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  1. One solution may be to have identical newscasts except for weather coverage, which can be accomplished by having 1 or 2 additional meteorologists at the parent station and a second green screen so they can go live there if needed.
  2. Another thing I noticed: KNEP is consider to be in the Denver market (that market is enormous in size and that is not where it should be, but Nielsen sees it differently). That's a huge amount of cap space used for a station that covers 0.1% of the DMA. That would allow Gray enough space to, once it pays down enough debt, make some other spot acquisitions. For example, KPTV could use some company in the Northwest, and there are a few stations out there they could buy.
  3. Using a one-size-fits-all metric doesn't work here. In Top 50 markets, the proposal is certainly worthwhile. However, once you get below 100 and especially below 150, you have a hard time maintaining more than 2 independent operations and that would lead to missing affiliations. In the smallest markets, a monopoly seems to be acceptable and hasn't hurt either its product or the consumer. Look at KGNS in Laredo for example - it has no competition, yet they have greatly upgraded their product under Gray.
  4. The problem is that the market cannot support three, let alone four, independent outlets. The only alternative would be piping in adjacent markets (Memphis in the north, Jackson or Meridian in the south).
  5. What value does KCBU have for Gray though? Unless they acquire KSL (and there's no indication Bonneville is selling), it's an isolated asset with no real value.
  6. Are there any Gray stations that do not have the "First Alert" branding at all, in markets where none of their competitors had it first? (So throw out, say, Kansas City).
  7. I think the only way that they would start selling is if they start losing network affiliations. Most of their stations rank dead last in markets in news ratings.
  8. When you're getting involved with Project Veritas, that is a big time red flag. That's supporting conspiracy theories.
  9. Could there be a bidding war? One possibility is Comcast-Universal gets involved - and they would have to sell either CBS or NBC... https://policyband.com/blog/an-fcc-rule-could-hinder-an-nbc-cbs-merger-2
  10. No ex-Hoak stations currently use GrayONE, so that could be an issue.
  11. Removing the networks also makes it easier to brand a station that has multiple affiliations within its envelope too. I'd think also those stations would be near the bottom of the priority order for GrayOne being some of their smallest markets. Perhaps once KOLN/KGIN changes over, they will do it en masse for the Nebraska stations.
  12. WBRC doesn't emphasize their Fox affiliation much in their current logo - it is at a secondary line.
  13. If that is the case, KYTV is certainly overdue for a change and GrayOne is coming at the right time.
  14. I'm guessing there will still be a Mardi Gras theme in the colors once WVUE goes to GrayOne.
  15. The old Meredith package is being phased out, just like the previous Gray packages are. It seems whenever a station is ready, they are going with GrayOne. I'm guessing smaller stations are lower priority, but some REALLY could use a new package.
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