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  1. Speaking of mishaps after the graphics change, here is a blooper from March 13. Someone hit the wrong button in the control room.
  2. WPVI is still using their old scroll ticker at the bottom. It does not lineup with the time and temp bug.
  3. They are still using the old ticker at the bottom during the 4pm show. It does not lineup with the time and temp bug.
  4. It looks like it will be a gradual rollout. They are still using the old graphics as of this morning (3/11)
  5. It looks like it will be a gradual rollout. They are still using the old graphics as of this morning.
  6. KYW in Philly has an hour of Family Feud repeats at 3pm. I could see that getting replaced at some point.
  7. Here is meteorologist Payton Domschke's debut at noon today.
  8. Is Channel 6 changing their graphics package to the new ABC O&O look? WABC switched in mid-January. It seems WPVI is one of the last.
  9. I believe they stopped using that radar in December of 2022. The last time I saw it on air was for a tornado warning on November 30, 2020. It stinks that they stopped because it was the only live radar in the area. The National Weather Service radars are slow and update about every five minutes.
  10. The switch to The CW had some technical issues last night. A test card came on for a few minutes at 8pm and some of the bumpers were cut off or repeating
  11. It looks like Bob Brooks is heading to Newsmax
  12. I do like that they moved the clock and the program title back to the right side. They should have kept the new headline ticker instead of going back to the old scroll.
  13. So I am guessing PHL morning news is done when The CW takes over?
  14. I do hope they keep the flipping ticker. As for the rest of the graphics, I did not like the placement of the show’s name above the lower third and the clock on the left instead of under the CNN bug.
  15. Nexstar Media Group said stations it owns in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Tampa, Florida, will become affiliates of The CW starting September 1. https://www.nexttv.com/news/three-nexstar-stations-adding-cw-affiliations-on-september-1
  16. PHL17 will become The CW this fall. I wonder what that means for Action News at 10? https://www.nexttv.com/news/three-nexstar-stations-adding-cw-affiliations-on-september-1
  17. I’m guessing he either leaves TV or moves to one of the stations in D.C. or Baltimore. It sounds like the move happened because his husband got a new job down there. Steve definitely would have stayed at NBC10 much longer since he filled in the most and did a lot of the severe weather coverage.
  18. I wonder if Bilo wanted to lighten up her schedule a bit and spend more time with family? She’s been there since 2011 and has been chief since Kathy Orr was let go.
  19. A 9 a.m. newscast is being launched on September 12, according to this article
  20. I'm sure most affiliates will fill the slot with local news if they don't already have news on at 10:00. Philly had a 10pm newscast on MyNetworkTV, which was run by NBC until 2012.
  21. They may be getting new graphics sometime this fall https://www.newscaststudio.com/2022/07/12/cbs-miami-next-weather/
  22. The new set is debuting TODAY (7/18) at NOON, according to Jim Donovan.
  23. 3 could really use a new meteorologist or two. Andrew Baglini has been filling in since the weekend and he seems like a good fit. I wouldn’t mind if he stayed.
  24. Lauren Casey is now leaving. Her last newscast was last night
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