hfltsap4vhy45zy/AACcl9gmzNp79laZFabH_4Xca?dl=0
  20. Shazam recognizes it as Tom Scott & The LA Express - Looking Out For Number 7... It was originally released in 1972 and got re-recorded in 1977.
  21. [quote name='ChesapeakeTV']I can't give you any specifics, unfortunately, but I can definitely tell you it was [I]not[/I] a custom NBC piece...[/QUOTE] I worked at an NBC affiliate back during this period and never heard that much of the theme in the clear. @Ntropolis in your first clip, I hear a custom NBC logo built into the end under the anchor. Perhaps the composer added that for NBC to use it. I have a guess over the composer/company and two reasons why I believe it. I bet it's a Craig Palmer (Tuesday Prod/Network Music) theme. Why? (1) The station used two packages from Tuesday during the mid 80's through the mid 90's. The open and close to the newscast @ChesapeakeTV linked to uses News 88... (2) the two bumpers don't appear to be from News 88, but are similar in that they use a triangle instrument loop in the background. That sound is featured in a lot of Tuesday's work. Anyhoooo, I think it was a great pensive, haunting, dramatic cut that prepared the viewer for a rough and tumble, crime-filled newscast to follow and not so pleasant dreams! :D
  22. Just caught this thread.... having remembered a company with "One80" or something close in their title who had produced graphics packages for Hearst-Argyle.... I believe the company, who's website was once http://www.180visual.com created the original or perhaps second generation of Hearst mandated graphics. There is some discussion about it on this super old thread back from 2001: https://tvforum.uk/tvhome/granada-tonight-looks-like-abc-35653/ Anywhooo, there's another rabbit hole for any of you to jump into and do some searching around.... may or may not lead anywhere! Here is a newer URL for "One80" http://www.one80visual.com/
  23. Oh nuuuuuuuuo, don't wake it up!!! Not so sure about the great and powerful part, but if so, let's just hope whatever happens in the Emerald City, stays in the Emerald City.
  24. It's nice to finally see Mr. NMSA recognize the WANE-WWLP-WLOX etc. theme as VTS / News '80!! As Raymie and a few others have speculated, it must be some kind of V2 update to the original package or something. Speaking of cleaner copies, I've had the first 30 seconds of the theme in my Dropbox for a while, but recently discovered the last 30 seconds and tossed the pieces together. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qaae8xleopm5u0i/AACWvWssd11wXNjJOYO2fIUza?dl=0 look for: wwlp-wane-wlox_60 theme Unfortuntely the last half is not a full mix. It's mostly a rhythmic version and has a hissy quality. For verification, this YouTube clip from WLOX in 1990 shows how the theme is supposed to fit together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=h9HZP93CBsw;t=22
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